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Make BOPIS a Fast and Easy Reality with Apex Solutions

Everybody hates waiting in line. And with Apex Retail Solutions, you can eliminate lines for your customers as well as employees.

Our Apex Click & Collect and Returns Locker Solutions give online shoppers fast, self-serve order pick-up and drop-off in seconds, leaving them more time to shop for other items in your store.

In restaurants and foodservice venues, Apex Order Pick-Up Solutions let customers skip the line and grab their online order in seconds, while streamlining your behind-the-scenes employee workflows.

Apex Asset Management Solutions keep critical mobile devices secure and organized while providing 24/7 visibility to ensure employee accountability and lower operating costs.

All Apex solutions are powered by our Trajectory CloudTM platform, so you get real-time visibility, tracking and control. Plus, with our new Lenz business intelligence and analytics platform, you can make sense of your big data and optimize your entire supply chain and, ultimately, your customer experience.

 Press Releases

  • Retail Staff Shortages Make Automation an Imperative

    St. Nicholas has his hands full this year without automation to support retail staff shortagesTis’ the season…for retail staff shortages? Online shopping projections for the 2017 holiday season are driving an offline hiring spree across the retail industry, according to Reuters.

    In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates up to 690,000 seasonal employees will be needed just in the U.S. for jobs ranging from customer-facing roles to the critical, operational assistance helping the supply chain handle this annual peak in activity.

    These anticipated labor shortages make automation even more of an imperative for the retail industry. The consumer’s clear preference for shopping online is creating significant resource gaps offline. These gaps are always a holiday issue to some degree. But news like Amazon’s recent hiring binge makes the annual shortage even more severe.

    Technology like self-serve lockers are a fast, simple way to automate inefficient, low-value processes in the supply chain and in-store. This allows retail employees to focus on more important tasks and perform at peak efficiency.”

    Retailers Focus on Convenience
    Customers want to choose how they will order, pay, receive and even return their purchases. To increase customer convenience, retailers can make online purchase pick-up and return as easy as the order and pay processes.

    Customers are clearly responding to these services. But retailers have work to do to make fulfillment seamless and efficient, according to Forbes.

    Automation Makes Fulfillment Seamless for Customer & Retailer
    This is usually an operations issue, from a lack of store employees to assist customers and issues locating click and collect orders, to inaccurate inventory data making it difficult to fulfill orders from store stock.

    A shopping experience isn’t seamless if amenities create customer frustration. Self-serve, automated lockers are already helping some retailers eliminate operations issues from front of the store to the back and into the supply chain.

    Automated lockers are being used as an easy, secure way for customers to pick-up orders at their convenience without standing in line. This approach to click and collect is more profitable for retailers than home delivery, according to CNBC, because the customer carries the cost of getting the item from the store to their home.

    And research from the International Council of Shopping Centers shows, 69 percent of shoppers using click and collect during the last holiday season purchased additional items while picking up in store.

    • Buy Online, Return In Store (BORIS): Retail operations are becoming flexible enough to let customers return online purchases in-store for a truly seamless shopping experience. Kohl’s is taking this even further and will also handle Amazon returns. This collaboration should boost in-store traffic and underscores the untapped value offline retailers have in their well-established physical locations.

    Automating these processes is a win for more than just online customers. Store employees can focus on helping offline customers who are happy to have a shorter wait for better service.

    Self-Serve Automation Gives Retailers Access to and Control of Mobile Devices
    In the back of the store, into the warehouses and distribution centers making up the retail supply chain, automation can help increase efficiency, productivity and decrease costs.

    • Mobile Device Management: Handheld electronic devices, including scanners, printers and POS terminals, are a critical retail tool used throughout stores and in distribution centers. They represent a substantial investment but are not managed effectively, if at all.

    Using secure, automated lockers to manage, track and control these mobile devices protects them from loss and damage and ensures PCI compliance. Now every employee can begin their shift immediately without searching for the tools needed to do their job. Mobile device repair and replacement costs decrease and productivity increases as a result.

    Tomorrow’s successful retailers can meet changing customer expectations while driving out waste and cost from their operations. To continually improve operational performance in a distinct and measurable way like this requires a new mindset. Some of the world’s largest retailers rely on self-serve automation to yield significant operational efficiencies and savings.

    Automation Ensures Many Happy Returns
    As retailers shift attention to their physical presence in response to traditional retail’s ongoing disruption, the store can clearly be a point of difference. And self-serve, automated lockers are being tapped by some of the biggest retail brands in the world to sustain this point of difference.

    With industry-wide retail employee shortages predicted during the industry’s single-largest season, this technology offers an easy way for retailers to keep customers happy through the holidays and keep them coming back in the new year.

