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DemandTec by Acoustic

New York,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: MR103

DemandTec by Acoustic
DemandTec is widely recognized as a global leader and pioneer in AI-powered pricing, promotions, markdown and trade management solutions.  DemandTec has been helping retailers and brands worldwide apply science to deliver optimal prices, promotional offers, and markdown plans.  Providing one of the largest collaboration platforms, DemandTec enables retailers and their vendor partners to collaborate and maximize the allocation and use of trade funds.  While adapting to today’s high-velocity omnichannel retail and hyper-competitive landscape, DemandTec’s cloud-based solutions have been proven across a wide customer base of over 700 retailers and brands to protect price image, increase margins and sales, while driving customer loyalty and market share.  DemandTec is a global business unit of Acoustic, the world's leading independent AI-powered marketing and merchandising cloud provider that serves over 3,500 retailers and brands, including many Fortune 500 companies. Acoustic is headquartered in New York City, with offices and teams across the globe.  

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  • Markdown Optimization
    Help retailers plan and improve pricing, profit and inventory levels for items leaving the assortment.

    Key Capabilities
    Develop plans for chains, divisions, zones or individual stores based on store-specific
    customer demand.

  • Markdown Optimization is part of the Acoustic cloudbased,

    omni-channel pricing solutions. It uses the science of

    Customer Demand Management to help retailers design

    optimal plans to set markdown timing and depth to

    optimize profitability and achieve inventory on-hand

    objectives for virtually every clearance item in-store and

    online. Markdown Optimization supports markdown types

    including seasonal, short product lifecycle, event and

    holiday, category reset, cycle refresh and standard discount

    markdowns. Our solution enables retailers to move from

    insights to actions to results by delivering the right price at

    the right time and place to customers.

  • Price Optimization
    Retailers can optimize prices across channels to achieve sales, volume, profit and price image goals.

    Key Capabilities
    Comply with product and channel pricing policies using rules...

  • Price Optimization is part of the

    Acoustic cloud-based, omni-channel

    pricing solutions. It enables retailers to

    deliver optimized base or everyday

    prices across store and online channels

    to achieve sales, volume, profit and price

    image objectives for regular, everyday

    items. Price Optimization enables

    retailers to quickly move insights to

    actions to results by delivering the right

    price at the right time and place.

  • Promotion Optimization
    Select the most profitable promotion based on forecasted optimal results.

    Key Capabilities
    Improve the incremental lift and total store impact of promotions....

  • Managing retail promotions can be a complex process

    that involves both long-term planning cycles that can

    extend twelve to eighteen months and short-term,

    day-to-day activities such as evaluating competing

    vendor offers for a given week. To be successful in

    these processes, retailers need to collaborate

    internally among management, category managers,

    merchants and buyers, as well as externally with

    vendors to build win-win promotion plans.

    With Promotion Optimization, retailers can view forecasts and tactics to execute more effective and profitable promotion plans. It is part of the Acoustic cloud-based Promotion Management solution for managing the promotions process from collaborative promotion planning and deal management to in-flight and post-event analysis.

    Retailers can move quickly from insights to actions to results with the right offer at the right time and place.

  • Promotion Planning
    Centralize plans for promotional activities for use in systems across the enterprise.
    Key Capabilities
    Centralized repository of all promotional activities and associated detailsCentralized repository of all promotional activities and associated details....

  • Promotions are one of the most complex

    processes in retail. Retailers run hundreds

    of promotions every week and want to

    localize activities to increase relevancy.

    But, how do you manage the sheer volume

    of information about promoted items in

    manual or rigid legacy systems?

    Promotion Planning is a cloud-based flexible,

    configurable, centralized planning environment for

    merchants to plan and manage the details of their

    promotional activities It is a foundational element for

    forecasting with Promotion Optimization. Also, for retailers

    using Deal Management, offers submitted by the vendor,

    along with the associated details, automatically surface as

    a promotion in Promotion Planning. This solution enables

    retailers to move from actions to results with the right

    promotion at the right time and place.

  • Promotion Planning and Execution
    Help enable retailers to plan and execute highly versioned promotions and events.
    Key Capabilities
    Effectively plan, manage and execute highly versioned promotional content.

  • Improve the efficiency of the planning process

    Acoustic® Promotion Planning and Execution enables merchants, buyers and marketing and ad planners to tie the repository of offers built in Acoustic Promotion Planning and Execution to different events, such as circulars, print media, in-store displays and signage. This approach greatly improves visibility and accountability, reduces costly errors and increases consistency across media channels. A powerful version- enabled environment for rapidly building promotions allows participants in the planning process to access, review, edit and approve promotions. These versioning capabilities simplify the process of creating multiple versions of promotions and events, as well as related display and signage, allowing you to target individual customer segments and support unique regional, demographic, or store format differences. Now you can provide dozens, or even hundreds, of targeted promotions with nearly the same level of effort and control as had been required for a single national promotion in the past. This improved efficiency means retailers can get ads out faster in order to beat the competition to market.