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A Complete In-Store Marketing Solution for Retailers!

More than a Sign & Label Program...

It's a Complete In-Store Marketing Solution!

RTI has been providing retailers with sign and label printing solutions for over 30 years. Our groundbreaking sign and label printing program, DESIGN-R-LABELS, combined with our sign and label media, printers, and supplies gives retailers everything needed to create engaging shelf-edge signage and product labels. The advanced automation capabilities of the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software and hardware combined, with sign and label media engineered especially for retailers will help you increase productivity, lower operational costs, and improve your image. Which makes it not just a sign and label printing program, but a complete in-store marketing solution! Totally integrated and data-driven, the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software, hardware, and shelf media will eliminate countless human errors and save hours of wasted time designing signs and labels and managing printers. Now, with a just a few clicks of the mouse, you can print bold eye-catching signage and shelf-edge labels in the office, store, and/or in the aisle with RTI’s complete in-store marketing solution!


  • RTI PowerCart
    The next step to achieve ultimate efficiency is the RTI PowerCart. It allows associates to print at the point of need, while never leaving the sales floor. Don’t let rising minimum wages threaten your business. Reduce labor costs with an RTI PowerCart!...

  • Achieve Ultimate Efficiency in 2019 

    Combat Rising Labor Costs!

    As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are looking for more ways to drive costs out of their operations, without sacrificing customer service or employee satisfaction.  Printing shelf labels, shelf talkers, and signage in the aisle, at the point of need, will accomplish both of these tasks.  Printing in the aisle eliminates wasted steps, and keeps personnel on the floor, so they are available for customer service.

    Retail associates around the world are wasting countless hours walking back and forth from the aisles to the back office to print signs and/or labels, with many distractions along the way that can result in costly mistakes or even accidents. The RTI PowerCart allows associates to print at the point of need, while never leaving the sales floor unattended.

    Over time, inefficient printing procedures will cost retailers thousands of hours of lost productivity, and be the reason for countless mistakes. RTI will help you win the battle of inefficiency and take control of the rising cost of labor that threatens today’s retailers with the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software and hardware.

    N-AISLE PRINTING and the RTI POWERCART, combined with the advanced automation capabilities of DESIGN-R-LABELS allow retailers to increase productivity, reduce waste, and stimulate sales. In addition to improving customer service and employee satisfaction!

    The leading software that enables retailers to create engaging in-store signs & labels with accuracy and ease. The advanced automation capabilities of DRL will reduce waste & increase productivity, while the design features enhance the customer experience...

  • More than just a Sign & Label Program for Retailers

    It's a Complete In-Store Marketing Solution!

    Get ready to take your in-store marketing and shelf-edge advertising to new levels and watch your bottom line grow!

    DESIGN-R-LABELS  is the cornerstone of the complete in-store marketing solution and for printing signage and labels with ultimate efficiency. The Import Engine has the ability to read data from more than forty POS Scanning systems and Back-Room/DSD applications plus, the capability to read data from ASCII and ODBC compliant data files. This ensures that DESIGN-R-LABELS will be compatible for years to come.  With several software versions to choose from, there’s something for retailers of all sizes. From DESIGN-R-LABELS for Independents and DESIGN-R-LABELS Store Edition for single store operations and small chains to DESIGN-R-LABELS Home Office for larger chains with a corporate headquarters, there’s DRL software that’s right for you! 

    Advanced Automation | Reduce Waste & Increase Productivity

    • Intelligent Templates
    • Unit Price Calculations
    • Product Price Comparison
    • Create 1D and 2D Barcodes
    • Manage and Control Print Jobs
    • Print in Planogram Order
    • Multi-level Username Password Control
  • N-Aisle Printing
    Over time, inefficient printing procedures will cost retailers thousands of hours of lost productivity. The RTI N-Aisle Printing Solution driven by DRL allows retailers to reduce operational costs & improve workflow by printing signs & labels in the aisle...

  • N-AISLE PRINTING combined with the advanced automation capabilities of DESIGN-R-LABELS brings a high level of efficiency to printing replacement shelf labels and shelf talkers, allowing retailers to increase productivity, reduce waste, and stimulate sales.

    With the introduction of wearable mobile printers and handheld PDA computers, retailers finally have a solution to printing replacement tags and talkers without wasting an entire sheet of labels. However, mobile printers alone, without the proper software to drive them, have limited capabilities when it comes to graphics, fonts, sizing, and spacing. This makes duplicating labels printed with conventional laser printers virtually impossible. As a solution to this problem, many retailers resort to printing a temporary tag in the aisle and then come back later to replace it with a permanent label printed with a laser printer. This “band-aid” method not only creates a new inefficiency, but it also disrupts continuity and the overall look and feel of quality in your store. DESIGN-R-LABELS with the N-AISLE PRINTING option is the solution that retailers around the world have been seeking. No more need for the temporary “band-aid” tag!