  • Order Pick-Up & Fulfillment Technologies on display during #NRF2018

    Apex at #NRF2018 Retail Automation

    NEW YORK CITY, January 14, 2018 —National Retail Federation (NRF) Show attendees are getting a first-hand view of the latest order pick-up and fulfillment solutions from Apex Supply Chain Technologies®. The world’s leading provider of self-serve automation, Apex is demonstrating its full range of innovative retail technology at #NRF2018, and showing how brands including Fanatics, Delaware North, Carolina Panthers and Casey’s General Store use Apex to automate retail processes, including buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) and mobile device management.

    “For a truly seamless shopping experience, it must be effortless for the time-starved customer to buy and for retail operations to fulfill,” says Kent Savage, founder and CEO of Apex. “From the store into the warehouse, self-serve automation is being applied by some of the world’s leading retail brands to improve their order pick-up and key operational processes, including mobile device management.”

    Apex solutions are known for decreasing costs while increasing productivity by eliminating low-value, manual tasks. More and more, this technology is proving critical to retailers, restaurants and foodservice in making the customer experience and operations truly seamless.

    Orders Increase 26% with Self-Serve, Automated Order Pick-Up
    Retailers and restaurants automate order pick-up with Apex AnyWhere™ lockers so customers can skip the line when picking up purchases. This also brings customers into the store, helping increase orders by as much as 26 percent according to Deloitte.

    Apex makes the pick-up process as simple as making an online order. When orders are ready, the customer is notified via SMS or email with instructions on where and how to collect their purchase. Customers simply scan a barcode to open a secure locker compartment with their order. The entire transaction is complete in seconds.

    For retailers, it gives their customers more fast and convenient options in how they buy, pick-up and return purchases without adding staff. Restaurants and foodservice brands rely on the AnyWhere Flow-Thru lockers. The lockers’ two-sided design creates an efficient workflow for preparing orders. This ensures stores can handle the additional demand created by popular mobile order apps.

    Repair Costs Shrink 40% with Self-Serve, Automated Asset Management
    From the front of the store into the supply chain, the AXCESS™ self-serve, automated locker helps manage, track and control highly-valuable, mission-critical equipment, such as handheld scanners, radio headsets and other mobile technology.

    Used in the back of stores, warehouses, distribution centers and other critical points in the supply chain, these smart lockers help eliminate waste and inefficiencies associated with resources required to manage this equipment. And the costs to repair and replace these mobile devices are proven to shrink by as much as 40 percent.

    The Apex Trajectory Cloud
    All Apex devices are powered by the Apex Trajectory Cloud™ platform. The Trajectory Cloud collects and manages data from each solution in real-time, automatically creating reports, monitoring status and alerting managers as warranted. Management can easily access the secure, cloud-based platform through a web portal or mobile app.

    Apex Supply Chain Technologies is the world’s leading provider of self-serve automation for use in retail, restaurants and foodservice, including sports and entertainment venues. Our devices track billions of transactions to help customers worldwide benefit from our solutions. To learn more about Apex, visit us online at our website (https://www.apexsupplychain.com) on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/apex-supply-chain-technologies ) or on Twitter (https://twitter.com/apexsupplychain).

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    News Media Contact
    Kevin Dugan, Apex Supply Chain Technologies
    513.668.8580 or kevin.dugan@apexsupplychain.com

  • Apex Lenz goes beyond reporting to provide powerful, actionable insights in a simple, comprehensive view

    Viewports Visualize Operational Data: Apex Lenz comes with easy-to-understand viewports/dashboards and customized reports tailored to each customer’s organizational needs.

    CINCINNATI, August 28, 2018 — In direct response to customer needs, Apex Supply Chain Technologies® has launched Apex Lenz™, its robust business intelligence and analytics platform. Apex Lenz analyzes critical data from any Apex device through custom data visualizations to help customers quickly spot opportunities that drive greater efficiencies, optimize productivity and reduce costs throughout their business.

    Designed to be the most agile analytics platform in the industry, Apex Lenz addresses a common big data issue. While companies collect data for most operational processes, many do not have the time or resources needed for its strategic analysis. In fact, Forrester Research estimates as much as 73 percent of data collected by companies is not used for a strategic purpose.

    Forrester Research estimates as much as 73 percent of data collected by companies is not used for a strategic purpose.

    “Companies searching for a real competitive edge can usually find it within vital operational data,” says Kent Savage, founder and CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies. “Apex Lenz allows our customers to easily extract powerful insights from device data that can optimize the management, performance and profitability of their organizations. Deep, actionable insights like this are a competitive necessity.”

    Show What Your Devices Know
    Using device data collected by the Apex Trajectory Cloud™, Apex Lenz comes with easy-to-understand viewports/dashboards and customized reports tailored to each customer’s organizational needs. Each viewport has options and filters to quickly bring focus to everything from high-level trends over years down to a detailed, hour-by-hour breakdown of a single day’s activity.

