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Montreal,  QC 
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Full Insights into Shopper Analytics

Prodco Retail Analytics delivers a comprehensive analysis platform that highlights where opportunities for improvement exist and helps your stores reach their real performance potential. Our retail performance solution delivers a deeper understanding of shopper behavior with real-time analytics for all levels of the operations and marketing team.

Established in 1995, Prodco has become a global leader in retail shopper behavior analytics. We partner with leading retail organizations to help measure in-store opportunities, align sales staff to optimize service levels, and benchmark their performance against segment specific consumer traffic trends.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Toronto, ON, Virginia, USA and London, UK, as well as local certified solution partners in 42 countries.


  • Prostore™ Retail Analytics App and Portal
    An industry leading analytics app and reporting portal that enables retailers to gain insights into shopper behavior and discover where opportunities for improvement exists....

  • Prostore™ is designed from the perspective of the retailer and is tailored to their function within the organization. Each management level has access to dedicated dashboards and reports specific to their function; store manager, district/regional manager, and executives.

    Prostore™ eliminates the need for printed reports as it puts all data at retailers’ fingertips with unique export options such as export link, screenshot, and export report. The portal is tablet and mobile ready for maximum mobility, making accessing data on the sales floor or while on the road easy.

    Combined with Prodco’s Retail Traffic Index, retailers can compare their store traffic with regional consumer traffic to benchmark their performance against regional trends.

  • Prodco Retail Traffic Index (RTI)
    The Prodco Retail Traffic Index (RTI) is a benchmark report on consumer traffic trends across North America....

  • Prodco’s retail traffic index is a benchmarking tool that provides week-over-week and year-over-year consumer traffic trend analysis by segment at the regional and national levels.

    The reports provide retail executives and industry analysts insightinto the number of consumer visits within the retail industry on a weekly and monthly basis by retail segment.

    The RTI data includes 70+ million weekly shopping visits analyzed across all non-food retail locations. It offers insights into:

    • Understand what share of traffic your stores are getting
    • Compare your performance on a regional and national level by segment
    • Segments include Total Retail, Lifestyle Apparel, Luxury and Wireless & Electronics
    • Benchmarking data is made available within our Prostore reporting suite for benchmarking
  • WI-15 Wi-Fi Node
    Wi-Fi nodes that passively track customer journeys throughout the store by anonymously detecting the "pings" given off by mobile phones. These pings include the phone's anonymous device ID, signal strength, and other non‐personal identifiable information....

  • Gain insights into shopper behavior and better understand how customers move within the stores. Using these additional metrics, retailers can make smarter selling decisions by adjusting their merchandise mix, assigning sales labor to meet traffic demand by zone, understanding shopper intent, and allowing optimization of store layouts for improved customer experience.

    Advanced analytics KPIs include;

    • Passer-by traffic
    • Capture rate
    • Average shopping visit
    • Engagement and bounce rates
    • First and repeat visits
    • Visitor frequency
    • Visitor recency (time between visits)
    • Complete consumer path from entry to exit
    • Visitor heatmaps
  • PC-3DR Stereoscopic Traffic Camera
    3D Stereoscopic traffic counting camera with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking technology...

  • PC-3DR™ stereoscopic camera leverages high speed 3D video processing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to accurately count shoppers entering and exiting a store, track their shopping journey throughout their visit, and removes sales staff from the total count when combined with our low energy Bluetooth FOBs.