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Will training be provided for exhibitors?

Yes, three training webinars will be held for exhibitors.  Webinars will be recorded and the links to the recordings will be posted to the ERC for easy access.  Primary Contacts will receive an email that contains the links to these webinars and functionality to easily add them to your calendar.

Training Schedule:

Networking and Matchmaking Virtual Booth Building Reporting
November 9th, 2-3:00pm Eastern November 16th, 2-3:00pm Eastern December 9th, 2-3:00pm Eastern

What is the anticipated number of attendees for Chapter One?

Our target is 20,000-35,000.

Where can I find a list of deadlines for this event?
The Exhibitor Manual provides a list of all dates exhibitors need to be aware of for Chapter One, please see page 3 of the Exhibitor Manual in your ERC.

Within the virtual booth, where does the "Schedule a Meeting" button go?
The Schedule a Meeting button will take users to your company's Matchmaking and Networking page where they will be able to see your representatives, their profiles and availability.  This allows them to easily schedule meetings with your company directly from your booth. 

My company is hosting a Big Ideas session- will attendees see this in my booth?
Yes, there will be a direct link to you Big Ideas session located right below your company description.

My company has purchased an Interactive Discussion Room- will attendees see this in my booth?
Yes, there will be a direct link to your Interactive Discussion Room located right below your company description.

How often are reporting metrics updated for us to view within our reporting dashboard?
Reports, which include attendee booth visits, are updated hourly.

Networking and Matchmaking Platform (Grip)-

Can we record our scheduled meetings?
No, recording functionality is not available.

Does the platform allow for screen sharing during scheduled meetings?

Is there a way to see sent/pending meeting requests by my colleagues in order to prevent reaching out to the same retailer?
Yes, there is a shared calendar page where teammates can see who has requested and scheduled meetings with other users.  The calendar is color coded to make it easy to view.  The concept of a "Team Calendar" will be covered on the November 9th training webinar.

Who can I schedule meeting requests with?
Exhibitors can schedule meetings with retailers and other exhibitors.  The platform works in both directions- retailers can request meetings with exhibitor representatives too.


How many meetings are we able to schedule?
Each exhibiting company may designate up to 20 members of their registered staff to have access to the Matchmaking and Networking platform.  Designated Matchmaking participants will be able to send 10 meetings requests at a time.  Once a meeting request is answered (accepted/declined) this will free up another slot to send a new meeting request.  Unanswered meeting requests can be retracted in order to free up slots as well.


Can I invite other people to join my scheduled meeting?
Yes.  Meeting owners will be able to invite other designated matchmaking participants to join their scheduled meeting.  


Is the event available for use outside of the event dates and hours?

Although the event will be “live” on specific days at specific times it is important to note that the Matchmaking & Networking platform will be fully functioning 24/7.  This means if an exhibitor wants to do a targeted campaign to their overseas customers and do special demos at 2:00am Eastern Time, for example, they absolutely can. Starting December 29th, when the Matckmaking & Networking portal opens, exhibitors will be able to update their profiles and setup their calendars in preparation to schedule meetings that can occur any time between January 12th thru January 22nd.

After the event, will our booth remain available to attendees?
Yes, virtual booths will remain accessible to registered attendees for 30 days after the event.  Exhibitors will be able to access their reporting dashboard during this time to review post-event visits; report data will be updated once a day post-event. Chat and Networking features will be disabled after the event, but your booth content and contact information will remain accessible should attendees wish to reach out for more information.

Are we required to staff our virtual booth throughout the event?
No, however each day of the event has Virtual Expo time from 12pm-3pm EST when attendees will be encouraged to visit the expo hall and interact with exhibitors.  We recommend having a member of your team available during the expo hours to monitor your Live Booth Chat.

Can I edit my booth during the event?
No, once the booth building deadline has passed, booths are ”locked down” for the duration of the event.  Access to build your virtual booth will be available mid November.  The deadline to complete your booth build will be announced shortly.

How will attendees find our booth?
Attendees will be able to filter the exhibitor list by location and product categories.  They will also have the ability to refine their search with keywords.  

Will we receive a direct link to our booth to use in our marketing campaigns?
Yes, exhibitors will receive a custom link that goes directly to their booth.  An email will go out to exhibitors once these links are available to share.

Logged in attendees will go straight to your booth when they click on your custom link.  Registered attendees that are not logged in will be taken to a login page and then redirected to your booth upon successfully logging into the system.  Anyone that has not yet registered that clicks on your custom link will have to register first.

Can I see when attendees are “in” my booth?
In real time, no, however, all booth visits will be tracked and exhibitors will be able to view reports within their reporting dashboard.  Leading up to and during the event, reports are updated hourly.

What happens if an attendee posts to our Live Chat when our booth is unmanned?
The attendee’s message will remain in your Live Chat window until you return.  We recommend posting an end-of-day message that lets attendees know when you will return and encourage them to drop a business a card for a quick response.

Will we receive a list of attendees before and/or after the event?
A list of registered retailers (Title and Company only) will be available for download within your ERC under the Marketing Resources section approximately 30 days before the event.  

During the event, visitors to your booth will be tracked and will be accessible within your reporting dashboard, this includes attendees that opt to drop a business card.  

After the event, a Post-Show Attendee List Request Form will be posted to the ERC for download allowing exhibitors to request a one-time use of the attendee list that contains mailing addresses only (no emails).

What information can we extract from our reporting dashboard about the attendees that visited our booth?
Name, Company, Title, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip, Country and Email Address.  You will also be able to see what they clicked on within your booth.

Will there be press presence at the event and will a press list be available?
Yes, we are expecting members of the press.  The press list will be made available to exhibitors approximately one month prior to the start of the show upon request.  Email to request a complete press list.

Are there technical requirements for accessing the virtual platform?
PC Equipment:

  • Dual Core 2 Ghz higher (i3 / i5 / i7 or AMD equivalent)
  • 4 Mb. Ram

Operating system:

  • Windows: Windows 7, 8 ó 10Mac OS: OS X High Sierra +


  • Windows: IE 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+Mac: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+

Mobile equipment:

  • High speed connection 3G, 4G, WIFI
  • Smart device iOS 11.0 or higher and Android 6.0 or higher
  • Android devices: Chrome browser version higher than 6
  • iPad or iPhone devices: Safari browser version higher than iOS 12.2


  • 15 Mbps +  

Does the event platform work while on VPN?
In order to avoid connectivity/performance issues, we highly recommend not accessing the event platform while using a VPN.

What help is available to exhibitors?
A live chatbot will be accessible for questions at any time during the event.  As always, you can reach out to Ian Blackwood for direct exhibitor support-

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