InterTrade Systems Inc.

Laval,  QC 
  • Booth: 302

A partner of choice with strong EDI expertise

Since its foundation in 1996, InterTrade Systems has established itself as a partner of choice for companies, large and small, seeking to address their supply chain challenges and associated EDI needs. As a Tier-1 B2B solutions provider, we are recognized for our strong expertise in EDI networking solutions as well as our product data synchronization (catalogues) offering. Our experienced team caters to over 3,000 clients, with marquee international companies like Neiman Marcus (high-end retail apparel), McKesson (pharmaceutical) and Uni-Select (automotive).

Brands: EDI solutions for suppliers, retailers and distributors


  • InterTrade EDI VAN
    An EDI Value-Added-Network allows businesses to electronically exchange accurate business documents securely, efficiently and in real-time in order to enhance supply chain operations, reduce errors and get goods to market faster....

  • An EDI Value-Added-Network (VAN) provides direct access to all partners in your supply chain and InterTrade is one of only a handful of TIER-1 EDI VAN service providers in North America. InterTrade is fully and securely interconnected to all other major VANs, enabling you to quickly connect your enterprise to your trading partners for efficient, real-time EDI exchanges integrated to your IT systems.

    • InterTrade’s EDI solutions allow you to share POs, Invoices, ASNs, and other critical business documents electronically with your trading partners, regardless of their back-office applications and ERPs
    • InterTrade supports a wide array of communications options including FTP, AS2/AS3, HTTPS, VPN and our own ultra-secure proprietary security communications software (ecConnect)
    • Our state-of-the-art monitoring tool (ecView) provides real-time visibility on all documents shared between you and your business partners
    • Our First Gate Validation feature instantly alerts trading partners of non-compliant data in electronic business documents and requires corrections before the data can be accepted by the receving partner. This ensures data accuracy and reduces errors and delays in getting goods to market. 
  • InterTrade EDI Managed Services
    InterTrade’s Managed EDI Services are fully outsourced EDI solutions readily available for integration with your IT systems and across your trading community....

  • InterTrade’s Fully Managed EDI Services (including analysis, mapping, translation & transportation) drive results to your bottom line by enabling you to focus on core competencies knowing that your electronic trading relationships are optimally managed.

    InterTrade takes on the onus of implementing, operating, maintaining and optimizing the entire infrastructure and services needed to run your B2B electronic document exchanges so you can be fully EDI functional without the expense of new hardware, software or specialized in-house EDI resources.

    This full-service, hosted EDI implementation includes:

    • Application file specifications analysis
    • EDI standards compliance
    • Connectivity implementation
    • Data transformation mappings creation
    • Customer testing
    • Trading partner testing
    • Continual monitoring and production

    Whether you have your own EDI software and IT staff or you want InterTrade to manage your entire document mapping, translation and transportation, our customizable solutions will ensure you fully meet your partner requirements, easily and quickly.

  • InterTrade Electronic UPC Catalog
    A UPC catalog is a data repository containing marketing, packaging, pricing and regulatory information about products. Sharing this data between suppliers & retailers greatly simplifies supply chain operations, getting goods to market faster....

  • The critical information needed for most online sales of goods can be shared between suppliers and retailers via InterTrade's UPC Catalog.  This is the same data that is used for ordering, inventory management, warehousing, etc. 

    InterTrade’s ecCatalogue can:

    • Accept over 500 different product attributes for full support of new GS1 Guidelines for Product Image and Extended Attributes
    • Host your product images FREE OF CHARGE for up to 5GB!
    • Accept product data from suppliers via one of 4 integration options:
      • EDI document (832), Webservice (API), Excel spreadsheets and Direct key-in using a web browser

    Benefits You Can Count On

    • Increased Sales - Shorten time to market and reduce out-of-stock
    • Decreased Costs - Reduce paper and avoid manual errors / chargebacks
    • Integrated Supply Chain - Synchronization ensures data integrity between trading partners
    • Catalogue Attributes - New Image and Extended Attribute support for retailer compliance
    • Visibility - Enjoy real-time updates and data accuracy
    • Easy and Affordable - Take advantage of our quick set-up, no software needed and low monthly fee