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Discover how Locus Robotics can help you Simply Pick Faster!

Locus Robotics transforms your ecommerce fulfillment productivity so you can Simply Pick Faster! Our powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robotic solution works collaboratively alongside workers to dramatically improve productivity 2x-3x faster, with less labor and near-perfect accuracy compared with traditional picking systems.

This industry-leading solution helps 3PLs and retailers efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding ecommerce fulfillment environments, easily integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows. For case studies and more information, visit www.locusrobotics.com.

 Press Releases

  • Locus Robotics, the market leader in autonomous mobile robots for fulfillment warehouses, today announced record-breaking productivity numbers achieved in November 2018, delivering more than 3 million units during the critical holiday season. Locus also added omnichannel logistics provider Port Logistics Group to its growing customer base, as well as several additional 3PL and retail customers, including specialty retailer Marleylilly.

    “November was a watershed month for Locus Robotics,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. "Not only did we launch new deployments at customer sites around the U.S., but it marked our first 3 million-unit month.”

    “The volume grew week over week, and we actually hit 200,000 units per day during Cyber Week,” he added. “These milestones are a testament to Locus’s ability to nimbly adapt to rapid changes in volume on a monthly – or even daily – basis, in order to drive real productivity gains for our customers.”“As of December 1st, we have now picked 5.6 million units cumulatively across multiple warehouse sites using the Locus solution,” said Randy Tucker, president and CEO of GEODIS Americas. “We worked closely with Locus to bring more robot capacity online at each site, and then opened the holiday season floodgates. Now that we’ve seen the solution scale robustly during our high-volume season, we are more confident than ever that Locus can be applied, at scale, in a variety of different warehouses, and we will be rolling out more sites in the New Year.”

    Locus scaled its robot populations at existing customer sites in anticipation of the expected rapid growth in volume during the critical holiday season. As a result of these efforts, Locus robots assisted with steadily growing volume throughout the month, picking 1.4 million units from Black Friday through Cyber Week.

    Locus Robotics boosts customer productivity

    Marleylilly, a pure-play e-commerce business specializing in monogrammed gifts, accessories, and apparel, adopted Locus earlier this year, and is seeing a big boost in productivity as its business grows.

    “We had a great November, and this holiday season is shaping up to be a real record-breaker,” said Kelly Owens, CEO of Marleylilly. “We deliver a personalized experience for our customers, and Locus helped us meet the high expectations we set by getting our customers their monogrammed orders quickly.”

    According to a study by the National Retail Federation (NRF), the 2018 shopping days from Black Friday through Cyber Monday saw an increase in multichannel shopping of almost 40% compared with the same period in 2017.

    With retail e-commerce sales at an all time high, the Locus solution is playing a critical role in ensuring that retail and logistics clients are able to manage significant increases in the volume of orders being moved through their fulfillment centers this holiday season.

    “This holiday season has been an acid test for the scalability of our solution,” said Faulk. “Our customers have proven the reliability and necessity of robots at scale. We will enter 2019 with a new baseline of picking volume, and we expect to see continued increases month over month as new sites come online.”

    For a perspective on using robots at scale during peak season, watch this short video: 

    About Locus Robotics

    Locus Robotics transforms your ecommerce fulfillment productivity without transforming your warehouse. Our powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robotic solution works collaboratively alongside workers to dramatically improve productivity two to three times faster, with less labor compared with traditional picking systems.

    This award-winning solution helps retailers and 3PLs efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding ecommerce fulfillment environments, easily integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows. For more information, visit www.locusrobotics.com.

  • Leading autonomous warehouse robotics company Locus Robotics (www.locusrobotics.com) has been named one of Robotics Business Review‘s 2018 RBR50 for the third consecutive year.

    The RBR50 is an international compilation of 50 of the most innovative and transformative robotics companies that have achieved commercial success in the past year.

    “We are honored to be named one of the RBR50 in 2018 for the third year in a row,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “The growth and development that we have achieved over the last year has been incredible, and is clearly reflected in our rapidly growing customer base. We look forward to continuing to disrupt the exploding e-commerce fulfillment robotics market worldwide.”

    For seven years, the RBR50 list has been one of the most prestigious collections of industry leaders in robotics, artificial intelligence, and unmanned systems. Robotics Business Review researched multiple companies and their applications, reviewed numerous submissions, and identified this year’s top 50 companies worth following. The list of honorees represents many different levels and facets of the competitive global robotics industry; identifying companies that are visionaries, trendsetters and companies to watch.

    “We have seen a lot of companies entering the supply chain space lately,” said Eugene Demaitre, Senior Editor at Robotics Business Review. “Locus Robotics is an RBR50 leader because its mobile robots are already in use, helping human warehouse workers meet the mounting demands of e-commerce order fulfillment.”

