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Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1459

Touchrate is a Digital Interactive Solutions company based in Orlando, Florida. We strive at providing the best shopper experience, while simultaneously providing merchants, brands, retailers, and creative agencies with a strong ROI. Our touchscreens employ the latest technology to empower the shopper while informing and guiding them on a personalized path to purchase. We do everything from creative to deployment, installation and remote monitoring.

Our solutions are custom built because we figured out long ago that there is no off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution for all customer needs. We encourage collaboration and innovation when working with clients, delivering a product that is 100% tailor made to fit all requirements for the client.


  • Endless Aisle
    The Endless Aisle solution allows retailers to expand their assortment....

  • The Endless Aisle solution allows retailers to expand their assortment. By connecting your online inventory to the in-store using our portals, retailers and brands will never miss a conversion due to store limitations. Customers will also have the option to get the item they want delivered directly to their home. 


    • Bridge your website to In-The-Aisle
    • Customers engage with our interactive screens
    • Deliver product-specific information to highlight products
    • Capture insights of consumer shopping habits
    • Present customers with special offers to entice them to return to the store
    • Expand your in-store inventory by connecting it with your online inventory

  • Touch to Light
    Customer selection simultaneously triggers lighting on the shelf to locate the chosen product at the SKU level....

  • In retail, the DIY CULTURE has popularized certain self-checkout technology in lieu of attending cashiers. Now Touchrate's patented Interactive Endless Aisle with award-winning technology offers the DIY CUTLURE an autonomous "Customer Experience" where consumers can engage, select and decide using curated product information on a digital Path-to-Purchase paired to lighting the SKU of choice for guidance in lieu of attending sales associates.
  • Survey Platform
    Capturing anonymous customer insights on-location with a quick & easy digital survey....

  • Capturing anonymous customer insights on-location with a quick & easy digital survey on a touchscreen. The feedback allows you to serve your customers better and increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization's goals.


    • Easily administered improvement tool
    • Meaningful insights elevated customer satisfaction & loyalty improvements
    • More informed decisions to drive improvement
    • Real-time management reporting & analytics
    • flexible survey design options, including branching logic

  • Product Finder
    The Touchscreen becomes a Digital Guided Selling Tool providing an engaging, personalized shopping experience at your own pace....

  • The Touchscreen becomes a Digital Guided Selling Tool providing an engaging, personalized shopping experience at the consumer's own pace. Touchscreen platforms in-aisle with brand messaging attract interest for engagement to help shoppers find what they are looking for and reassuring conversion.

    Product and information are provided to validate a customer’s choice. The Digital Guided Selling Tool captures unprocessed data. Marketers will see how their target audience reacts and engages with their marketing campaigns in-store.  Retailers will also be able to adjust their inventory accordingly based on the data gathered from the guided selling tool. It’s not about what they bought but what they would have purchased as well.