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Proactive Workforce Management. Schedule, Time & Attendance

"Schedule the work-life balance that hourly workers need and, in so doing, usher in higher productivity and far better employee retention” say the studies… but how to manage that level of flexibility and monitor the stringent labor-law adherence that has become necessary these days?

OpenSimSim was built for the job.  What’s more, we do it better for less.

Our award-winning employee scheduler is forever free of charge (no matter the number of employees or locations), and our integrated time & attendance and compliance module is fee-based at $2 per employee per month. 

Let us show you how our compliance is truly proactive.   Booth 251.

 Press Releases

  • Tech Simplifies Labor Law Adherence for Retail Managers  

    San Diego, CA – January 3, 2019 - Increasingly stringent labor laws throughout the U.S. continue to affect business processes for retailers, both large and small. To help these retailers maintain compliance and simplify management, OpenSimSim is debuting a new compliance module at this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) show.

    OpenSimSim, well known in the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries for its full-featured, award-winning workforce management software, has developed a compliance module that minimizes an employer’s exposure to violations of labor laws.  This is yet another tool from OpenSimSim that improves managers’ efficiency and gives them more time to attend to improving service and growing the business.

    San Diego business owner, George Georges, stung by labor laws that change by the minute, offers, “It’s all about making sure that everybody’s compliant.  I’m happy to pay the $2 per employee per month versus having issues in the long run.  We recommended this solution to other business owners, and they can’t wait to get started.”

    Chief Customer Success Officer for OpenSimSim, Eddie Starke, gives a chuckle as he explains the company’s approach to compliance, “We begin by writing schedules that are not out of compliance!  When our scheduler warns of compliance violations,” he continues, “the manager can address violations before schedules are published and sent to the employees.  This is proactive scheduling and it contributes significantly to smooth operations down the line.”

    OpenSimSim’s time and attendance with compliance work together to issue real-time reminders to managers and employees of upcoming breaks.  When compliance is not timely, both employee and manager are warned so that the matter can be rectified.

    “When work hours are flexible, it’s nearly impossible for a manager to make sure everyone’s being compliant with meal and rest breaks without technology helping out,” says Amir Dehbozorgi, owner of CDM Inc., "and OpenSimSim is giving us peace of mind.”

    OpenSimSim’s compliance is complete with disclaimers and waivers that pop up when necessary at the end of an employee’s shift.  At acceptance, these are stored in the event they’re needed by the company’s legal team.  And the system includes the ability to manage, track and report on training, licenses and professional development required by your workers.

    Let us show you how our compliance is truly proactive.  Booth 251.

    About OpenSimSim

    OpenSimSim creates very smart workforce management software that is especially useful to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries. The integrated components of the suite, scheduling, time & attendance and compliance, are designed to automate certain managerial tasks that are routine, labor-intensive and/or time-consuming (generally, the work that technology handles so very well and quickly) so that managers can turn more of their attention to the activities that increase and improve business.

    With customer success ever in mind, OpenSimSim software is engineered to improve employee retention and reduce exposure to lawsuits from labor violations, two big issues of the day.

    For additional information, visit https://opensimsim.com/.