Pick 'n' Watch

Sunnyvale,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 7137

Would you like to boost your sales? 

Just placing products on the shelf is not enough in the age of Amazon. You need to amaze and engage shoppers at the exact moment they touch to your products! Come to see how patented innovation of Pick’n’Watch™ increase in-store sales and measure marketing success

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  • Pick 'n' Watch™
    Pick 'n' Watch's patented technology helps you to increase sales by showing promo video, reviews and deals at the exact moment customers touch the product....

    • Catch Digital Transformation Trend

    • Add more FUN in-Stores

    • Increase Sales 10%

    • Connect Offline to Online

    • Reduce Labor Costs

    • Make your associates' job easier

    • Analyze In-store shopper-product interactions

    • Check the Reviews easily! when picking up the products.
    • Right video at the right time

    • Personalized Shopping Experience

    • Engage Shoppers

    • Increase your sales by 30%

    • Online Content Management & Analytic Reports

    Pick ‘n’ Watch™ Offline to Online Objective Analysis

    • How many times shoppers touched my products and how many of them converted to sales? (Conversion Rates)

    • In which stores my products get the most interest?

    • Which products get the most interaction?

    • Which campaigns are more effective to increase customer engagement?

    • Product A/B Testing. Which location is better? Is the pricing good for this product?