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On-shelf availability is recognized as the # 1 problem for retailers and suppliers across the board. Out-of stocks cost the industry $500 billion annually - in lost sales, customer loyalty, replenishment costs and product waste. 
At OSA HP, we have developed the big data platform powered by machine learning models that solve the out-of-shelf issue in real-time. Since our proof of concept in 2016, we have helped major suppliers and retailers, including Fortune 500 companies, increase their sales by 5% and optimize their costs.

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  • OSA Hybrid Platform introduces it’s unique approach to solving current global retail problems to the world causing $100 billion in product waste and $1 trillion in sales losses annually. Given that the annual turnover of global TOP-250 retailers reaches $4.5 trillion, the working resolution mechanisms are the top demand for the industry today.

    Our initiatives employ cutting-edge technology engines that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning and supplement them with sharp image recognition and big data backing. By leveraging smart, self-learning technologies, we’re able to achieve considerable progress with supply and demand issues as well as enhance modern product security standards and enhance strategic planning for many companies. Precise and unbiased AI-driven product analysis, rooted in our data sensing operations and big data architecture, creates vast forecast opportunities which level the risks of contemporary retail.


    The key feature of our platform is the unparalleled real-time alert system which reacts to routine in-store flaws and corrects them in real time. The system empowers staff with an effective product availability management instrument, involving different employees through flexible product permissions. The smart alert system is more than a notification tool: it goes one step beyond, offering the best immediate solution to the recurring problem.


    While preparing product performance reports might be a challenge for some companies, OSA HP’s analytical engine is able to accurately identify the underlying reasons for declining sales and provide data slices for any period, brand or product in consideration.


    OSA HP gained popularity among large global brands, and today our partners and clients include Mars, Coca-Cola, Danone, Metro C&C, Nestle, L’Oreal, Efes, and Pepsico. Successful global pilot trials were conducted in 2016 and were followed by the continuing platform success within the twelve largest consumer markets in the world. The pilot results demonstrated a solid sales growth rate of over 5%, and provided each participating company with a clear insight into the reasons for out-of-stock issues.


    "We have launched the pilot for OSA's product, and we're extremely pleased. Upon our initial testing, we immediately saw the effectiveness of this service, and we believe that, once new chains and suppliers are added to the fold, the platform's efficacy will only continue to prove itself."
    Sergey Tsigichka
    Customer Service Development Manager


    "We have been participating in the OSA HP pilot for more than one year already. We're very pleased with the results. Combined with other tools, like image recognition, this online information coming from retail stores brings even greater value for us."
    Alexey Okhlopkov
    Sales Operations Manager



    “Shelf availability is a crucial problem which can be solved only with the help of innovative technologies, implemented by OSA.”

    Ekaterina Lihacheva

    Customer Development and Supply Chain Manager


    The latest platform upgrades brought a new approach to forecasting algorithms, focusing on the demand value of the recent past rather than on future demand. It allows for higher prediction quality since the estimates’ foundation is now backed by a greater amount of available data rather than approximate preliminary computations.


    OSA is moving towards global platform expansion and is now ready to scale its services to the United States and Asia. We’re cooperating with professionals whose expertise, as well as the story of success within the retail industry, speaks for itself.


    “Using technology to drive results for the consumer, to make things better for consumers, is the main reason I have joined OSA HP. Their direction on collaboration, using artificial intelligence that actually tells the customers what they want before they even know they want it. Being able to use systemic ways to drive consumer response to products is very innovative and creative within a company. It has always been very important for me to eliminate conflict and actually move towards more collaboration. In fact, if the supplier and the retailer together are able to deliver product to the consumer at a lower price, they win. You’re the the consumer’s choice, the place they spend money.”
    Don Swann
    Retired Vice President of Walmart and OSA HP Advisor


    “The key innovations that I believe in are things like artificial intelligence, things like virtual reality, things like image recognition. Things that would make my world a lot easier to understand and cooler for me, so I don’t have to be a computer engineer to figure out how to make this easy. I want it presented to me, so I can make the right decisions. I want virtual reality. I want augmented reality. I want artificial intelligence, but I don’t want it to stand out like that. I just want it presented to me so that it’s easy, so I put my phone up to a label and the information comes up. That’s the kind of thing I want, and that’s the kind of thing OSA has to offer, and the thing is, it’s not tomorrow’s news, it’s today’s.”

    Gary Fowler

    Award-winning senior level executive with 25+ years of leadership experience and OSA HP CEO and Co-Founder

    Today, OSA brings its creation to NRF 2019 Retail’s Big Show and dares to make the first step towards the US consumer market, bringing along the experience and knowledge gained so far.


    Learn more about OSA HP at https://osahp.com/


  • OSA Hybrid Platform
    OSA Hybrid Platform is an AI-driven and industry proven platform that solves on-shelf product availability issues in real time and provides immediate actions to drive availability, sales and store labor....

  • OSA Hybrid Platform embodies the proactive stand of retail professionals aimed at eliminating the pressing issues within the industry. The technological background of the platform benefits from the latest advancements in such areas as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The efficient self-learning algorithms, relying on big data architecture, are supplemented by data sensing operations aimed at timely detection of possible product issues as well as their earliest possible rectification. Sharp image recognition and user-friendly interface create the impression of management simplicity, while the scale of handled problems strikes even the most critical audience.

    The key distinguishing feature of the platform is the unique real-time product alert system. Facing in-store product insufficiencies, the tool processes the given product images, identifies the root cause of an issue and suggests its optimal solution. The real-time alert notifications empower staff with an ability to make amendments within the shortest period after the problem has been detected. For senior employees, the platform offers comprehensive product reports with numerous possible formats regarding the needed data slices. In terms of strategic planning, OSA HP is a valuable asset, able to predict probable product tendencies and consumer response, as well as provide helpful advice based on retrospective product issues .  The platform designed with high health security standards in mind actively challenges the cases of product wastes and counterfeits.

    By promoting a deeper level of involvement from all field players, OSA’s solution brings cooperation among retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to the forefront. The ultimate goal of the platform’s implementation is in ensuring the highest possible product quality at the lowest possible price and a minimum of collateral damage so that consumers can buy safely and joyfully, while retailers increase their revenues.

    In the modern world of retail, the industry faces numerous threats posed by uninhibited product assortment growth, often at the cost of product quality. The problem of out-of-stock products tops the list of retail challenges, and despite its seemingly obvious nature, there have been no effective ways of its settlement before OSA’s emergence. The scale of the problem reaches $1 trillion in sales losses annually. The problem of wasted products, though, costs as much as $100 billion annually, posing a severe threat to global healthcare and the environment. No easy solution can correct all wrongs; that’s why OSA HP employs the complex approach, using the combination of complicated and efficient technological tools yet freeing the users from the enclosed multiplicity by the friendly and intuitive interface. While our system removes the pain of product data analysis and assessment, you and your staff can enjoy the benefits of the all-encompassing knowledge and make important product decisions driving your business.

    Online retail steps on the toes of traditional retail, and while there are no traditional ways of improving the product management landscape, the latest technological solutions can give an edge to those ready to embrace the opportunities of the new day.