RIoT Insight

Seattle,  WA 
United States
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Boost your store inventory accuracy with RFID today!

RIoT Insight is a provider of modern RFID store inventory managment solutions. Whether On-Prem or Cloud, we've got you covered. RFID doesn't need to be costly or complicated, and we are here to show you how!

Retail is about engaging the customer on their terms, enabling them to buy anywhere and fulfill anywhere. Now, more than ever before, access to real-time store inventory is critical to successfully support buy online and leverage stores as fulfillment centers, whether as pickup locations, or simply ship to customer. The more accurate the store inventory, the more successful a retailer will be in delivering the best customer experience possible.

Come visit us to learn how RFID-based store inventory can take your accuracy levels to the upper limits, seamlessly plug into your existing store landscape and elevate your omnichannel customer order management execution capabilities.

The time is now. Come see us at HP's booth # 3055.


  • RFID Store Inventory
    RIoT is a bolt-on RFID store solution that enables 99%+ inventory accuracy to drive omnichannel sales and a great customer experience. RIoT is economically disruptive, installs quickly and integrates with your existing systems....

  • RIoT deploys centrally from the cloud or on-prem, providing a continuously updated ledger of inventory by location/store. The RIoT inventory API scales to thousands of stores and millions of SKUs and can be integrated with any existing digital, OMS and ERP solutions. In addition, the RIoT Insight dashboard empowers real-time inventory analysis, decision making and visualization.

    In the store, the RIoT platform supports both handheld and overhead RFID readers and sensors, offering a range of simple to deploy and use solutions. RIoT integrates with your existing POS as a basis for checking and maintaining accuracy between scans. As a result, the operational and compliance burden is minimized, allowing rapid deployment to your stores, speeding time to benefit.

    With RIoT, your merchandise does not have to be source marked with RFID tags. Instore tagging solutions are included to facilitate fast initial implementation - most store formats can be tagged just prior to opening.

    After years of economically not making sense, RFID is ready for prime time in the store. Recent advances in sensor technology, reductions in RFID tagging costs, and RIoT’s disruptive bolt-on technology have made RFID an essential platform for omnichannel retailers. 

    This is happening.  Come see what we’re doing right now with leading retailers and brands around the world.  Visit us at HP’s booth 3055!