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ACCEO Solutions Inc is a North American leader in the software and IT industries. The company offers world-class merchants payment, retail software solutions, and expert industry advice. Furthermore, ACCEO specializes in the design, implementation, integration, and support of management and accounting solutions, as well as in the development of e-business operations. Our large team offers expert technical and consulting services. ACCEO’s clientele consists of SMBs, large corporations, public sector agencies, and financial institutions.

With 25+ years of hands-on experience, we help thousands of retailers manage their businesses more successfully every day with adapted IT retail and payment solutions that optimize customer experience and overall performance.

Brands: Discover ACCEO Retail-1 & ACCEO Tender Retail

 Press Releases

  • MONTREAL, QC, January 7, 2019 — ACCEO Solutions Inc., leading North American IT company recognized for innovative retail management software including ACCEO Retail-1 will share empowering expertise on how retailers can leverage data to design and deliver the optimal customer experience (CX). Ian Holland, Vice President of ACCEO Retail-1 and retail industry software thought leader will explore the ways to translate a wealth of data into a workable CX approach.

    The Data Paradox

    Today retailers have the ability to access a wealth of customer-generated data pulled from online transactions, mobile devices, social media comments, weblogs, data from sensors embedded in products or wearable devices, etc. The paradox remains that, although there is an ever increasing access to customer data, retailers are not always leveraging that information properly.

    “I want to discuss the primary challenges that retailers need to tackle to ensure that they target the right customer data and use the right technology to deliver a remarkable and profitable customer experience now and in the future,” explains Ian Holland, Vice President of ACCEO Retail-1. “I’m excited to take the stage for the NRF Exhibitor Big Ideas session to answer some of the questions our retail partners have been asking us about using their data to gain a competitive edge.”

    Leveraging Technology Innovations

    The session will also explore how creating a highly customized CX requires the seamless integration of data and technology systems. The current confluence of technologies such as Big Data analytics, mobile, cloud, and social brings in an ever-increasing amount of data from different sources and in diverse formats. Retailers will get insights on what technology solutions they must set in place that can allow them to unlock the power of data and adapt their CX to quickly respond to trends and to their customers evolving needs. And in retail, time is of the essence.

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    Contact: Melanie Frank, ACCEO Retail-1, 1-800-361-3607, melanie.frank@acceo.com


    About ACCEO Solutions Inc.

    Leading North American IT company, ACCEO Solutions specializes in the design, implementation, and integration of, and support for, management software, e-business development, and payment, professional, and technical services. With approximately 60,000 clients ACCEO Solutions Inc. partners with major retailers throughout the United States and Canada. ACCEO Retail-1 is a powerful retail chain management suite designed to optimize store operations by leveraging management solutions created specifically for their industry. For more information, go to www.acceo.com or retail-1.acceo.com.

    About the Speaker

    Ian Holland, Vice President of ACCEO Retail-1, is a graduate in computer science at Concordia University and has over 30 years of experience in retail software design and development. Passionate about retail technology, Ian’s advocacy for unifying processes for retailers has contributed significantly to the development of the ACCEO Retail-1 software suite. By focusing on innovations in technology, data management, and product performance, Ian has established himself as a thought leader on the subject of retail evolution and transformation.

    About NRF Retail Big Show

    The world’s largest retail conference and expo isn’t just a conference, it’s a community. Filled with a global audience and exhibitor base that could only come from NRF. It’s a marketplace for ideas and relationships. A chance to forge new partnerships, try out best-in-class experiences, and learn from some of the biggest players transforming retail today. An event guaranteed to drive impact.


  • ACCEO Retail-1
    Since 1983, ACCEO Retail-1 has been partnering with chain retailers to help them optimize their store operations by leveraging management solutions designed specifically for their industry....

  • ACCEO Retail-1 software suite offers retailers an integrated enterprise solution that handles every aspect of the retail supply chain, both in-store and online.

    Focused on mid-sized chain retailers

    As Canada’s largest supplier of a full suite of retail software designed specifically for the mid-range market, ACCEO Retail-1 currently supports retail clients with hundreds of installed systems and thousands of points of sale (POS).

    Our powerful management suite reflects 35 years of experience serving mid-size speciality retail chains in North America. Whatever the industry: apparel, footwear, lingerie, jewelry, home decor, etc. we have you covered.

    One software for all retail operations

    Avoid the confusion and cost of integrating software components from different suppliers. ACCEO Retail-1 provides a single-source “closed loop” solution for specialty retail chain head offices, store operations, and point-of-sale systems. Centralize all your retail chain operations into a single tool and create more time to do what you do best—serve your customers.

  • ACCEO Tender Retail
    Fast EMV, Direct-to-Processor Middleware Payment Solution that supports every aspect of electronic payment transactions....

  • ACCEO Tender Retail is a semi-integrated payment middleware solution that handles all aspects of electronic payment transactions. Deployed in major retailers throughout the United States and Canada, Tender Retail has been at the forefront of innovation for over 30 years as one of the first EMV-ready payment solution with End-to-End Encryption.

    With a decentralized, Direct-to-Processor approach, ACCEO Tender Retail is processor and device agnostic, allowing merchants to simplify payment routing and eliminate transaction or subscription fees.