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ShopAdvizor is the first collaborative community for the consumer goods industry. A digital and physical ecosystem that interconnects people, retailers and brands’ needs. Conformed by a 45 people multicultural team with strong expertise in retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. ShopAdvizor integrates sales development, market research and marketing content solutions for more than 1,000 companies. Our community, reaching 1 million consumers, can freely try out millions of products in exchange for sharing their experiences, generating 12,000,000 ratings, reviews and rich content, and allowing us access to their behavioral information. ShopAdvizor continues its expansion and growth in order to conquer 5 markets by end of 2019.


  • ShopAdvizor
    The first collaborative community that interconnects consumers, retailers and brands. Providing content marketing, boosting sales and key shopper data....


    Content marketing:

    Use certified ratings and reviews generated by members of our community who have tested your products. They influence on the choice of products and generates confidence as well as increases the credibility of consumers comments in relation to brand advertising. Allows the development of a social link with your consumers by allowing them to create content for your brands and products by activating their voice.

    Online Market Research:

    Our collaborative model allows us to develop online surveys providing brands with valuable data helping them to reach their business challenges.

    Targeted and discount coupons              

    ShopAdvizor gives retailers and brands access to Big Data regarding shopping and consumption behavior in order  to deeply understand consumer and shopper needs and be able to deliver customized and targeted promotions and coupons.


    Manufacturers and retailers have also the possibility to communicate directly in the wall of their customers in the right moment, offering promotions and valuable information to increase sales. It allows to pinpoint potential buyers who are considering your product and help you build highly accurate campaigns.