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Welcome to SO1®, the most advanced AI for retail promotions

100% individual offers.

Optimized for your goals.

Loved by your shoppers.

At SO1®, we are crafting the future of retail promotions: we individualize, optimize and automate the offers made by retailers to their customers.

For this purpose we have built the most advanced artificial intelligence for retail - aimed in particular at highly frequented food, drug and specialty retailers.

Rooted in science, our AI deeply understands each individual customer’s behavior, preferences, purchase likelihood and willingness-to-pay. Aligned with the retailer's financial goals, it is able to autonomously influence purchase decisions with unparalleled efficiency and impact.

For increased same-store sales, profit, and customer satisfaction. Across channels. In real-time. And with proven success.

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 Press Releases

  • Berlin, Nuremberg, January 9, 2019 – GfK and SO1 are announcing a worldwide partnership giving GfK clients access to SO1’s unique AI and targeting capabilities. Through this partnership, GfK’s retail clients enjoy a new, major advantage: applying total market insights from GfK Consumer Panels directly in order to impact purchasing decisions through promotion customization. Whilst GfK is for decades known as FMCG retailers’ trusted partner with regard to market insights, also the Berlin-based start-up, SO1, already has an impressive track record with its targeting technology. Being GfK’s exclusive international partner for AI promotion personalization, the SO1 engine is the perfect addition to GfK’s versatile loyalty card data portfolio.  

    “Our primary objective is to not only provide consumer insights, but to also provide the tools to impact customer decision-making processes in real time,” said GfK Global Retail Director, Dr. Marc Knuff, when asked about the partnership. Knuff went on to say: “This AI-based platform, targeted at retailers with loyalty cards, will learn from historical transactions, shopping trips updated on a continual basis in real time and customer metadata in order to offer personalized promotions.” Knuff explains why the partnership makes perfect sense: “SO1 continues to be an innovative, tech-savvy developer and provider of high-end AI based software solutions for the retail industry. Looking not only at scientific contributions from SO1 developers, but also at proven SO1 success in real-world A/B testing in several countries, reassures us that this cutting-edge science will actually drive the business of GfK clients.”

    In addition, SO1 and GfK have developed targeting formats as further advancement of GfK’s loyalty card portfolio: “ATTRIBUTION+” is the jointly-developed new GfK platform that allows retailers to complete and enrich loyalty card data with info from GfK Consumer Panels. Without the need to match data of individuals, “ATTRIBUTION+” is able to add missing household information such as age, gender, and household income, calculated on the basis of the robust sample from GfK Consumer Panel. Relying on total market view, the new platform also overcomes a major, inherent limitation of loyalty card data.

    A substantial development from this partnership provides retailers the ability to assess at which competing grocers their customers also shop. So far, this is untouched territory in the realm of promotion optimization. SO1’s targeting options combined with total market purchasing pattern identified through GfK household panel data, will give grocery retailers the opportunity to strategically invest in significant customer clusters and acquire new buyers as well as recapture former consumers.

    SO1 CEO, Raimund Bau, stated: “GfK will be helping their clients to manage their promotion targeting and we are very proud at SO1 that GfK has chosen us to be their technology partner for this bold move. Aside from our existing product portfolio, that optimizes and individualizes promotions for financial impact, we will also train the SO1 Engine in a revolutionary way to transfer knowledge from the household panel data directly to individual CRM data. Thus enabling retailers to understand if a particular consumer also shops at their main competitor to then target them with the perfect impulse to move that shopping trip to them. Adding the holistic shopper understanding from GfK household panel data, we expect a considerable amount of added value to shopping cart data yielding much more precise tactical implications. Statistics acquired from customer loyalty programs at present merely portray the consumer behavior observed at a single retailer.”

    These advances will accelerate promotional optimization strategies for a wide range of retailers across the globe. While customers are attracted by the prospect of saving money through individually targeted promotions that fit their preferences, retailers have the opportunity to drive sales and increase revenue.

    SO1 and GfK have set ambitious goals for their future partnership and have already created the best conditions for a fruitful venture - being in advanced discussions with leading grocers in Germany and across Europe to introduce the joint offering.

    About GfK

    GfK connects data and science. Innovative research solutions provide answers for key business questions around consumers, markets, brands and media – now and in the future. As a research and analytics partner, GfK promises its clients all over the world “Growth from Knowledge”.

    For more information, please visit www.gfk.com or follow GfK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GfK.

    About SO1
    SO1® (Segment of One) is one of the driving forces of retailer digitalization. SO1 has created a very powerful AI for retail which is capable of personalizing promotions for users in real-time and across devices. The SO1 Engine sources the entire portfolio of the retailer and automatically selects the right products for each individual consumer and adjusts discounts such that revenue, profit, or consumer satisfaction are maximized.

    For more information, please visit www.so1.ai

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  • SO1® Smart Recommendations
    SO1® ranks existing promotional offers and content according to individual preferences....

  • SO1® Smart Recommendations help you gaining more customer satisfaction & loyalty out of your already existing offers.

    • Step 1: The SO1® Engine synthesizes product-related information from your historic and ongoing baskets. It detects up to 800 hidden characteristics in each product going way beyond product master data.
    • Step 2: Based on your existing circulars, coupons, product launches, ads, or even recipes a pool of content is generated.
    • Step 3: By observing each of your customers' transactions, the SO1® Engine ranks this content such that customer satisfaction, loyalty, redemption probability, and store sales are maximized.

    As users will receive relevant content only, and immediately find their favorable deals, SO1® Smart Recommendations helps you utilizing more of the potential of your existing promotions.

  • SO1® Optimized Discounts
    SO1® ranks offers AND adjusts individual discounts on a product to match a single customer’s unique preferences, needs and willingness-to-pay....

  • SO1® Optimized Discounts help you gaining more revenue & profit from your everyday sales.

    • Step 1: The SO1® Engine synthesizes product-related information from your historic and ongoing baskets. It detects up to 800 hidden characteristics in each product going way beyond product master data.

    • Step 2: By observing the individual transactions of your customers, the SO1® Engine identifies each individual's purchase likelihood and willingness-to-pay for each product in your store.  
    • Step 3: Based on a predefined pool of promotional offers or your whole assortment, the SO1® Engine selects, ranks, and adjusts offers to match a single customer’s unique preferences, needs and willingness-to-pay.

    This will increase the likelihood of purchasing a specific item, but will also avoid substitution of planned purchases. In total, these personalized promotions will significantly drive incremental sales and increase retailers’ profits.

  • SO1® Programmatic Brand Promotions
    SO1® enables retailers to generate revenue with brands using its programmatic promotions platform, while brands receive unparalleled targeting opportunities, resulting in outstanding ROIs....

  • SO1® Programmatic Brand Promotions help you best monetize your retail media channels and purchase data – without losing control.

    • Step 1: You grant selected brands access to the platform.
    • Step 2: Brands can easily launch, manage and track AI-powered campaigns in real-time and according to their specific needs – e.g. to generate trial or make consumers switch brands. As the platform is connected to your CRM, it enriches targeting criteria with a consumer’s purchase history to support the brand’s goals – without sharing that data with the brand.
    • Step 3: The SO1® Engine will then derive automated decisions of what to offer to an individual consumer, taking into consideration all available promotions.

    All decisions are rooted in a deep understanding of the consumer’s behavior, preferences, purchase likelihood, and willingness-to-pay. They are optimized for your own and the brand’s financial goals – resulting in unparalleled KPIs.