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Clearwater,  FL 
United States
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AccuStore, a GSP company, helps consumer-facing businesses accelerate growth, increase sales and cut costs by solving a variety of common, industry pain points. Professional site surveys, customized site profiling capabilities and state-of-the-art technology gives team members and stakeholders the real-time store data and insight needed to help each location grow and succeed.


Our professional on-site surveys deliver precise info about every store and helps retailers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. AccuStore allows retailers the ability to create and manage one knowledge source of site-level details, keeping their entire organization informed and in sync. The AccuStore Mobile App makes it easy for retailers and their teams to access, update, record and share store-level data anytime, anywhere.


AccuStore serves more than 90K retail locations and helps thousands of today’s industry leaders make important data-driven decisions every day. Visit to learn more.


  • AccuStore Technology
    Site Profile Management...

  • You think you know what’s going on in the stores. But often, corporate and store managers see things in different ways and may even rely on different methods.

    I’ll AccuStore site profile management closes the gap between what you think is happening and what is actually happening. By compiling a detailed repository of site-specific information that becomes your company’s single source, you will have the insight you need to know your stores from top to bottom.

    It totally eliminates the need to rekey data over and over into spreadsheets – and the room for error that method often creates. Plus, you can do away with shared drives used as data dumping grounds – and wasting time looking for unorganized information.

    AccuStore dramatically reduces the amount of time, energy and costly keying mistakes and, instead, allows you to focus your time and money on flawless retail execution and performance.

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  • AccuStore Surveys
    Professional Site Surveys...

  • You need to know your stores well to drive execution. AccuStore can help. Our menu of cost-effective, technology-based solutions will allow you to not only improve store efficiency but also improve your marketing plans and your ROI.

    Our professional store survey team will start by giving you a comprehensive understanding of each location, from the equipment warranties to the exact dimensions of every wall and fixture. Once you have all the data compiled, we can help you safely house it and maintain its accuracy. We offer a subscription-based management service of your site profiles so you never need to worry about losing the information.

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  • AccuStore Mobile App
    Mobile Insights...

  • Turn your mobile device into a team-empowering audit tool with the power to update and interact with stores, field personnel and vendors.

    Easily collect the information you need. Track progress with store storecards. Use the Capture feature to automatically add observations and photos. AccuStore will categorize them by location, help you share your findings and even send push notifications about store conditions that need attention.

    The Task Management feature assigns tasks to be performed and sets deadlines for when they need to be completed. There’s also a Check-In feature that lets you know which stores have been visited and alerts visiting field staff to tasks that have to be performed in each site.

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  • AccuStore Store-Specific Marketing Guides
    AccuStore site-specific promotional summaries....

  • AccuStore’s Store-specific Marketing Guides enable you to communicate marketing and operational information tailored to each specific retail location. This eliminates all confusion for store managers. These detailed, easy-to-follow guides help improve store-level execution of your marketing strategy.

    This web-based document and information management tool enables you to leverage store-specific promotional summaries and add 100% store-specific sign placement guides created for improved store level compliance. The easy-to-create placement guides show a digital image of the specific sign in the exact location it should be placed in the store. It provides a visual reinforcement as well as a store-specific blueprint for executing your strategy.

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  • AccuStore Store Portal
    Quickly order and manage an inventory of in-store signage, fixtures and displays from an easy-to-use online graphical catalog....

  • Our Store Portal enables anyone from corporate to store personnel to quickly order and manage an inventory of in-store signage, fixtures and displays from an easy-to-use online graphical catalog. You can set up order approvals and limits, track shipments, control budgeting and run transaction reports. It’s also 100% store-specific: only the items allowed to be on display at that specific location are accessible upon log-in.

    All inventory reporting and management is available any time to evaluate and streamline current inventory. You can also customize “must have
    on hand” levels for any critical inventory items.

    This provides the flexibility to lower overall inventory costs while ensuring zero out-of-stocks. Each entry includes a photo or illustration of the item as well as a description and schematics that show how to install the item. 

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