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Freiburg i. Br.,  Baden-Wuerttemberg 
  • Booth: 4545

Pyramid, No. 1 globally @ big screen order kiosks!

Since 30 years Pyramid manufactures high performance computer systems with its factories in Germany and Taiwan and sales offices in Germany, UK and North America.
Opposite to most kiosk manufacturers, Pyramid builds its own PC technology and touch screens. This high level of component manufacturing enables us to create very slim and elegant, highly integrated, designs, still remaining extremely flexible and easy to maintain. Our screen focus sizes are 24" and 32" and the Pyramid “polytouch®” named kiosk designs are successful in Europe in retail (Marks & Spencer), hospitality and QSRs. As an example in the US, Pyramid ticket transaction kiosks are in use at AMC Theatres.
Standard and custom Pyramid polytouch® kiosk solutions are sold via OEM or sales partners, as a bespoke work.
We also offer a high accuracy real-time locating system (RTLS), named ATON. The system can locate precisely the position of a person or device in any indoor environment by installing sensors on the ceilings.

 Press Releases

  • Leonding, New York: At this year’s NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York City – a key event in retail every year – NTS Retail and Pyramid Computer will be showcasing two innovative self-service prototypes, specifically developed for consultation-driven retail.

    Both systems have been designed as interactive kiosk solutions and serve to enhance the experience at different stages of the customer journey: Efficient customer service operations thanks to smart queue management and self-service workflows for typical telco scenarios, such as purchasing a prepaid SIM card.

    Thanks to NTS self-service, customers are able to top up prepaid plans, pay bills or purchase vouchers autonomously right at the kiosk. For the presentation at NRF 2019, a SIM card dispenser has been added to complete the picture. Additionally, the customer’s ID (e.g. a passport) can be scanned automatically using a document scanner. This way, the complete onboarding process for new customers can be performed autonomously using a self-service touch interface. Service can thus be provided outside of store hours or in high-traffic environments like airports or train stations.

    The queue management solution NTS welcome manager enables smooth store operations by setting smart priorities. Visitors can select a consultation topic (e.g. new subscriptions), enter their name and take a picture. The consultants can then call them up personally and address their needs right away. The showcased solution introduces a token dispenser to replace paper tickets.

    The small, puck-shaped receivers are highly portable and vibrate as soon as it’s the customers turn. The tokens are distributed at the kiosk and the system handles the notification process automatically.

    The hardware required to create these prototypes was provided by the Freiburg based company Pyramid Computer – a leader in innovative self-service IT solutions. Together, Pyramid Computer and NTS Retail will be demonstrating the results of their cooperation at NRF 2019 from January 13-15.

    At NRF: booth #4545, hall 3A

  • Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), the global leader in seamless payment, and Pyramid, leading integrator and kiosk solution provider, today announced their partnership for the distribution of Think&Go connected kiosks. These combine Ingenico’s expertise in secure payment acceptance and Pyramid’s know-how in kiosk design.

    Connected objects have followed an exponential growth over the past few years worldwide and multiplied potential interactions between consumers and brands. Connected screens, especially, bring along new opportunities for retailers. DOOH displays featuring contactless payment acceptance, they form a new sales channel - screen commerce, which complements businesses’ traditional online, mobile and in-store operations. Present in the street, in public places or in-store, connected screens contribute to the digitalization of the physical world and create a ubiquitous shopping experience. These can serve as points of sale prompting impulse purchases, as well as interactive digital signage supporting loyalty programmes and electronic coupon schemes, to increase footfall in-store.

    Ingenico and Pyramid have joined forces to produce the ultimate connected kiosk, suitable for large-scale roll-outs, offering a seamless consumer experience, and addressing numerous retail use cases and verticals. How does it work? This Think&Go solution builds on a Pyramid touchscreen and an inner layer of Ingenico readers integrated behind the touch panel. The screen, therefore, supports interactions or transactions made with all NFC devices consumers have at hand nowadays, including NFC bank cards, smartphones, travel cards, ID cards, loyalty cards. One of the kiosk’s distinctive features is the capacity to offer several amounts and several products simultaneously. It only takes a single tap of an NFC bank card or wallet on the selected product zone to complete a purchase.

    Given the NFC payment limit in many countries, this Think&Go kiosk is particularly suited to quick-serving restaurants (QSR) and cinemas, for self-ordering and booking purposes. However, it can be tailored to all sorts of retail needs and verticals, using its software development kit (SDK). Ingenico and Pyramid will demonstrate some of these use cases - including loyalty programme enrolment, lottery ticket sale and e-coupon schemes - at NRF on their respective booth (Ingenico booth 2137, Pyramid 4545).

    ‘We are pleased with this very fruitful partnership with Pyramid. Their superb and truly seamless integration of our NFC payment acceptance technology into their interactive kiosks is a first. This bodes well for the development of payment acceptance across existing screen estates.’ said Michel Léger, EVP Innovation at Ingenico Group. ‘We take pride in enabling Pyramid to enhance their product offer with a connected kiosk that creates new consumer experiences and helps retailers grow their business.’

