KIOSK Information Systems

Louisville,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 3755

KIOSK Information Systems is the #1 provider of self-service solutions in North America. KIOSK provides complete project services; including Hardware and Software Design, Manufacturing, Field Support, and secure Managed Services.

KIOSK offers a full retail kiosk solution portfolio with proven platforms in: • In-store Bill Payment • Loyalty • Endless Aisle • Locker Solutions (IT distribution, Site-to-Store and phone charging) • QSR / Order Entry • Digital Signage • and new Bitcoin ATMs.

KIOSK has 25+ years’ experience creating O2O retail solutions that cut operating and transaction costs; increase sales and loyalty, and enhance today’s consumer experience.


  • 1 - Bill Payment Self-Service Solutions
    KIOSK Retail Bill Payment Solutions provide secure transactions in unattended settings (EMV compliant)....

  • KIOSK Bill Payment platforms reduce retail overhead costs and increase store revenues, enabling associates to focus on revenue-generating sales activities.  Few kiosk applications can compete with the ROI of a secure bill payment application that fully automates ongoing payment transactions.  Further, it provides reduced customer wait times and drives repeat in-store foot traffic.

    KIOSK platforms deliver secure, EMV and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant payments, reducing fraud liability with McAfee Security.  KIOSK provides a licensed bill payment flow with market-ready applications modules.  Flexible hardware models support integration of a full range of payment transaction components.  KIOSK provides proven platforms and turnkey managed services to facilitate the fastest and most secure path to market.

    To learn more, visit KIOSK’s Bill Payment Page.

  • 2 - Smart Lockers: Site-to-Store & IT Distribution
    KIOSK’s locker solutions provide a cost-effective platform for automated IT device distribution and Site-to-Store delivery. KIOSK demonstrates proven platform experience for retailer supply chains, IT departments and last mile delivery providers....

  • Site-to-Store Locker delivery reduces delivery expense, service labor costs, and package theft frequency while driving consistent in-store traffic.  LockSpot, a standardized self-service locker solution, provides a modular enclosure, components, and the base locker software application needed to complete a simple package load and independent pick-up cycle.  Locker delivery provides consumers the ability to complete a secure, convenient pick-up of an online purchase by simply entering an on-screen delivery code (email or SMS).

    KIOSK’s Tech Depot lockers provide an immediate, centralized and secure source for smart repair and equipment distribution.  Information Technology and Supply Chain personnel are welcoming the convenience and increased productivity that automated distribution of equipment and supplies brings employees and the departments that support them.

    KIOSK has extensive indoor and outdoor locker platform capabilities.

    To learn more, visit KIOSK’s Locker Solutions Page
  • 3 - QSR | Order Entry | Loyalty Solutions
    KIOSK’s QSR / Order Entry and Loyalty retail solutions reduce operating / transaction costs, increases sales and loyalty, while improving today’s consumer experience....

  • A reduction in customer wait time can positively impact a restaurants market share gain and bottom line.  Self-service QSR / Order Entry kiosk solutions can improve efficiencies while addressing operating cost pressures.  Reducing in-store choke points by redirecting traffic from cashier counter to kiosk enable self-service selections for repetitive order processess, allowing staff to focus on food preparation and the customer experience.  Kiosk ordering can facilitate upsell and loyalty, transforming repetitive order processes into a seamless and more profitable flow.

    Loyalty programs provide a cost-effective method to optimize customer relationships and increase revenue.  Retailers who implement loyalty and on-demand couponing initiatives attract new members, build brand loyalty and improve customer retention. 

    Learn more at KIOSK’s Order Entry, and Loyalty Solution pages, or visit booth #3755 for a demo.   
  • 4 - Beabloo: Active Customer Intelligence Suite
    Beabloo’s Active Customer Intelligence Suite integrated solutions combine digital signage, analytics and artificial intelligence to help companies optimize the impact of their in-store marketing campaigns and increase their ROI....

  • The Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) includes digital solutions that allow businesses to communicate with customers, analyze their behavior, and create personalized experiences.

    Beabloo digital signage provides brands a greater visual impact and can help them reach more customers with digital points of contact distributed throughout the store. The content can be shown at the right place and time, and the digital signage network can be managed from a single platform, our cloud-based CMS.

    Our analytics solutions help companies discover customer interests, demographic data (anonymously and while respecting customer privacy) and in-store behavior, provide valuable metrics and offer them the possibility of creating more effective campaigns.

    Beabloo also offers interactive experiences and develops solutions that automate processes with the help of artificial intelligence to achieve personalization and boost business optimization.

    For more information, visit www.beabloo.com

  • 5 - Bitcoin ATMs: Buy & Sell Digital Currency
    Bitstop's innovative and versatile blockchain technology solution allows user to buy or sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies through the convenience of a self-service kiosk....

  • As cryptocurrencies become more common, Bitstop strives to make digital currencies accessible and familiar to everyone.  With Bitcoin ATMs, Bitstop is making cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin easy to buy and sell for cash. 

    Bitstop provides a safe, easy, and reliable way to purchase or sell digital currency.  With just a valid ID, mobile phone, and a Bitcoin Wallet, people can start enjoying the simplicity of Bitstop. 

    For the retailer, Bitcoin ATMs are another great way to monetize your existing footprint.  Bitstop provides a turnkey solution to retail partners.  With low start-up costs and little overhead, Bitstop Bitcoin ATMs may be an ideal blockchain solution for your retail storefronts.