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  • Technology enhances buyer-supplier relationships through collaborative, real-time reporting


    NEW YORKMay 21, 2018,/PRNewswire/ -- Sky IT Group, the leading online Vendor-Selling Reporting platform, announced today its partnership with Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) in leveraging its SaaS application SKYPAD to track, create, and distribute weekly sales and inventory data across their many suppliers. "SKYPAD for NMG" will empower suppliers with access to size and store level sales and inventory performance within several industry-best-practice reporting views embedded with customizable and collaborative capabilities.

    The "SKYPAD for NMG" program is aimed to improve buyer and supplier collaboration, strengthen business analysis, target product allocation and reorder opportunities, all while increasing sales and reducing markdowns.

    "Our industry structure and dynamics continue to change at an accelerating pace. We believe strongly that with the use of tools like SKYPAD we can enable greater collaboration between our teams and our brands, with better insights and faster execution," stated Nathan Johnson, Senior Vice President, Merchandise Planning, Neiman Marcus Group.

    Jay Hakami, President & CEO of Sky IT Group, stated, "The partnership with Neiman Marcus provides for significant benefits for NMG teams and its suppliers/brands community by utilizing SKYPAD as a single SaaS platform for insights, trends, reorder analysis and collaboration based one version of the truth."  

    About Sky IT Group
    Sky IT Group was founded in 2000 with the mission to provide innovative data collection, integration, and reporting solutions. SKYPAD, Sky IT Group's SaaS reporting platform, organizes the sell-thru data that 400+ suppliers/brands receive from 150+ global retailers and empowers 1500+ users to quickly discover multi-dimensional insights as to their product activities. Many of largest global fashion's brands utilize SKYPAD to maximize their visibility into the who/what/where of their product performance across all their respective retail sales channel.  For more information, visit www.skyitgroup.com.

  • SKYPAD will enhance buyer-supplier relationships through collaborative, data-driven insights. 


    NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2018,/PRNewswire/ -- Sky IT Group, a global leader in retail business intelligence solutions, announced today its partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue (Saks). SKYPAD will improve the vendors selling data distribution processes for Saks, while empowering its brand partners with timely and consistent visibility into selling activity data. Both merchants and brands will have access to product level insights within a self-serve and collaborative reporting platform. 

    SKYPAD's goal is to enhance buyer and supplier collaboration, strengthen business insights and capitalize on reorder opportunities to maximize sales potential and reduce markdowns. With SKYPAD, merchants and brand partners will gain secure, online access to view their product sales activity from a single centralized repository. The program will enhance the speed, consistency, and accuracy of data sharing between merchants and their suppliers to ensure the consumer has access to the right product at the right time.

    "We are continuously looking at ways in which we can drive productivity, enhance collaboration, and strengthen business insights," said Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchant, Saks Fifth Avenue. "The data that SKYPAD's platform delivers will enable our merchants to connect with our vendor-partners in a more efficient manner, helping us to better meet our ultimate goal of delivering our customers an unparalleled shopping experience."  

    "SKYPAD has partnered with some of the most forward-thinking luxury retailers in the world, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, who appreciate the value that collaborative analytics," stated Jay Hakami, President & CEO of Sky IT Group. "With SKYPAD, the conversation between buyer and seller is based on the accurate insights, trends, and 'one vision of the truth' that will drive increased profitability for the retailer and supplier."

    About Sky IT Group
    Sky IT Group was founded in 2000 with the mission to provide innovative data collection, integration, and reporting solutions. SKYPAD, Sky IT Group's SaaS reporting platform, organizes the sell-thru data that 400+ suppliers/brands receive from 150+ global retailers, and empowers 1500+ users to quickly discover multi-dimensional insights from their wealth of data. Many of largest global fashion's brands utilize SKYPAD to maximize their visibility into the who/what/where of their product performance across retail sales channel.  For more information, visit www.skyitgroup.com. 

  • Cloud-based Skypad Offers Clear View of Sell-throughs for Fashion Brands

    Jay Hakami, president of Sky IT Group, had a well-established tech practice with Hewlett-Packard and IBM product suites for hardware and software.