    Apex Lenz is available in three different suites to provide application-specific dashboards.

    • Dispensing: Optimize the spending and usage of supplies, parts and mission-critical materials. Make more effective decisions based on usage patterns, SKU, location, department and compare on a site, regional or enterprise basis.
    • Asset Management: Improve the usage and care of your handheld assets. Apex Lenz helps you see utilization patterns, repair trends, overdue assets, check-out duration and more.
    • Retail: Show the value of these important convenience services and enhance them by spotting key trends like order processing length, dwell time and locker compartment utilization.

    Apex Lenz: a powerful decision-support platform
    This valuable resource makes it easy for employees to inform better business decisions.

    • Identify root causes for operational performance problems to create a more targeted response.
    • Help identify areas for improvement.
    • Collaborate with customers to provide value-added opportunities for savings and efficiency improvements.

    To ensure customers are always informed, daily snapshots of critical viewports or KPI alert notifications can be scheduled to be sent automatically by email.

    Getting Business in Better Focus
    For more information about Apex Lenz, visit ApexSupplyChain.com/Lenz, or call 1.800.229-7912.

    Apex Supply Chain Technologies is the world’s leading provider of automated dispensing systems for use in a variety of industries and applications. Our Internet of Things devices track billions of secure transactions to help customers worldwide benefit from self-serve automation. To learn more about Apex, visit us online at our website on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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    Kevin Dugan, Senior Global Communications Executive

    Apex Supply Chain Technologies
    513.668.8580 or kevin.dugan@apexsupplychain.com


  • Axcess 6700
    Automated lockers designed for indoor click & collect, order returns, will-call and pick up. Mix and match compartment sizes to create hundred's of different configurations....

  • Indoor solutions for no-wait order pick-up and returns

    Quick, Secure Access: Customers simply scan or enter a unique pick-up code and their compartment(s) open

    Optimal Compartment Sizes: A wide choice of configurations to accommodate many products and shelf heights

    Flexible Configurations: Add up to three satellite lockers to the right and/or left of customer interface

    ADA-Compliant Design: Accessible customer interface includes a Braille display

    Ideal for Most Indoor Environments: Operates in temperatures from 40° F to 100° F

    Supports a Wide Range of User ID: Choose from barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity card or keypad entry

    Optional Front and Side Skirts: Provides a more streamlined appearance

    • Offer e-commerce order pick-up and returns: Gain a powerful competitive advantage by giving customers convenient order collection and returns with no waiting.

    • Control essential supplies and inventory: Keep supplies stocked and secure, and always know who’s using what, when and where.

    • Get real-timevisibility and insights: Trajectory Cloud™ unifies your POS, e-commerce, loyalty programs and ERP systems to provide an integrated view of your enterprise. View customers across all channels and inventory across your organization. Visualize, track and share insights, trends and optimization opportunties.

    • Create a dazzling brand experience: Get creative with optional eye-catching colors and graphics to reinforce your brand and stand out in any environment.

  • Axcess 6800
    Automated lockers designed to deliver rugged outdoor versatility and 24/7 will-call and pickup. Mix and match compartment sizes to create hundred's of different configurations.

  • Outdoor solutions for no-wait order pick-up and returns

    Quick, Secure Access: Customers access their order compartment(s) with a unique pick-up code

    Optimal Compartment Sizes: A wide choice of configurations to accomodate many products and shelf heights

    Flexible Configurations: Add up to three satellite lockers to right and/or left of customer interface

    ADA-Compliant Design: Accessible customer interface includes a Braille display

    IP24 Rated: Resists rain, moisture and particle infiltration of 12.5 mm or larger

    Withstands Heat and Cold: Operates in temperatures from –10º F/–23º C* to 110º F/43º C with optional heater fan
    *Without heater fan: 40° F/4° C to 110° F/43° C

    Supports a Wide Range of User ID: Choose from barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity card or keypad entry

    Optional Front and Side Skirts: Provides a more streamlined appearance

    • Offer 24/7 e-commerce order pick-up and returns: Meet your customers’ needs 24/7 by providing convenient self-serve pick-up and returns. Optional automated data exchange with your POS or e-commerce system. 

    • Remote dispensing convenience: Keep supplies stocked and secure, and always know who’s using what, when and where.

    • Reusable asset check-out/check-in: Keep handheld devices and tools ready to work, keep track of who’s using them, and when they’re returned.

    • Create a dazzling brand experience: Get creative with optional eye-catching colors and graphics to reinforce your brand and stand out in any environment.

  • Axcess 2000.H
    Heated self-serve order pick-up station...

