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Retailer Definition

If any of the following statements apply, NRF defines your company as a non-retailer:

  1. Your company has not yet launched, there are no stores, you do not have a website, and there is no way to verify your retailer status.
  2. Your company does not sell merchandise to consumers.
  3. Your company manufactures consumer goods that can only be purchased through third-party distribution partners (excluding franchisees); there is no way for a consumer to purchase directly from your company.
  4. Your company primarily sells business-to-business or wholesale.  While an individual consumer could purchase a product from you directly, most of your customers are businesses.  Example: A company that sells cash registers primarily sells them to businesses.
  5. Your company runs a website, provides an ecommerce platform, and/or processes transactions on behalf of a retailer as a third-party.  Example: ABC Company runs the website for XYZ Retailer but its staff is employed by ABC Company. ABC is the vendor and XYZ is the Retailer.
  6. Your company aggregates and sells/auctions merchandise that is owned by other companies and/or you provide a service by which retailers’ products are promoted and sold through your website.
  7. The messaging on your parent company’s website primarily discusses things such as “solutions,” “services,” “apps,” “partners,” and/or “clients” and gives no indication of, or links to, any subsidiary retail companies.
  8. Your company’s primary purpose is to produce, manage, promote, or distribute “apps” (mobile applications) to do such things as: a) help consumers locate "deals" on merchandise not owned by your company; b) locate retail companies in a geographic region, c:) generate coupons or discount codes for a company not your own, d:) allow consumers to bid on products not owned by your company.

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