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Keep the store on track with retailer’s AI-based right-hand

Mystore-E, which is bringing intelligence to physical stores, launched an  AI-based right-hand assistant named Tore-E, who delivers wisdom to individual stores automatically and in real-time, allowing retailers to maximize the value of every product in-store, improving operational productivity, elevating the customer experience and increasing sales.

Using our carefully compiled data, Tore-E helps brands to communicate with stores in real-time and deliver accurate insights, predictions, and sales-supporting data regarding in-store product performance.

With Tore-E district managers can “visit” the store on a daily/weekly basis, making better decisions in regards to optimization and visualization of the inventory in-store.

Tore-E can ensure the store set-up matches the customer’s wants and needs and the sales associates remain connected to relevant data and in real-time.

These days, Tore-E helps more than 50 stores (Israel and the US) with a user-friendly tool, required little training, quickly adopted and easy to use for managers/associates.