Royal Sovereign

Rockleigh,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 1429

Royal Sovereign has been a pioneer in cash management solutions for over 17 years. Located at booth number 1429, Royal Sovereign will be demonstrating solutions through its cash management product line: Smart Safe, Counterfeit Detectors, Cash Counters, and Coin Counting solutions.  

Offering a wide variety of counterfeit detectors, Royal Sovereign’s anti-counterfeit solutions help businesses avoid acceptance of counterfeit currency to decrease loss at the counter. Equipped with counterfeit detection, bill counters are the perfect solution for high-volume cash industries (banks, casinos, nightclubs).


  • Royal Sovereign Safe Cash Collect
    Automated Cash Deposit System...

  • The brand-new Royal Sovereign Safe Cash Collect solution is a secure containment that combines a sealed tamper evident cash bagging system with live data and reporting software. Safe Cash Collect utilizes hyperspectral imaging, which is the latest and most secure validation technology in its class! The tamper evident bags are automatically uniquely barcoded providing full audit traceability. This will reduce, if not eliminate shrinkage at the POS, and increase productivity while greatly reducing the cost of handling cash.

    This safe is compatible with a ‘Live Collect’ software, which management can access that provides data and reporting detailing cash activity for real time monitoring of all locations. This allows for more efficient planning of collections by CIT, as well as allowing for quick and easy remote updates.

    The Safe Cash Collect Solution gives a cash intensive operation such as Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Cannabis Dispensaries, Fast Food Restaurants, Department Stores, and Dollar Stores the ability to utilize technology in conjunction with the POS that was only reserved for much more expensive and dependent currency recyclers.

    The return on investment is extremely fast and can be easily justified by:

    1. No more counterfeit bills passing through creating lost revenue and increasing back office manhours.
    2. Securing the cash, deterring robbery, and protecting employees as they will have no access to the cash.
    3. Increase the control of cash flow and the cash cycle.
    4. Greatly reduces the need to count cash, while increasing productivity.
    5. Potential for provisional credit for deposits.
    6. Reduce the amount of CIT pickups, as well as other less tangible benefits.
  • Royal Sovereign Bill Counter with Value Counting
    Royal Sovereign’s RBC-4500 value counting bill counter is equipped with high-end features that are great for any size business! The RBC-4500 will allow your business and organization to quickly, efficiently, and accurately count and organize cash....

  • Value Counting

    The RBC-4500 gives the user the added ability to track the cumulative value of the currency counted. Simply select the dollar denomination for each stack prior to counting. When all stacks are complete, the RBC-4500 provides the total number of bills and values of each denomination along with a grand total amount. Let this money counting machine do the math for you!

    Fast Operation

    Counting by hand can be a tiresome task. Equipped with a fast bill counting speed, the RBC-4500 counts over 1,400 bills per minute saving you and your business time and effort. No more strenuous counting by hand that takes you away from your business!

    Count More Cash At Once

    This convenient large hopper can hold up to 300 bills. This allows the user to count more cash at once with fewer interruptions. Also, the RBC-4500 is a front loading machine. Front load hoppers are more user-friendly, as the bill stacks do not have to be as neatly stacked together.

    Maximum Security

    The RBC-4500 is equipped with 3 Phase dynamic counterfeit detection that checks the bill for Ultraviolet markings, Magnetic Ink, and Infrared security features. This means that when the machine is turned on, it will verify every bill that goes through for these security features. If a counterfeit note shall arise, the machine will stop and alert the user with an error code. For fast, easy defense against counterfeit money, the RBC-4500 will help protect your business against fraud.

  • Royal Sovereign Quick Scan Detector
    Royal Sovereign's RCD-3120 features instant currency verification that saves your business and organization from counterfeiters. The RCD-3120 verifies US Currency through instant scanned readings....

  • Maximum Security

    The RCD-3120 ensures that every note you accept and put through the machine is being verified by the highest levels of protection. This machine is equipped with 6Phase Detection levels: UV, MG, IR, Imaging, Paper Quality, and Size & Thickness. This high security machine ensures that every bill is verified efficiently and accurately. Reject suspicious bills and reduce financial loss immediately.

    Instant Results

    Counterfeit detectors need to be quick and easy for the user to keep the line moving at the cash register. This model provides the user with immediate results. Simply insert the bill into the currency feed and instantly see the results. This easy-to-use solution is a must-have for any business looking to protect themselves from financial loss.

    Dual Purpose Solution

    The RCD-3120 serves as a bill counter as well as a counterfeit detector. This machine can keep a running record of the total count and value of the bills by denomination. A 2-in-1 solution that provides a detailed count report for record keeping and for verifying currency at the same time. 

    Compact Design

    Tired of large, bulky counterfeit detectors taking up space near the register? With its compact and portable design, the RCD-3120 can fit perfectly next to a register or cash handling machine. Optimize space next to a register with this high-quality solution.

  • Royal Sovereign Four Row Coin Counter
    Royal Sovereign’s FS-44P four row coin counter is equipped with high-end features that are great for any size business! The FS-44P is an easy transition to converting loose change into cash!...

  • Hands-Free Operation

    One of the most innovative features on the market, the FS-44P offers the user hands-free operation. Once the machine detects a tube is filled to its capacity, the sorting will stop, the tube will advance forward, and the FS-44P will return to sorting coins in the hopper. This convenient feature allows the user to place coins in the hopper, press start, and walk away! No need to stand around watching coins sort and continuously remove full tubes.

    Detailed Count Reports

    The FS-44P offers on-screen reporting that allows the user to see how much has been counted! The digital display shows the number value and the dollar value of each coin denomination, as well as, the total amount of all coins counted and sorted. This coin sorter also has the ability to print detailed reports (printer sold separately).

    Count More Coins At Once

    Large four row capacity allows for higher volume coin counting. Added for consumer convenience is Royal Sovereign’s largest hopper size of 800 coins. With the four rows for sorting and large hopper size, this allows the user to count more coins at once before replenishing the hopper.

    Smooth Operation

    Royal Sovereign coin counters are equipped with a revolutionary Patented Anti-Jam Technology. This patented technology ensures smooth operation and accurate counts every time the machine runs. This intuitive machine provides the user with hassle-free operation.