    But what gnawed at him was the notion of using data in a better way. Hakami’s wholesale clients in the fashion apparel space were inundated with reams of Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, vendor portals, EDI 852 data and even simple text files that took days to sift through simply to find out what was selling. For a brand selling to multiple retailers as well as through its own stores and e-commerce channel, the process is an ordeal.

    So what if that data could be converged, scraped, scrubbed and reconfigured through a single portal that could tell a vendor what sold and where in a timely manner?

    That’s exactly what Hakami did by creating Skypad, which is a Web-based reporting suite that eliminates the “manual, labor-intensive and burdensome” process of compiling and validating sell-through data from vendor portals, merchant spreadsheets and other data sources from multiple retailers. And based on the testimonials of users, the platform has emerged as an essential tool for companies and brands.

    “It was really just a hobby at first,” Hakami said. “And then it quickly evolved. Soon after launching Skypad, what was initially a nice-to-have became a must-have solution. And it is because we give clients a complete picture of what’s selling or not.”

    Gil Hakami, business development manager at Sky IT Group and Jay’s son, said the goal is to help brands create actionable reports of what’s selling, in which sizes and colors, at which retailers and at what quantities and price points, among other metrics.

    “Leveraging accurate, store-level data and more timely self-serve reporting enables users to better anticipate product needs, discover emerging sales opportunities, react to inventory imbalances, all with a higher degree of confidence,” Gil Hakami said, adding that the relationship between vendors and retailers is strengthened as a result.

    An early adopter of Skypad was Theory, but without advertising and via industry word of mouth, Skypad is now used by a host of luxury brands that include Lacoste, Derek Lam, Alice + Olivia, Fendi and others who sell to department stores all across the globe. Andrew Rosen, founder and ceo of Theory and Helmut Lang, described Skypad as a “great partner for Theory. They are a trusted resource for brands, giving them the ability to monitor sales performance and aggregate data across selling platforms considering multiple variables and performance indicators.”

    Jason Epstein, senior vice president of operations at Alice + Olivia, said the ability of Skypad and the Sky IT Group team “to collect data from so many different data sources accurately not only saves us significant time and money, it provides us accurate insights into trends early in the season so we can take action to maximize selling and profitability with our retail partners.”

    Skypad allows users to log in via a secure network — as early as Monday morning — to effortlessly sift through the prior week’s data and view it from a variety of reporting perspectives, from sell-through percentages and top sellers to geographical analysis and retail “door details,” as well as customizable views and reports.

    Behind the curtain at Sky IT Group is a production team, research and development team and account management team with “active support” including, telephone/e-mail/on-site user communication, data notifications, training and education. Data integration is a key part of Skypad. The ability to integrate selling data with internal data such as inventory, shipments, ATS, product images, even third-party data such as weather or traffic, has sharpened visibility into the wholesale business.

    David Meir Sasson, chief operating officer at Derek Lam, said Skypad’s initial benefit to the company was to “streamline the customer reports and create a central repository. Prior to Skypad, we received numerous weekly reports in different format types, which would take several days to analyze and process to create a summary report.”

    Leveraging this platform saves time, users noted, while also creating a new level of analysis for brands — especially for gaining insights about customers. For Derek Lam, the platform and analysis forged a connection between the company’s wholesale and retail businesses.

    “Our reports are now automatically pulled from Skypad with greater visibility into sell-through by different parameters — door, category, color, size, etc.,” Sasson explained. “We are also able to analyze the business at the consumer level now that our own retail stores and the department stores are reporting at the same level of detail. Bridging the gap between retail and wholesale has given us a greater understanding of the Derek Lam customer, thereby helping us make better planning, merchandising and customer service decisions.”

    Todd Bernstein, vice president of wholesale at Lacoste, noted that Skypad “provides an unparalleled level of dynamic information. It has become the standard in which we analyze our business.”

    From here, Jay and Gil Hakami see opportunities to expand in different ways. The first is by adding more functionality to Skypad, such as predictive analytics as well as expand into such areas as home goods and the beauty products segments. Yet the most important expansion will be to working with retailers directly by developing a program that will allow Skypad to be the “engine” behind the distribution of retail sales data to its suppliers.


