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Transform your operations for the digital world

Nokia creates the technology to connect the world, powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs. 

As enterprise data-rich traffic and applications in retail industry rise and the performance expectations grow, small indoor LTE cells are becoming an effective way to provide coverage and capacity in the public retail space, individual store locations and warehouses.  Nokia has been a vendor of choice for LTE small cell connectivity for many years and has an award-winning portfolio of small cell solutions to serve all use cases.  Small cells pave the way for 5G, opening the doors for more demanding applications requiring massive broadband capacity and ultra-low latency. 

Nokia Private LTE network solution can support both human and machine communications on a single, reliable network that offers mobility without cumbersome portable radios and that opens up the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Complementing Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Private LTE enables digital transformation in many industries and pave the way towards the adoption of even more capable 5G mobile technologies.