    ‘With its track record in integrating payment into IoT, Ingenico was a natural partner for Pyramid.’ said Patrick Hagemeister, International Account Director at Pyramid. ‘We were excited to discover how simple it was to add NFC payment acceptance to our screens, with the Think&Go solution developed by Ingenico. And we are looking forward to serving many industries together.’

    To learn more about this Think&Go kiosk, come visit us at NRF in New York on 13-15 January 2019 and speak to one of our experts. You will find Ingenico on booth 2137 and Pyramid on booth 4545.


  • ATON - locate | analyse | interact
    Indoor positioning for enhanced service & better control...

  • With ATON, Pyramid is introducing an unparalleled, highly accurate RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) for Hospitality and Retail. ATON and its hard- and software components enable your organization to introduce location relevant services and statistics. Intelligent queuing, order management and comfort services like wayfinding make customers feel better and innovates your business. Unlike other Bluetooth BLE based beaconing solutions, ATON measure exact location of a smartphone or IoT devices by angle which results in a 10 inch positioning accuracy.
  • polytouch® 32 curve
    The most elegant appearance for a virtual store enlargement

  • The stand-alone-terminal, polytouch® 32 curve, has a space saving, elegant and ergonomic design for a comfortable operation. Despite to its small footprint, the pedestal provides a secure and stable platform to present content optimally even in the case of limited floor space. The cable duct runs through the stele hiding any cables for power and data. Its 32" Full HD touch screen in portrait mode is based on the PCAP technology with up to 10 simultaneously detected touch points. Pyramids’ PC-Box with its snap-in technology is - invisible and protected by a flap – fixed behind the display. Thanks to Intel® CoreTM i3-i7 processors and almost freely configurable hardware, it offers incredible performance. The PC-Box communicates with the touch screen via a single connector and supplies the screen with power.
    The special features are the various peripheral modules, such as USB port, camera, built-in microphone, 2D barcode-scanner or NFC reader, which can be placed in the display’s frame. An additional thermal printer as well as a scanner can be also installed directly under the display.
    To make the kiosk visually unique, the frame can be covered with a wood panelling and/or the inlays of the pedestal can be equipped with LEDs.

  • polytouch® 32 passport
    The modular self-service kiosk with space-saving design

  • The bespoke order terminal, polytouch® 32 passport, can be equipped with a thermal printer, 2D scanner, chip & pin payment device, NFC reader and an automatic puck or SIM card dispenser.
    The small footprint and the minimal installation depth as well as its various mounting options (wall-mount / single or double version on a pedestal) of the self-service kiosk allows flexible use. Each kiosk solution is unique and will be built to customers’ requirements, coordinating perfectly with its brand design, and with all necessary security certificates and approvals.
    Another key feature of this self-order terminal is the unique plug & play PC-Box, which requires only one cable for the entire system. The video signal reaches the screen via a plug-in card, which eliminates the need for additional cabling at this point. The configurable PC-Box can be equipped with Intel® Core™ i3-i7 processors. To make the order kiosk visually unique, it can be covered with a wood panelling.
  • polytouch® 32 classic
    The browse and order kiosk for in-store commerce...

  • polytouch® 32 classic is an easily expandable all-in-one kiosk for in-store commerce with a 32" multitouch Full HD screen. Thanks to the patent-pending Quick Mounting System (QMS) the installed hardware peripherals can be easily replaced. Depending on customers’ needs a 80x80 mm thermal printer, a 2D barcode scanner, a magnetic card reader, an EFT payment device, RFID/NFC reader or loudspeaker can be installed on the left and right side.
    A programmable LED user guidance system can be integrated as an option to support the user as well. A customizable LED lettering on the side panels in makes this kiosk unique.
    These 32" kiosk systems give customers access to a greater array of products at the touch of a finger. The multichannel solution is the ideal platform for interactive applications that offers an innovative and interactive customer experience.
    The all-in-one multitouch kiosk systems enabels retailers to configure and adapt their own individual solution quickly and easily based on customer search information and purchasing.
  • polytouch® interactive mirror
    Innovative services for consumers and valuable insights into customer preferences...

  • The polytouch® interactive mirror impresses with its flat and elegant design. Beneath the semi-transparent surface is the heart of the mirror, the interactive 32" PCAP touchscreen with an integrated PC-Box. The touchscreen allows the customer to ask for another size or colour without having to leave the fitting room, and by recommending complementary products for cross-selling purposes, it also provides quick access to information about the products in the store, available models and sizes. During the try on, the mirror recommends suitable complements and accessories.
    Customers can request store assistants (Help-Button) to bring other items and/or sizes into the dressing room, thereby making it easy and time efficient for customers to make their choice. If wanted customers can create a personal profile recording their choices and save them for future visits.
    Should the buyer not be ready to make the purchase on-site, he can choose to receive information about the product to his mobile phone. For a fashion retailer, a fitting room is the key touchpoint of converting customers into buyers. Therefore, a fitting room is the best place to collect data about how a customer interacts with the products. The smart fitting room will tell the retailer exactly how many items the customer tried on and how many he finally bought. It will track a customer’s purchase history in the given store or chain and will accurately calculate the conversion rate.