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The Kiosk Manufacturer Association is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and information technology (IT). KMA leads efforts to optimize self-service engagements and engagement outcomes using information technology such as kiosks.

This includes Accessibility and ADA regulations, both U.S. and International. Providing clear direction on liability issues and design which affect all public self-service technology.

Informational and transactional self- service kiosks comprises our primary focus. This includes retail, financial, transportation, travel, healthcare, government and telecom.

Digital signs have become more interactive and "smart". Emergency and public service "digital signage kiosks" are now legitimate products for educational and retail markets. Multi-function terminals in effect.

Connected cities and connected spaces are growing. That includes smart transportation and ticketing. Smart vending and lockers.

 Show Specials

  • As part of our commitment to ADA and Accessibility we are forming a Retail Advisory Council for participation by companies.  Stay informed of latest developments in ADA and accessibility for self-service kiosks in the retail space. Simply register at our booth and have your badge entered and if you are a retailer considering deploying self-order then you become a member of the Advisory Council.  This offer is only open during the Big Show in NY January 2019.

 Press Releases

  • Kiosk Manufacturer Association with ADA, NRF, and Emergency Kiosk updates

    Emergency Kiosks

    The Kiosk Manufacturer Association (aka KMA) is pleased to announce the appointments of inaugural Chairpersons for the ADA and Accessibility Committee.

    Laura Miller of KioWare (https://kioware.com) and Randy Amundson of Frank Mayer, Inc. (https://frankmayer.com) have been named as Co-Chairperson for the ADA and Accessibility Committee. Both Laura and Randy have extensive experience in both software and hardware aspects of self-service technology and how assistive technology best serves the public.

    The Kiosk ADA and Accessibility Committee includes:

    As of 2015, according to U.S. Census surveys, over 12% of all persons in the United States have some type of disability and that number is growing.

    To help address disabilities and the ADA regulations, the KMA has recently released a proposed framework for Voice Recognition and Speech Command.  Working with the U.S. Access Board directly, the KMA is hopeful that a proposed Code-of-Practice can be adopted for this type of assistive technology. Public comment and working group participation is encouraged and only requires expertise and experience.

    This is intended for global adoption with much of the input by the UK's Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

    In another related public service, the KMA recently released a white paper describing emergency alert and detection technologies for public terminals for use in education, government, retail, transportation, hospitality and entertainment segments. Smart City and smart transportation are target markets. Mission critical public safety tools are the proposed end solution.

    The purpose of the document is to define how Wayfinding Technology, Digital Signage and Kiosks can be networked and used to detect and/or prevent active shooter and mass casualty attacks and expedite the response of Law Enforcement and Emergency Services First Responders to catastrophic events in large public venues. We focus on several of the most respected technology providers in the industry and how they would each play a critical role as foundational partners to bring a combined solution to market.

    The KMA has joined as a member of the National Retail Federation in order to help communicate education and issues on self-service kiosk technology. The most public iteration of this technology is in the QSR or Fast Casual segment where companies such as McDonalds and Wendy's have chosen to adopt in order to serve all of their customers as they wish to be served.

    In January 2019 in New York, the KMA will be exhibiting on the main floor of NRF's Big Show and will be accepting members from providers to deployers. An Advisory Panel of companies deploying self-service which can provide their unique perspective on all of the above issues is the objective.

    Kiosk Hall of Fame - we are now taking nominations for hall of fame candidates. Marsha Mazz of U.S. Access Board, John Glitsos of FirstWave and Dave Heyliger of Rocky Mountain Multimedia are the initial candidates. See https://kioskindustry.org/kiosk-about/kiosk-hall-fame/

    For more information on all of these items, visit https://kioskindustry.org the communication site for the KMA. You can also contact Craig Keefner the manager at craig@catareno.com

    We want to thank our supporting sponsors:

    Olea Kiosks - https://www.olea.com
    KioWare - https://kioware.com
    iPadKiosks - https://www.ipadkiosks.com/
    Pyramid - https://www.pyramid-computer.com/home.html
    KIOSK - https://www.kiosk.com/
    Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. - https://www.frankmayer.com/
    Nanonation -- https://www.nanonation.net/
    Turnkey Kiosks -- http://www.turnkeykiosks.com/
    22Miles -- http://www.22miles.com/
    ZIVELO -- http://www.zivelo.com/kiorg/
    Dynatouch -- https://www.dynatouch.com/
    Qwick Media -- https://www.qwickmedia.com/
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    PROVISIO - https://www.provisio.com/
    ARCA -- https://www.arca.com/
    Storm Interface -- http://www.storm-interface.com/
    Peerless AV -- https://kioskindustry.org/feature/peerless-av-kiosks/
    CSA -- http://www.csakiosk.com/
    Mimo Monitors -- https://www.mimomonitors.com/
    OTI Global -- https://www.otiglobal.com/cashless_payment_systems/otikiosk/

    "Satellite" websites include RetailSystems.org, Selfservice.io and ThinClient.org.
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  • All Purpose Kiosk
    In our booth we will have an example kiosk, the Austin. This particular kiosk is available in multiple form factors including standup, countertop or wallmount....

  • The example kiosk, Austin, is deployed by many customers in many different verticals. At the show the unit will be displaying QSR POS self-order software that is deployed in multiple restaurants. For the NRF show application, the kiosk will be using an Android all-in-one computer in SAAS mode (or Application as a Service).
  • Accessibility and ADA in Self-Service
    The Association works on ADA and Accessibility standards. Once a year we meet with the U.S. Access Board. Please join our working committee and/or join our Retail Advisory Board...

  • Regulatory agencies have a profound effect on the business of self-service. The kiosk industry group monitors ADA and the development & implementation of regulatory bodies and, where possible, we participate in the regulatory process by educating and informing agencies regarding our members & businesses.
  • RFP (Request for Proposals)
    The Association monitors and provides all local, state and federal requests for proposals. Average of 30 per month....

  • For our vendor members we monitor and provide requests for proposals that we locate. On average there are 30 per month in the local, state and federal markets.  

    Along with kiosks, we also monitor rfps for digital signage, smart cities, smart transportation, POS and a variety of speciallized sectors such as Stadiums and Amusement Parks. 

  • Research and Education
    Library of current and past data and market research in the self-service and related markets....

  • The Association maintains a long history of research and education beginning many years ago. Current research is very important to us and research firms such as IHL and Frost & Sullivan are examples of research companies we work with.
  • KMA Members Exhibiting At NRF 2019
    Approximately fifteen members of the KMA will have booths there at NRF. Be sure and visit them....

  • KMA Members Exhibiting:

    3437 --  22 Miles -- Digital Signage and Wayfinding in Intel booth

    1159 -- ARCA -- Digital Signage and Wayfinding

    2564 -- CUSTOM America -- Printers thermal receipt printer & POS terminals

    2137 -- Ingenico Group -- EMV and Credit Payment

    3755 -- KIOSK Information Systems -- custom kiosks, standard kiosks, software, monitoring and managed services.

    1725 --  Kiosk Manufacturer Association -- 

    3055 -- Meridian Kiosks -- custom and standard kiosk enclosures

    800 --  OptConnect -- 3G/4G connectivity Digital Signage & Kiosks

    4545 -- Pyramid Computer  -- custom self-service solutions for QSR and more

    549 --  Storm Interface -- keyboards, input devices and accessibility devices for ADA

    1314 -- ZIVELO -- self-service kiosks and digital signage