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The company Thoonsen has been manufacturing shoplifting and shop fitting solutions for more than 15 years. Its founder Jacky Thoonsen has 30 years of experience in the EAS industry (Electronic Article Surveillance). His willingness to find new solutions encouraged him to innovate. The Quick collection is finally ready after a 4-year R&D process. It is a set of efficient and innovative shoplifiting solutions that generates 82% of the company’s revenues. As of today, Thoonsen is listed by several French retailers that are also present abroad : Carrefour, Casino, Leclerc, Auchan, Décathlon, Sport 2000, Bricorama, Leroy Merlin. We have been collaborating with the same Chinese manufacturer for more than 14 years so that we are able to have an essential quality control. Thoonsen marks its commitment to internationalisation because it has validated 6 patents in France, 33 in Europe, plus 1 in China, the USA, Russia, and South Africa. Thank to our distrubutors network our products are available in more than 35 countries. 

Brands: Jacky Thoonsen has 30 years experience in the EAS market, and for the past 15 years has worked together with his team to create innovative antitheft solutions.

 Press Releases

  • New York is famous for being the place of BIG ideas... Thoonsen listened to the retailers who visited our booth last year and we are about to bring life to their dreams with innovative shop technologies. 

    With the advent of e-commerce, retail outlets have to rethink their business model if they want to keep up because stores experienced little technological progress in 20 years. The solution is to offer more customer service. To achieve that, you need to have sales staff on hand to answer queries rapidly with a quality service.

    In light of this context, Thoonsen will be presenting a range of new complementary shop technologies that are ready to increase your profits & customer satisfaction, manage your stock and lower shrinkage.

    • RFID+EAS dual technology high security hard tags to identify and quickly find the right products that your customers need in store, to improve store management and inventory processes, WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR EXISTING EAS SECURITY ANTENNAS...

    • ...with automatic opening hard tags for self check-outs that can be taken off safely by the customer once payment has been made, they are also used by your retail employees without injuries. 

    • and... call buttons for customers who need advice and service in your fitting rooms & departments.

    Jacky Thoonsen is a French manufacturer of innovative anti theft solutions, with 30 years of experience in EAS. Thoonsen works and develops solutions in close collaboration with prestigious customers in France like Carrefour, Auchan, Casino, Leclerc, Galeries Lafayette, Dior, Décathlon etc. Thoonsen experiences a tremendous growth in France as well as exports, with a distribution network of +30 resellers accross the World.

    Company presentation: https://youtu.be/Qxnc0zpZLeE

    Do you want to know more?  Meet us at Level 1 - Hall 1A - Booth #1619 to discover our new range of anti theft tags!