  • Wholesale Sell-Thru Data-Collection & Reporting
    Automate the collection of disparate vendor-selling data sources across Multiple Retailer Partners. Expand beyond EDI852 & tedious manual processes by integrating Retailer Portals and Spreadsheets into one centralized reporting application....

  • Retail partners distribute product sales data in multiple formats and through multiple sources. The same retailer may send reports in EDI852, Excel, PDF, or provide a vendor-portal for style-selling retrieval. The level of disparity and detail in the reports can vary widely: 

    Does my Retailer only include 'units' detail in their supplier Reporting?

    What about 'Dollars'? My merchant can provide dollars...

    How can I access by style by door level detail from my retailer partner?

    Such inconsistencies in data delivery and the metrics impact how meaningful analysis can be conducted. SKYPAD, gathers, integrates, and validates the data coming in from multiple formats and communication channels.

    A broad range of consistent selling metrics at the lowest granularity (UPC/Door) are assembled from differing reports to be used in a high-performance database or a business reporting and analysis application.

    Retailer Partner Portals: Automated portal scrapes eliminate the time wasted on tedious portal surfing. With SKYPAD, vendor portals are scraped to retrieve UPC/Door level metrics after you go to sleep on Sunday night. This means that come Monday, your style-selling data is pulled, validated, and readily available for self-serve analysis.

    Merchant Spreadsheets: Merchandisers and planners now rely on retailer style-selling merchant reports (PDF/Excel) sent on a weekly basis. Managing so many inbound reports can be overwhelming yet crucial when it comes to wholesale analysis. SKYPAD identifies, by retailer, specific reports that provide vendors with the most detailed metrics, UPC and door. SKYPAD collects, scrapes, and validates the data from each report, eliminating all manual processes.

    EDI852: Some retailers still provide EDI852 data transmissions to their vendors. SKYPAD has the ability to integrate EDI852 with merchant spreadsheets or portal data from a single retailer to ensure a complete and consistent set of metrics including both units and dollars.

    Integrate YOUR Internal Sources: Once all the style-selling data is collected, integrated and validated, its time to correlate this information to your internal systems. SKYPAD can collect and integrate product images, WIP, ATS, Shipments, Retailer POS, Ecomm, and much more, whether from your ERP, PLM, or BI system for a holistic view of standardized and normalized data across retail, wholesale, etc.

    The SKYPAD Enterprise Multi-Retailer solution supports data from over 175 Major retailer and Etailer partners across the globe. Leading organizations such as Caleres, KERING Group, LVMH Inc, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Theory, Lacoste, etc. rely on SKYPAD to provide the right data at the right time across their sales, planning, and merchandising teams.

    The SKYPAD reporting platform makes the experience easy and fun while eliminating all data-collection and aggregation requirements on the supplier to ensure users have time to drill into the data for faster smarter decisions.

  • Retailer Vendor-Selling data-Distribution Program
    Distribute the right data, at the right time, in the right format across your suppliers. Eliminate emailed Merchant reporting. Leverage the SKYPAD reporting platform & user-support to improve efficiencies and collaboration between Merchant & Supplier....

  • A hosted data distribution, reporting & support service, designed for multi-brand retailers and e-tailers.

    The SKYPAD Vendor-Selling Program for Retailers is a web-based vendor-selling application where retailers can share selling data with their supplier community


    Today, retailers spend so much time and money distributing weekly selling data across their vendor community either through emailed reports, an online vendor portal or through EDI852. These in-house distribution methods require on-going maintenance and support, yet with limited resources and a long list of priorities retailers are looking for a solution, an easier cost-effective way to distribute the right data, at the right time 

  • Reorder Optimization
    Identify reorder opportunities across multiple retailer partners quickly and easily....

  • Many wholesale teams manually compare their warehouse inventory reports against merchant selling reports, but this task can be very challenging due to high data volumes, disparate data sources, and the time constraints associated with ever-changing uncommitted warehouse stock. SKYPAD’s Reorder Report optimizes this process by integrating a daily-updated available-to-sell data feed from your ERP system alongside retailer-provided sell-thru data. The report’s customizable metric filters empower users to quickly identify high-performing product at the store-size level that buyers are most likely to reorder.