Blockv AG

  • Booth: 843

BLOCKv provides a platform for the creation and management of a new asset class: unique digital objects called Vatoms. Vatoms provide the experience layer for blockchain, enabling dynamic and authenticated virtual goods that are individually owned and can be shared, traded, sold, redeemed, gifted, and collected. Vatoms come alive with 3D graphics, animation and sound, and can change their state based on external events like sports scores and the weather. Vatoms represent a new era of human engagement, allowing brands to build long-lasting, value-based relationships with consumers.

At NRF, hundreds of butterflies will be released into Manhattan. These butterflies will come in many varieties and levels of rarity. Some butterflies will represent donations to the Retail Orphan Initiative, made in the name of anyone who catches one in augmented reality. Other butterflies will carry gifts and deposit them into the inventory of anyone catches them. The butterflies are also attracted to flowers which businesses can plant, driving consumer foot traffic to participating retailers.