  • Heated, self-serve order pick-up station

    • Stainless steel, inner and outer body
    • Insulated for temperature stability and energy efficiency
    • Illuminated compartments for better visibility
    • Smooth interior covered corners for easier cleaning
    • LED indicator lights on either side of back doors to aid in compartment loading
    • Pull handles (2): on back side of the unit
    • Power cord cable management hooks on the back electrical panel

    • Aluminum construction
    • Casters: 3.5" radius swivel, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wheels, 1.25" wide, load capacity 250 lbs. each
    • Rear casters equipped with brakes
    • Removable caster trim cover on front

    Front Doors:
    • Seven electronically controlled compartment doors open and close automatically
    • Break beam safety feature on either side of doors to prevent closure during customer interaction with the compartments
    • Each compartment door has a tempered glass window

    Customer Visual Display (CVD):
    • 18" display located at the top of the front side of the unit
    • Displays compartment numbers and customer names
    • The names of customers whose orders are currently in the portal are displayed

    Customer User Interface (CUI):
    • 7" touchscreen located on the front of the unit
    • QR code reader mounted below the touchscreen
    • Touchscreen and reader are located at ADA compliant height
    • Customers can either scan a pickup QR code or enter the code using the onscreen keypad to collect their order from the portal

    Back Doors:
    • Two doors – upper door provides access to compartments (1-3) and lower door provides access to compartments (4-7)
    • Each door has an 18" stainless steel pull handle, self-closing hinges and tempered glass
    • NSF approved door gaskets

    Wire Rack Insert:
    • Seven stainless steel wire rack inserts
    • Racks removable for cleaning without tools

    Power Unit:
    • Top mounted
    • Heater: 1700 Watts
    • Thermostat: Electronic temperature control with digital temperature display on the back user interface
    • Heater Control Switch: On/Off rocker type switch
    • Power Cord: Permanent ~10 foot, twistlock plug (NEMA L5-20P)
    • 120 Volts, 60 Hz, single phase, 20 Amp

  • Flow-Thru™ 10,000
    Self-serve order pick-up lockers adding operational efficiencies and customer convenience...

  • Flow-Thru™ 10,000 Order Pick-Up Solutions

    Now takeout has a fast lane

    Give busy customers the speed they need. With the Apex Flow-Thru™ 10,000, they get fast self-serve pick-up powered by a two-sided design that ignites productivity and profits. 

    Two-sided modular construction for twice the efficiency

    • Orders load in back, customers pick-up in front
    • Flexible, modular configurations – countertop and floor models
    • Increases speed of service
    • Optimizes productivity
    • Ensures order security and privacy
    • Provides real-time order insights
    • Grows repeat business 

    Customers are choosing to-go orders more than ever. And when you make pick-up fast and easy, they’ll make you their first choice every time.

    • It’s fast X2
      • Open compartments in the back save employees valuable time. Up front, customers scan their code and take their order in seconds.
    • Put orders in the spotlight
      • Customizable LED lighting guides associates and customers to the right compartment, at the right time.
    • Tough, inside and out
      • The Flow-Thru is IP34-rated, spill-resistant, and designed for easy clean-up. Each compartment has a removable spill tray that’s dishwasher-safe.
    • Have it your way
      • Start with countertop or floor models, then select colors, trade dress andindicator lights. You can even add two-step pick-up for customer age verification.
    • Training is fast, too
      • Familiar, user-friendly controls mean quick training for your staff. And you can opt for full or partial integration with your existing kitchen and/or ordering systems.
    • Keeps an eye on freshness 
      • Set customizable order dwell time limitsso you can ensure customers get fresh, delicious quality every time. 
    • See the details (and the big picture) 
      • See real-time order and compartment data, and dive into trends like order pick-ups and dwell time, compartment availability and more. 

  • Axcess 6100
    Shallow-depth lockers ideal for managing reusable assets like iPads, hand-held scanners and radios with 24/7 visibility into who’s using which devices....

  • Shallow-depth lockers ideal for managing reusable assets

    Secure Access
    Control access based on job roles, departments, work orders and more

    Versatile Configurations
    Choose from 4 heights and any 6- and 3-door compartment combination to create your ideal dispensing solution

    Compact Footprint
    Shallow-depth design provides highdensity storage in minimal space

    Supports a Wide Range of User ID
    Choose from barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity card or keypad entry

    Keep Assets Charged
    Compartments can be wired to recharge devices so they’re always ready to work

    • Reduce loss and keep handheld devices and tools ready to work: Get 24/7 visibility into who’s using devices and tools, and where. Greater accountability protects your investment and minimizes loss and damage.

    • Automate alerts for service and loan periods: Set loan periods for various users and devices, and receive notifications when items are overdue.

    • Protect calibrated tools and instruments: Automate maintenance, service and calibration notifications to ensure they’re always working at peak performance. Maintain time-stamped documentation of service and calibration records for quality certification programs.