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Beijing Counect International Technology Ltd., a technology-innovative company focused on retail integrated formats, provides clients with total solutions for sales data collection and smart analytics services. With a comprehensive understanding of Internet data technology and in-depth research on traditional shopping center users, the founding team evaluates the feasibility of technology and taps the needs of users, and is committed to connecting advanced Internet data technologies and intelligent information needs of shopping centers. 

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  • In recent years, with the development of global Internet technology, the new retail model of in-depth integration of online services, offline experience and modern logistics has become the slogan of the global retail industry through the use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.

    Amazon's new Storefronts retail center and Tmall's new retail model were written in the domestic government report, and the new retail model in China, Alibaba's Fresh Hema, continues to be popular, which proves that technology has brought soft power upgrades to the retail format and will lead the traditional retail industry to the road of recovery.

    Taking the shopping center as an example, the current information system construction has taken shape, but to integrate the various modules, to integrate the various work chains in the industry, even to link to the hardware facilities of the shopping center, commercial technology still has a lot of room to play. As a technology-innovative company focused on retail integrated format, Counect will participate in the NRF2019 exhibition - Booth No. 1504 - to provide customers with total solutions for sales data collection and smart analytics services. Counect will conduct in-depth interviews with existing shopping center to explore the users’ needs and help the shopping center to have an information system that matches the needs of “smart business”.

    At the Expo site, Counect will bring smart sales data analytics services (Counect REAL) to help the physical business to complete data collection, data analytics, and data application. The solution includes three core functions: data capture, modeling analytics, and analysis application.

    First, Counect REAL obtains the business data of the physical retail industry through various methods such as core hardware, software and data reporting, and then uses the sales data as the core to conduct multi-dimensional modeling analytics of commercial complexes, stores and consumers to provide business format analytics, SKU analysis, real-time sales data analytics and consumer image analytics. Second, Counect REAL completes the accumulating member’s loyalty points through various means such as QR code, scan code grab, and Counect CUPE keyboard, and docks the shopping center CRM system to complete member management. Third, in the shopping field, Counect REAL can change the embarrassing situation of “zombie” shopping guide through interactive smart shopping guide service, and customize the on-site hot-sku list, new-sku list, and special sales list based on accurate real-time sales data, thereby enhancing the consumer experience and convenience, and making the offline become a new traffic portal. At the same time, Counect REAL also provides the general control screen for the e-commerce level commander for the GM of the commercial complex, provides real-time data update service during major events and festivals, selects instrument cards according to the needs of the GM, and customizes the screen display to control the real-time business situation. In the end, we are committed to accumulating and sharing data and resources to help the mall rebuild “consumers, products, and fields”.

    Please follow our official website www.counect.com, and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/counect-international-technology-ltd-/. More exciting industry views and the collision of thinking are all in the Counect booth #1504, January 13-15.

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  • Global Retail Integrated Format Data Service
    Counect has three product lines: retail sales data collection services, retail sales data smart analytics services, and featured mobile payment products and services, to jointly serve the global retail integrated formats market....

  • The data-collection product (CUBE series) adopts the self-developed and global patented bus external monitoring technology, covering receipt printer monitoring, interactive device monitoring, take-out port and coin collector monitoring.

    Data Analytics Service-REAL Series Services:Smart sales data analytics service (Counect REAL Series) includes REAL Mall for commercial complexes management, REAL Store for tenants and brand chain management, REAL Guide for consumer smart shopping guide, REAL Basic for tax supervision and electronic invoice, and REAL War Room for shopping centers and group general managers.

    Featured mobile payment product and service-CUPE:Mobile payment products include offline payment machine CUPE and HiPay, and Coinect, a cloud coin selector, used in unmanned retail applications. Fast, convenient, secure, and mobile payment at any time.