    Unlike the proprietary software that comes with mobile printers, DESIGN-R-LABELS and N-AISLE PRINTING can use any font, font size, barcode size, and formatting rules to provide a label that looks identical to labels that are printed on a laser printer. “Belt or Hip” printers print “temporary” shelf tags that require you at some point to, locate the item again and hang a permanent tag, which eliminates much of the labor savings. The tags printed with the N-Aisle Printer will have virtually the same shelf life as tags printed by your laser printer.

    As part of the RTI complete in-store marketing solution and for further convenience to our retailers, we have several options of thermal labels with matching sheet labels stocked and ready to be shipped today.  You can view our complete inventory of Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer labels for desktop and mobile printers, as well as standard sign stock, labels, shelf talkers, and laser printer consumables at www.rtiSigns.com.

  • Printers & Consumables
    Color & Monochrome Laser Class Printers | Desktop & Mobile Thermal Roll-Fed Printers | Plotters | OEM & Compatible Toners and other Consumables...

  • In order to supply RTI end users with a complete in-store marketing solution, all of the printers and consumables sold by RTI go through rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with all the types of media that we sell. RTI products were engineered to work together from software to shelf-edge!

    Laser Class Printers: The DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software is compatible with most all monochrome and color laser printers. However, choosing a laser printer that is compatible with heavy materials like sign and label stock can be tricky. You can avoid a potential disaster by purchasing your laser printer, toner, and media from RTI.

    Desktop Thermal Printers: Desktop Thermal Printers are cost-efficient, low maintenance roll-fed printers that enable retailers to print a single label or tag without wasting an entire sheet of conventional labels. Available in Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Speak to an RTI specialist to find out which is best suited for your business.

    Mobile Thermal Printers: Mobile printers can be a powerful tool for retailers looking to drive down labor costs. These wearable, printers allow you to eliminate wasted steps by printing at the point of need. They can be worn clipped to a belt or strap for easy, convenient access. Take your printing to the point of need with a mobile printer used in conjunction with N-AISLE PRINTING and DESIGN-R-LABELS and you will be well on your way to achieving ultimate efficiency

    Plotters: Window signs and banners are a great way to advertise your sales and specials to your customers. DESIGN-R-LABELS with LARGEformat and a Plotter is all you will need to create great looking poster size signs and/or banners that will draw your customers in.

    Consumables & Other Printer Supplies: RTI is committed to keeping the cost of consumables as low as possible without sacrificing quality for our retailers. We offer a variety of low-cost OKI Data and Lexmark OEM consumables as well as several Lexmark Compatible Toners. All Lexmark compatible toner cartridges are new, never recycled or refilled, and are 100% legal and Lexmark IP compliant. All of our Lexmark Compatible toners include a retail sign and label wiper assembly kit, especially for retailers printing large volumes of in-store signage and shelf-labels. 

  • In-Store Signage & Labels
    We supply in-store shelf-edge media to retailers around the world, both large and small. Whether you are looking to design something new from scratch, or you are just looking to save a little money on your current media, our team of professionals can help...

  • Signs, Labels, and Shelf Talkers, Oh My!

    Studies show that on average, one additional sign results in a 4.75% annual sales increase. By enhancing your shelf-edge signage with colorful graphics or additional product information such as nutritional facts or product pairings your customers are 68% more likely to make the decision to purchase a product. Whether you choose from our pre-designed stock signage or decide to go with something completely custom, RTI and DESIGN-R-LABELS can help you take your signage up a notch and grow your bottom line!

    Custom in-store media is a great way to promote your brand and image. Set your store apart from the competition with your company logo, slogan, and/or anything you can imagine! Our full-service production team can replicate or reproduce just about anything, or we can help you create something completely custom from scratch. If you can dream it, we can print it! To see a few RTI custom examples CLICK HERE

    We also offer a wide variety of ready-to-ship cardstock signage, shelf talkers and labels produced from several types of materials. Including our Eco-Friendly vinyl alternative. Our Eco-Friendly Composite Material labels and shelf talkers are gaining popularity with socially responsible retailers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Retailers who switch from using vinyl labels and shelf talkers reduce their plastic waste by 80%! All of our labels are produced with a removable adhesive for easier removal with very little, or no sticky residue. You can purchase any of our ready-to-ship media at www.rtiSigns.com.