    To read more and download the RBR50 list, visit Robotics Business Review

  • Today, Locus Robotics (www.locusrobotics.com), the award-winning provider of autonomous, collaborative robots for use in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses, announced their partnership with E2 Solutions Inc. (www.e2solutionsinc.com), the leading supply chain and IT consulting provider for small to medium-sized businesses. This partnership fully integrates HighJump warehouse management system (WMS) and Locus’s innovative warehouse robotic solution for more efficient deployments and faster ROI. Locus’s solution is also now available to E2’s extensive portfolio of supply chain businesses.

    “E2’s extensive experience with HighJump WMS implementations will enable us to deliver faster and more seamless implementations for our customers,” said Al Dekin, SVP of Sales of Locus Robotics. “We’re excited to be working together.”

    Locus’s turnkey warehouse robotics fulfillment solution enables third-party logistics (3PL) providers to achieve more efficient e-commerce fulfillment operations, while simultaneously lowering labor costs and effectively managing seasonally fluctuating order volumes. The combination of E2 Solutions’ extensive integration expertise, HighJump’s industry-leading WMS, and Locus’s autonomous mobile robots work together to deliver a more robust, and fully end-to-end warehouse management solution to joint clients and partners. This further addresses the rising labor costs and workforce availability challenges facing distribution and logistics channels.

    “We look forward to working with Locus to deliver unprecedented operational fulfillment efficiencies to 3PL and logistics companies around the world,” said Erik Easton, CEO of E2 Solutions.

  • LOS ANGELESNov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Port Logistics Group, the nation’s leading provider of omnichannel logistics services, today announced that it has teamed with Locus Robotics, an award-winning provider of autonomous robots, launching its entry into intelligent automation. As a first phase in December 2018, Port Logistics Group will deploy a fleet of Locus collaborative robots to work alongside warehouse staff at its dedicated ecommerce fulfillment facility in Chino, Calif.

    The initiative supports Port Logistics Group’s role as a leading ecommerce and omnichannel fulfillment provider with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement. “We have recognized that leveraging human skills is still essential to maintaining picking accuracies. The LocusBots will navigate to the location of the item and then notify the picker to retrieve it. The bots then autonomously route the item to the pack station, freeing our warehouse associates to walk less and pick more,” said Jim Stephens, Chief Information Officer with Port Logistics Group.

    Designed to interact with humans, the LocusBots are proven to increase warehouse efficiencies and lower the cost of operations. The Locus turnkey robotics solution enables warehouse operators to reduce labor costs amidst worker shortages, and better manage seasonally fluctuating order volumes.

    “We are excited to welcome Port Logistics Group as our newest Locus customer,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “The Locus solution will help Port Logistics Group realize immediate productivity and throughput gains, while easily scaling on-demand to meet seasonal spikes and their growth needs. By removing many of the physically demanding aspects of the picking role, we significantly enhance worker productivity, improve workplace quality, and enhance worker job satisfaction. We look forward to helping Port Logistics Group drive operating efficiencies now and in the future.”

    The Locus self-charging mobile robots allow Port Logistics Group to keep pace with the growing direct-to-consumer market in a highly scalable 24/7 solution. The platform easily integrates with the company’s proprietary warehouse management system (WMS), EventTracker. Port Logistics Group will also integrate Locus with its ecommerce WMS, Whiplash, provided by its software partner Whiplash Merchandising Inc., a Silicon Valley-based technology firm which the logistics provider invested in earlier this year.

    “We will evaluate the efficiencies gained with Locus after implementation and expect to more aggressively roll out additional robots at other facilities next year,” Stephens concluded.

    About Locus Robotics
    Locus Robotics transforms your ecommerce fulfillment productivity without transforming your warehouse. Our powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robotic solution works collaboratively alongside workers to dramatically improve productivity 2X-3X faster, with less labor compared to traditional picking systems. This award-winning solution helps retailers and 3PLs efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding ecommerce fulfillment environments, easily integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows. For more information, visit www.locusrobotics.com.

    About Port Logistics Group
    Port Logistics Group is the nation’s leading provider of omnichannel logistics services, including value-added warehousing and distribution, transloading and crossdocking, e-commerce fulfillment and national transportation. With nearly 6 million square feet of warehouse space strategically located in and around major North American ports, Port Logistics Group provides the critical link between international transportation and the last-mile supply chain. For more information, visit: www.portlogisticsgroup.com.

  • Locus's Autonomous Mobile Robots to Support E-Commerce Operations for Major Retailers, including DICK'S Sporting Goods

    KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Radial (www.radial.com), a bpost group company and leader in omnichannel commerce technologies and operations, today announced a new partnership with Locus Robotics (www.locusrobotics.com), the leading provider of collaborative, autonomous mobile robots for warehouses. The Locus solution will enable Radial to increase warehouse efficiency and improve workplace quality, ensuring that retail customers, including DICK'S Sporting Goods, are able to scale operations and more easily meet shipping deadlines for the holiday season.

