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Specialist in leak detection and energy management.

Matelex, a specialist in leak detection and energy management for thermodynamic installations. The DNI, a patented smart system that detects refrigerant leaks using indirect measurements. Coupled with a remote surveillance web interface (Sentinelle), this system can be used to constantly monitor installations for changes in refrigerant load and leaks, thanks to measur ements that are taken every 2-3 seconds. This technology not only provides a suitable response to European regulatory requirements and US Regulation The EPA's Refrigerant Management Requirements , which require the installation of a detector to warn the operator of leaks for all installations containing more than 500 t CO2 eq., but it is also an energy efficient solution that monitors installation performance. The energy module calculates the energy consumption of different components and calculates the installation's actual COP, whilst the floating HP module helps achieve energy savings.
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  • Matelex is a french company specialising in leak detection and energy management for refrigeration installations. 

    Matelex is aimed at all owners and operators of refrigeration installations, helping them to improve the performance of their installations, but also to reduce operating costs, environmental impact and the risk of a breakdown in the cold chain, and therefore operating losses. 

    A few years ago, Matelex patented a smart refrigerant leak detection system using indirect measurement methods: the DNI. Coupled with a remote surveillance web interface (Sentinelle), this system can be used to constantly monitor installations (level, operating data, COP) thanks to measurements that are taken every 2-3 seconds and a thorough learning of the operation of the installation thanks to algorithmic calculations. 

    Two modules are dedicated to energy management, the energy module allows to take into account the energy consumption of the various components of the installation in order to improve their settings and to be alerted in the event of energy drift. The floating HP module allows direct action on energy consumption by adapting to the outside temperature. 

    Today, more than 2000 DNIs are installed among major players in the food distribution sector with very satisfactory results. In fact, a major retailer has reduced its leakage rate by 37% in 2017 and 70% over the past 3 years thanks to this device and its online facility management interface. 

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  • Smart Leak Detector for refrigeration - DNI
    The DNI is a patented device for leak detection for refrigeration installations....

  • The DNI is a patented device which monitors the refrigerant level in the installation thanks to a weighing system coupled with measurements taken every 4 to 5 seconds and algorithmic calculations in order to learn how the installation works to trigger the right alarm at the right time.

    When a leak is detected, the operator and installation owner receive a local and email alarme with an estimation of the leak rate. Today, more than 2000 DNIs are installation in the food retail sector, and a major french distributor juste announced 37% decrease in leak rate thanks to the DNI. 

  • Energy Module
    The energy module of Matelex DNI (smart leak detector for refrigeration installations) is dedicated to energy monitoring.

  • This module allows to take into account the electrical consumption of many components of the refrigeration installation (compressors, condenser fans, pumps...) in order to determine if energy drifts are in progress in order to improve the settings and performances of the installation. The energy module calculates a complete COP, and alerts in case of risk of compressor wear or breakage, or incorrect installation settings. 

  • Floating High Pressure Module
    The Floating HP module of the Matelex DNI (Smart leak detector) is dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration systems....

  • Most refrigeration systems operate at a higher pressure than necessary. Achieving energy savings thanks to Floating HP module is simple.

    What is it : automatic modulation of the High Pressure settings in relation to the exterior temperature in order to reduce the fans' energy consumption.

    Supermarkets and cold stores consume a lot of electricity and the cold production accounts for 40-60% of the total supermarket consumption, but there are solutions to reduce electricity consumption with floating high pressure. The classic Floating HP responds to a modulation law of the High Pressure (HP) set point modulation mainly as a function of the outside temperature. With DNI and its computing power, Matelex goes much further in its management. The regulation of the HP Floating Module adapts to the actual energy consumption measured with the energy module. 

    What are the benefits? 15-25% energy savings !