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Multilocal Advertising technology - AI-driven SaaS platform

As consumers are moving online, we believe that physical stores have to step up in the digital dialogue.

ARMIS enables physical retailers to do local advertising at scale with an AI-powered SaaS platform based on an innovative technology called “multilocal advertising”.

This platform allows physical shops to grow in-store traffic using digital media, and therefore compete efficiently with the likes of Amazon while leveraging their most powerful assets : brands and brick-and-mortar stores.

ARMIS was founded in 2016 through the mix of expertise in Adtech and Retail from David Baranes, ex VP Market Development at AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, and Dan Gomplewicz, ex Director of Strategy & Innovation at E.Leclerc, France’s largest retailer.

Its unique technology combines geolocation, programmatic and big data / machine learning.


  • Multilocal Advertising
    The Multilocal Advertising technology created by ARMIS is giving retailers weapons to struggle against the empowerment of e-commerce pureplayers such as Amazon. It allows shops to fully unleash the power of Internet and to increase their digital exposure....

  • The Multilocal advertising technology developed by ARMIS is AI-driven. It leverages the latest technology breakthroughs in geotargeting, programmatic buying and machine learning to create FLAI - Fast Learning AI – the artificial intelligence behind ARMIS.


    This learning algorithm can optimized automatically ad buying at the local level for every single shop across all possible dimensions, selecting the best product, the best device, the best hour of the day, the best profile, the best media platform and the best areas around the shops.


    ARMIS SaaS platform converts retailers sales operations into online ads all over the internet. It starts with the content of a communication event and transform it into a digitalized product feed used for ads generation. Then, ARMIS creates ads for the whole product offering across all digital platforms and all devices.


    The AI-driven Multilocal Advertising technology created by ARMIS is empowering retailers to fight back the pure players upturn such as Amazon. It allows shops to fully unleash the power of the Internet and to increase their digital exposure.


    We are working with 25 big retailers and international brands and knowing a pure hyper growth period. the Multilocal Advertising Technology powered by ARMIS is delivering high-quality KPI's that outperform traditional digital advertising methods and strategies.