    "We are pleased to be partnering with Radial to support its warehouse operations," said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. "With our technology, workers are able to do what they do best – picking – while spending less time walking. Our deep experience in fulfillment center operations enables us to deliver a purpose-built solution that seamlessly supports the needs of the high-growth eCommerce warehouse."

    Radial's implementation of independent, autonomous mobile LocusBots by Locus Robotics will ensure that fulfillment center operations are optimized in the face of eCommerce volume growth and seasonal peaks. The robots will also help Radial to control labor costs and ensure that human workers are as productive as possible. LocusBots are designed to operate safely alongside human workers, autonomously traveling to picking locations, minimizing unproductive worker walking time - decreasing employee fatigue while simultaneously increasing throughput.

    "At DICK'S we are committed to leveraging technology to drive peak performance – in business and in human endeavors," said George Giacobbe, SVP of supply chain, DC Administration. "That's why we work with Radial, and why we're excited about the use of robots to help their workers achieve peak performance."

    Locus's robots also help expedite the onboarding of new Radial employees, so they can get to work faster. The Locus solution is equipped with multi-language capabilities and an easy-to-use tablet-based interface, helping Radial to onboard new employees without spending significant time and resources on training and development.

    "Every year we hire more than 20,000 seasonal workers for the peak holiday season," said Sean McCartney, executive vice president, operations services, at Radial. "By partnering with Locus Robotics, we are able to decrease the time associated with training and integrating staff into our workforce. Now, our workers are able to spend more time completing skilled tasks that deliver value directly to the client, leaving them more fulfilled in their roles."

    Because the Locus solution works seamlessly with Radial's existing picking technologies and infrastructure, it provides the option to easily deploy the solution at any existing fulfillment center. In doing so, Radial is afforded the ability to improve and scale efficiencies on-demand without a disruption, so that clients aren't impacted by any downtime. 

    "Radial and Locus look forward to partnering together on future engagements and opportunities to help make clients successful.  Partnering with Locus Robotics gives Radial a turnkey solution to increase efficiency and productivity with minimal disruption to the business or infrastructure," said Brad Taylor, senior director of engineering, Radial.

    About Radial

    Radial Inc., a bpost group company, is the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations, enabling brands and retailers to profitably exceed retail customer expectations. Radial's technical, powerful omnichannel solutions connect supply and demand through efficient fulfillment and transportation options, intelligent fraud detection, payments, and tax systems, and personalized customer care services. Hundreds of retailers and brands confidently partner with Radial to simplify their post-click commerce and improve their customer experiences. Radial brings flexibility and scalability to their supply chains and optimizes how, when and where orders go from desire to delivery. Learn how we work with you at www.radial.com.

    About Locus Robotics

    Locus Robotics transforms productivity without transforming the warehouse. Our innovative and proven autonomous mobile robots work collaboratively alongside workers, helping them pick 2x‐3x faster, with near‐100% accuracy, and less labor compared to traditional picking solutions.  Our powerful, highly flexible, and intelligent autonomous robotic solution breaks out of the limitations of capital‐intensive, grid‐based automation systems to deliver a solution that truly meets the evolving needs of today's more complex and demanding e‐commerce fulfillment environments.  For more information, visit www.locusrobotics.com.

    Media contact
    Cori Kendrick
    PAN Communications for Radial


  • Locus Robotics LocusBot
    LocusBot - The industry's leading autonomous mobile robot for warehouse fulfillment...

  • LocusBots™ are the industry's leading autonomous mobile robot specifically designed to maximize warehouse fulfillment. Working collaboratively, alongside with your workers, LocusBots deliver significantly higher performance. They minimize unproductive worker walking time and allow workers to do what they do best: picking.

    LocusBots optimize the most efficient travel routes through your warehouse, dramatically improving pick speed, efficiency and worker productivity 2x to 3x over traditional cart picking. Our zone-based system allows for hands-free picking, virtually eliminating errors.

    LocusBot’s flexible design allows it to be configured to meet a wide range of tote and multi-bin picking needs, matching virtually any fulfillment requirement. Its lightweight design allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers and even in mezzanine configurations.

    Worker training is as simple as pick, touch, and go using LocusBot’s user-friendly, easy to read, touch pad-based user interface. The system automatically detects a wide range of workers’ languages to speed workflow and minimize errors, changing instantly as it interacts with each worker. The on-board, integrated scanner confirms the correct item and ensures near-100% accuracy for both pick and put operations.

    For more information check out our customer's case studies, visit us at: locusrobotics.com/about-us/videos/