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Ultimate MobileFirst Omnichannel Solution

SuperUp eComMarketing Platform SuperUp offers a mobile first solution to help a retailer engage customers in a useful and entertaining way. The platform owns an exclusive concept and a set of patents to enable an easy, interactive and personalized shopping experience to exponentialize retailer’s revenue potential.

What makes us so unique? SuperUp's platform was pioneered with a concept designed for mobile and powered with unique AI, voice and shoppable content technologies. The platform boosts data capture capability and utilizes it to turbocharge customers' shopping experiences. Our flexible big data solution can be deployed on-prem or on any cloud, giving a retailer a tailored solution up & running within weeks with no disruption to existing infrastructure. Our flagship product - the native app, is complemented with a web version and in-store solutions to deliver a true omnichannel experience.

What's in it for you?
  • X4 online shoppers conversion

  • +25%-40% average sale increase

  • +30% fuller shopping carts (items per cart)

  • Private-label sales boost optimization

  • Premium monetization options via brands.