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Stylumia Intelligence Technology PVT LTD

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We believe in augmenting human intelligence in fashion and lifestye retail for a better world.


With relevant data and the right technology, people and businesses in fashion and lifestyle retail can solve hard, unsolved problems and change the world for the better.


In 2015-16, when we looked at the availabel technology and solutions, we saw fashion forecasting and demand planning are either subjective in nature, or traditional consumer research based going with what consumers say (asking consumers about thier views on products), or data platforms which throw supply driven signals. We saw these methods do not solve the fundamental challenge in fashion trend spotting, prediction and the business metrics of full price sell through continue to remain around the 50% mark creating over USD 750 billion/annum of wastage globally. The biggest wastage in fashion industry is the one caused by ill-informed decision making.

We saw a need for a different kind of technology and approach and we knew it would need a different kind of comopany to build it. That is why we formed Stylumia.

We are trusted by Fortune 50 retailers and leading fashion brands, United Nations & Fashion For Good.

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  • The Big Problem that we solve

    Fashion is over 2.7 trillion US$ market with 50% of the products not meeting consumer demand and selling on discounts creating a huge impact on revenue and profits. The value loss in itself is 750 billion USD. The fashion industry is the second most carbon footprint industries in the world just next to oil contribute to almost 10% of the total carbon footprint.

    This is caused by a fundamental "Demand Prediction" problem (supply-demand gap). This the global challenge that we are solving.


    We have a B2B SaaS platform using proprietary, one-of-its-kind Deep learning, Computer Vision & Prediction Models aimed at solving few fundamental challenges in fashion and Lifestyle brands and retailers to


    “Validate: What to create/design? : Automate/Predict: How much to buy? And Where to distribute? : Create: How to create winning products?” 


    The current way of solving the problem is mostly subjective and expert-driven. We evaluated all the current practices and no one seems to be doing it right. We took it on ourselves.

    Our unique approach is to transform this using demand-driven insights. We have a proven track record of this helping our clients (India and International)  reduce inventory/carbon footprint by 25-40%, improve revenue velocity and profit by 30-50% on Stylumia driven products. 


    Our Solution


    Highlights of the platform


    Stylumia MIT & Runway: Computer Vision for ranking global and local trends to take data-informed product decisions pre-season. Very unique in providing demand sense using our propreitary consumer Product Rank (like google ranks pages, we rank fashion products globally)


    Stylumia FIT: Visual business Intelligence tool for client’s own-data solving the fundamental challenge of today’s analytics solutions which focus on text and numbers, this solution brings image, numbers and insights alive, helping manage in-season supply and demand.


    Stylumia Apollo: Predicts fashion wins & losses before they undergo the test pre-season (using global futuire signals and contextual brand’s own data using both text and images), assigns demand rank for every product to a store location for optimising in-season revenue, inventory and profit

    Stylumia Muse: One of its kind design generation engine to create winning design ideas using GAN's (Generative Adversarial Networks) with twice the probability of winning.


    Area of focus of our idea/solution


    Key areas of focus of the solutions are to address top questions faced by fashion and lifestyle industry which are 


    a) what products to spot?

    b) what products to design?

    c) how much to buy?

    d) where to send?


    Our solutions address them through big data with AI solutions which are consumer demand driven

    What is unique/innovative about your idea – i.e. what differentiates you from other similar solutions or ideas:


    Key Differentiators


    Stylumia Market Intelligence Tool:


    Intelligence starts by understanding what consumers want and what they do not. Stylumia MIT has a proprietary ranking algorithm (like that of Google page rank) to rank all fashion products globally on consumer demand at internet scale. This enables us to provide laser sharp contextual insights to our clients through the SaaS platform. We have a unique way to provide insights into consumer taste using computer vision covering all the visual attributes which is key in fashion decision making.


    Stylumia Fashion intelligence Tool:


    Most of fashion decision making is visual in nature and text cannot fully articulate fashion. This presents a great opportunity to have a business intelligence tool for the client’s own data (this also builds our data network). Stylumia FIT is a unique fashion intelligence tool to decode the taste of our client’s consumers by all key dimensions (geo and product) intuitively.


    Stylumia APOLLO:


    Placing bets in fashion is a gamble. APOLLO is one of the world’s first fashion predictor tool which can predict fashion wins and losses for unseen products. The bot is trained with the client’s past data and future signals from the market across retail, brand, social mediums. APOLLO’s prediction performs 1.5-2.0 times more accurate than human expert  predictions.

    Stylumia Muse: One of its kind design generation engine to create winning design ideas using GAN's (Generative Adversarial Networks) with twice the probability of winning.


  • Stylumia APOLLO (Predict The Unpredictable)
    Predict the Unpredictable.

    With APOLLO, you can accomplish

    a) Test new product potential without investment
    b) Grade relative potential of new ranges
    c) Buy just the right amount of inventory for the right distribution
    d) Right-price your new product

  • Predicting demand of a new product in fashion and lifestyle retail is a non-trivial problem. This is a crystal ball for the Fashion & Lifestyle industry.

    Current methods are either associative, traditional consumer research based or prediction models using attributes. Fashion is an art and can not be articulated. Hence prediction of fashion using textual attributes lacks in real intelligence and CPG models do not serve the purpose. This called for a new way to predict fashion demand at style color level.

    APOLLO is a customized prediction engine for you, which is inspired by human visual perception through an ensemble machine learning model combining images and textual attributes powered by global fashion intelligence and your transaction data.

    Your own data sets the context but insuffficient to predict the future. We bring world of fashion intelligence augmenting your data with a large context using a propreitary demand sensing engine operating at internet scale.

    APOLLO predicts demand of unseen products (pre-season) at proto and sketch stage at style color level with proven forecast accuracy lift of  10-40%.

  • Stylumia MIT (Discover Demand-Driven Trends)
    With Stylumia's Market Intelligence Tool with one-of-its kind demand sensing engine, you can accomplish

    a) Laser sharp fashion forecast
    b) Winning new product ideas
    c) Instant validation of trends and products
    d) Enter new categories with confidence

  • Current fashion forecasting, demand planning and prediction systems are broken. Existing systems are either subjective , expert-led or supply-driven data trends. The wastage generated is in the order of over 70 billion garments in a year growing at 6% per annum. There is a need to challenge the status quo.

    Stylumias MIT is built on proprietary one-of-its kind demand-sensing engine ensemble machine learning algorithms with data at internet scale. While there is no shortage of information, there is definitely shortage of deriving signal from the noice.Current fashion forecasting, demand planning and prediction systems are broken.

    Real intelligence lies in knowing what will work and what would not for your consumers. This solution provides a consumer-driven global and local fashion forecast, using data at internet scale covering geographies, retailers, brands, designers, runways etc. The data can be customised for your brand context.