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Local marketing platform

Dolmen provides a local customer intelligence platform serving the relationship between the consumer and physical stores. This platform is global and unified; it allows stores to collect and analyze their customers' data, in order to communicate with them in a targeted and personalized way. The final goal: building a lasting relationship.

The animation in store is a privileged way to collect the data. Collection games, satisfaction surveys, inserting animation ... In addition to the terminals installed in stores, Dolmen offers many ways to interact with consumers at the point of sale, including through the smartphone, and aims to further diversify sources of collection. The points of sale then have several possibilities to communicate with their customers (email, sms, enriched sms, addressed mail, push notification ...).

 Press Releases

  • (Dec 17, 2018)

    Dolmen is the local customer intelligence platform that allows point of sales to collect and value their customers' data to build a lasting relationship with them. At NRF, we will promote the whole solution and its last 2 innovative features : Dolmen One and Dolmen Connect. But more than promotion, we are looking for connections to boost our development. CRM systems suppliers, sales / business developers, major retailers…