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DeSL is a global company delivering integrated web based, end-to-end solutions for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile and Footwear sectors. Applications include PLM, PIM, ERP, SRM and E-Commerce modules.

With a well-established and rapidly growing global customer base including Retail, E-Tail, Wholesale and Manufacturing companies, DeSL’s software has been proven to be one of the most scalable and technologically advanced solutions in the market place today, capable of supporting many hundreds or thousands of users via the Cloud or locally hosted.  Customers include some of the world's leading brand names such as Nautica, Zalando, The Children's Place, Pentland, and Kathmandu.

The company is rapidly pushing back the boundaries of technology for the fashion sector and is leading the pack in many key business process areas including:

  • Color Lifecycle Management
  • Visual Planning and Merchandising
  • Interactive, web based 3D Design
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality and how HoloLens technology can transform design, merchandising and selling processes

 Press Releases

  • DeSL highlights 3D capabilities in PLM through seamless integration in tech packs, agnostic file support, and creation of bill of materials.

    (San Francisco Bay Area, California, December 20, 2018)Discover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is the leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management software and Color Lifecycle Management™solutions for the fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, and textile sectors.

    Today’s powerful 3D imaging leaves no question that it is the most efficient way of digitally viewing product designs. But, is your company maximizing the value from your 3D software? DeSL has the ability to import and work with 3D generated images directly within PLM.


    DeSL knows the importance of a thorough tech pack and designers can agree, the more detailed a tech pack, the less room for error. By having a 3D viewer within PLM, each product can have a 3D tech pack. Designers have the ability to manipulate images by zooming in and out to gain a better view of the style. Comments can be made directly on a specific, highlighted part of the 3D file. 3D images can be used as sample reviews during meetings, giving teams a clear, realistic representation of the garment. This process leads to less back and forth with manufactures, resulting in faster products to market. 


    Not all designers or tech designers work with the same 3D software. If your brand has embraced one or more 3D tools, DeSL PLM can integrate files from each. DeSL takes an agnostic approach, ensuring each company can use its preferred software. Brands have the ability to bring in multiple 3D files into one PLM system. DeSL’s agnostic approach helps designers and tech designers settle the debate of which 3D tool works best.


    Generate your bill of materials (BOM) using the 3D files provided by your designer. 3D functionality in DeSL PLM offers the ability to view garments in 3D, add comments, and change materials and color. Garment edits in 3D can link directly to the BOM and costing. Using 3D within PLM synchronizes data while optimizing workflow. 

    DeSL will be showcasing PLM 3D functionality at National Retailer Federation (NRF) at Booth #805 in New York City, New York, January 13-15, 2019. To learn more, visit DeSLor schedule an appointmentto meet with a DeSL representative at NRF.


    About DeSL (www.desl.net

    DeSL is a global company delivering integrated web-based solutions for the fashion, apparel, textile, and footwear sectors. DeSL solutions offers the widest range of business processes relevant to today’s progressive and forward-thinking companies. Founded in 2002, DeSL is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, with locations in New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA. DeSL delivers solutions built entirely using Microsoft.Net, and with quality and standards externally tested and verified. DeSL’s extensive library of applications include ERP, PLM, Color Lifecycle Management™, SRM, and eCommerce modules, designed specifically for fashion and footwear companies operating in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing sectors. 

    About NRF (www.nrf.com)

    National Retail Federation (NRF) is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, grocers, wholesalers, and internet retailers from around the world. The NRF’s 108th annual Convention & EXPO (Retail Big Show 2019) is held January 13-15, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. This year's event anticipates 36,500 industry professionals representing 3,793 retail companies. The multi-level conference is focused on how businesses of any size can make a lasting impact on the consumer.