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Endor is a predictive analytics platform that use Social Physics AI to automates the process of answering predictive business questions based on human behavior. The platform allows business users to ask any predictive question on customer data ("Who will become a big spender", "Who will buy our product?", "Who will churn?") and receive high-quality results same day instead of within weeks or months.

Endor is the first automated predictions engine that empowers businesses with fast and accurate intelligence to make informed business decisions. Leveraging Endor’s proprietary Social Physics technology, the company analyzes Big Data using artificial intelligence in order to find patterns in human behavior with unmatched accuracy and speed. Endor’s groundbreaking predictive analytics platform has the unique capability to compute on encrypted data thereby guaranteeing the security of sensitive data and GDPR compliance.

Since founded by MIT researchers in 2014, leading banks, large retailers and Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and Mastercard have utilized Endor to predict consumer behavior, make data-driven decisions and increase revenues. 


  • Endor One-stop-shop for Retail Predictions
    Endor is the answer for all your customer purchasing desires prediction needs by swiftly and accurately giving you a 360-degree view of your customers, Endor transforms your generalized and lagging customer indicators to real-time, actionable insights....

  • Predicting retail customer behavior empowers you to be proactive and engaging to increase your sales and customer loyalty – but not all predictions are created equal. Endor is a game changing technology that surpasses existing Machine Learning solutions which are time consuming, complex, and expensive, with a fully automated, scalable, real-time, encrypted data prediction system.

    Powered by the latest AI-science, the easy-to-use platform accepts any business queries and delivers highly accurate predictive answers. By allowing you to anticipate evolving customer needs at the right time and at the right cost, Endor helps your company to move from doing business by looking in the rear-view mirror to focusing on the road ahead.

    Endor – There is no better way to forecast

    Every successful retailer needs to anticipate customer needs and predict their future purchasing desires. Endor is the answer for all your retail prediction needs. By swiftly and accurately giving you a 360-degree view of your customers, whether it’s related to sales, marketing, or strategy, and whether you have e-commerce or brick-and-mortar business models, Endor transforms your generalized and lagging customer indicators to real-time, actionable insights.

    Predictive Questions Commonly Asked by Retail Giants


    • Who will buy X next month? 
    • Who is likely to buy a product launched a week ago?
    • Who will convert to premium? 
    • Who’ll become a big spender? 
    • Which X customers will buy Y?


    • Who will respond to promo X? 
    • Which campaigns to maintain? 
    • Who will buy online?
    • Who will use our mobile app? 
    • Who will increase activity >$X?


    • Which cookie IDs will convert? 
    • Who will respond to promo X? 
    • Who’ll become 1st time buyer? 
    • Who will increase activity? 
    • Which inactive customers become active given promo X?

    All of the above queries and more can be predicted almost instantly for improved market segmentation, customer loyalty, promotional efficiency, upsell, cross-sell, churn prevention and more.

    On any day, at any time, Endor brings the power of Predictive Analytics to all departments of your organization regardless of your sector or company size, and regardless of your teams’ data science expertise, time commitments, or background. With Endor, you move from the peripheries and get a panoramic view of the future.


    Predictive data science has lagged far behind retailers’ pressing need for instant insights. Today’s retailers require predictions to be continually available, accurate, affordable, and safe from data breaches. After years of research at MIT, Endor invented the "Google for predictive analytics,” providing your business with automated, encrypted, near real-time Al predictions.

    With Endor, you’ll integrate the wisdom of behavior-based predictive analytics into your everyday business life. You’ll optimize the answers to your existing questions and explore new ones in minutes instead of months. With much higher ROI on your marketing spend, you’ll take customer segmenting, targeting, and conversions to a whole new level. Just ask, that’s all it takes.

    The world’s first do-it-yourself predictive behavioral analytics platform

    • Embeds actionable insights into your workflow by allowing your BI, sales, marketing and all business teams to self-find predictions ‘do-it-yourself’ style
    • Ensures you achieve much faster response times ahead of competition, as no data modeling, coding or data scientists’ efforts are required
    • Uses Big Data in an agnostic manner – any structured data, whether clean or not, can be analyzed
    • Has the industry-first capability to compute on encrypted data without decrypting it, meeting global privacy and data security regulations (GDPR compliant)
    • Powered by Social Physics – a new Al science developed at MIT utilizing behavioral commonalities

    A Highly Disruptive Technology

    While at MIT, Endor co-founders developed Social Physics – a new Al science that replaces the current Machine Learning paradigm: instead of building a data model for each predictive question, Social Physics uses a new social theory of human behavior that predicts future choices through behavioral commonalities. Through an automated engine that can answer any natural-language question, Endor enables the automation and democratization of Al and Data Science, allowing your company to go from asking a limited number of costly predictive questions per year to having rapid access to unlimited advanced answers effortlessly and affordably.

    Social Physics is a revolutionary new science which uses big data analysis and the mathematical laws of biology to understand the behavior of human crowds, enabling Endor to overcome traditional Machine Learning limitations. This new science originated at MIT through research by Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler. It was further developed by Endor using proprietary technology, resulting in a powerful engine that is able to explain and predict any sort of human behavior -- which by nature changes and evolves rapidly.

    Simply put, Social Physics is based on the premise that all event-data representing human activity (e.g. phone call records, credit card purchases, taxi rides, web activity) is guaranteed to contain a set of mathematical patterns that are embedded within that data. These mathematical invariances, which are common to all human data-types, across all demographics, can then serve as a filter for detecting emerging behavioral patterns before they can be observed by any other technique.