Axsium Group

Toronto,  ON 
  • Booth: 324

Axsium helps retailers make their people more productive.

Axsium is a global workforce management (WFM) consulting practice with a single focus – to address the challenges and opportunities retailers face when implementing a WFM solution.

Our breadth of expertise includes:

Strategic Services:

• We guide customers through the decision-making process by establishing a strategy, roadmap and cost justification for any WFM implementation, migration or upgrade

Productivity Services and Products:

• We develop accurate and “deployable” labor standards to build a highly efficient labor model

• We offer mobile data collection tools and work measurement software to create better labor standards

Technology Services:

• We provide a wide range of services that support WFM technology implementations, including vendor selection, implementation support, program management and beyond

Adoption Services:

• We help retailers manage all the changes that come with implementing a WFM system and will develop a strategy and practical methodology to ensure stakeholder adoption


  • Studia - Easy Work Measurement
    Studia is an intuitive mobile data collection tool for work sampling where users create intuitive studies to better plan for labor, improve customer service and boost productivity....

  • Studia is a data collection work sampling app that lets you measure all of the tasks your employees perform. It is a modern, mobile software tool that allows you to capture customer-facing tasks so you can build customer-centric labor standards. And you can measure idle, talk and travel times to help you eliminate waste and improve productivity.

    Building Labor Standards the Right Way
    Other forms of data collection are time-consuming, error-prone, and are not truly suited to measuring customer service consistently and accurately. With Studia, the observer collects data via a handheld device to record what associates are doing at random intervals during operating hours.

    The app provides an excellent method for collecting customer service, delays, and production task data. It is less time consuming while eliminating the subjectivity of the observer afforded by traditional stop-watch time studies and gathers more useful information that can be used to build more accurate labor standards.

  • Opus - Build Better Labor Standards
    Opus is a cloud-based next generation work measurement tool that allows users to build, maintain and deploy accurate engineered labor standards....

  • Build Better Labor Standards

    Labor standards are used to define how long it takes your associates to perform each task their job requires of them. They are the critical building-blocks upon which accurate future labor requirements can be forecasted, where strategic long-term workforce planning can be based, and the ROI for process improvement can be delivered.

    Most managers depend on fragmented work measurement tools: One tool for building labor standards, another for evaluating them and several spreadsheets in between. With Opus, you have a single, cohesive data platform to enable one version of the truth and improve the accuracy of your labor model.