Motionloft, Inc.

San Francisco,  CA 
United States
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  • ViMo
    Computer vision sensor and business intelligence analytics platform measuring customer behavior inside and outside for operations and marketing teams in retail, restaurants, commercial real estate and municipalities....

  • Motionloft uses AI and sensors to create and analyze data enabling businesses to optimize decision making and decrease risk. Motionloft creates a unique way to leverage the data that digitizes the physical world that is offline similar to what is gathered from the online world.

    We enable operations and marketing teams at retail goods and services brands to measure and improve operational efficiencies, which drives revenue growth, and marketing effectiveness, which leads to greater marketing ROI. Brands combine real world data with their online strategies for a full omni-channel outcome.


    Motionloft sensors use computer vision as opposed to GPS, WiFi, or bluetooth, so they do not rely on people and vehicles carrying smartphones or beacons. Motionloft is expert in passive collection of data (versus the need for opt in active participation in collection of data) which ensures complete coverage of an area with great accuracy.

    Full commitment to privacy

    No personal identifiable information is collected and there is no storage or transmission of video.

    We developed our sensors with edge computing technology which not only allows them to process and transmit data in real time, but also establishes a more secure, scalable, versatile and reliable network compared to traditional cloud-based only computing architecture.

    Ease of installation

    We’re able to deploy our platform to a customer in less than two weeks, while competitors who require IT infrastructure can take months for a deployment. Future proofing with ability to communicate remotely to our sensors for software updates diagnosis and maintenance updates.

    The sensors are weatherized so they function indoors and outdoors.

    Ability to provide KPI for new features/use cases such as outdoor advertising, crowd analytics.

    Lastly, with our technology we’re able to measure scenes and calculate metrics at a scale that has not been in the market before.

    Motionloft is privacy compliant neither storing or transmitting personal identifiable information.