NRF 2020 Vision: Retail's Big Show. Convention and EXPO: January 12-14, 2020. Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC. #NRF2020


London,  United Kingdom 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: 4620, MR674

Detego is a global software provider for RFID-based retail solutions. Our modular cloud-hosted platform helps retailers unlock the power of RFID through inventory visibility, consumer engagement and real-time analytics.

A specific focus on RFID software and retail has enabled us to develop the most innovative RFID solutions on the market from the factory through to the customer. Everyone has to start somewhere, which is why we have out-of-the-box solutions to quick start your RFID journey. Alternatively, if RFID is well and truly ingrained in your business, then talk to Detego about how we are using AI and innovative new practices to take real-time decision making to the next level.

Retailers using Detego benefit from:

  • Optimised inventory visibility & product availability across all channels (omnichannel retailing)
  • Engaging customers in-store with Smart Fitting Rooms and displays
  • Real-time recommendations powered by AI & machine learning analytics
  • A clear success path through our modular and scalable platform (1 to 1000+ stores)

 Press Releases

  • London, UK, 09/01/2020 — Retail software specialist, Detego, will showcase its RFID-powered solutions at ‘Retail’s Big Show’ on 12-14 January in New York at Booth 4620. Visitors to retail’s leading trade show can explore Detego’s widely adopted solutions including real-time inventory management and pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. NRF will also be the first opportunity to experience Detego’s newly implemented Smart Fitting Room application and AI-enabled Smart Shield feature, both of which have experienced recent success in retail stores.   

    Detego’s cloud-hosted RFID software is employed by global retailers such as adidas, Levi’s and BESTSELLER to track and manage products from production to point of sale. The Detego platform delivers near-perfect stock accuracy, transparency and product availability for retailers, resulting in higher sales and a more frictionless shopping experience for consumers. Visitors to NRF will be able to experience live demonstrations of the software’s core features such as RFID stocktakes, refill and omnichannel reservations, as well as gain insight on best-practise and strategy for digital transformation. 

    Taking in-store experience to the next level, attendees of the show will be able to experience Detego’s Smart Fitting Room first-hand, which is now live in UK & US stores. The RFID-enabled Smart Fitting Room assists customers by automatically displaying additional product information, size availability and a ‘call-to-assist’ feature which includes requested items brought directly to the fitting room. These value-adding services are what continue to drive consumers to shop in-store and will be on display at hardware partner Pyramid Computer’s booth #5860. 

    For retailers looking to implement RFID for inventory management, Detego’s latest innovation of the AI-enabled Smart Shield has made implementation of the technology into stores easier and more cost-effective than ever. Smart Shield eliminates the need for physical shielding installations within the store by using machine learning algorithms to distinguish tag locations between the back room and the sales floor. This previous barrier to RFID implementation is now a thing of the past and represents a huge milestone for the technology within retail. The feature has recently been used to great success with the large-scale rollout of fashion brand Vero Moda and will be demonstrated live at NRF by Detego’s Data Scientists at booth #4620.

    About Detego

    Detego, a global retail software provider, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Graz, Austria and Moscow, Russia. The company develops and distributes a suite of software products that provide real-time analysis and article transparency which help prevent out-of-stock situations and ensure optimal product availability for fashion retailers. The use of the Detego product portfolio supports the omnichannel and digital strategies of many fashion retailers, enabling them to actively manage stores while providing customers with a consistently good shopping experience across all channels. Detego’s software is complimented by managed services and software-as-a-service (SaaS), along with attractive financing models. Detego‘s customers include international fashion brands, retailers and department stores. Detego is already being used in over 1,750 stores. More information can be found at


  • Detego Store
    Detego Store is a cloud-hosted RFID solution which improves stock accuracy (99%), on-floor availability (98%), and omnichannel applications in physical stores. The mobile app can be active in hours and provides a quick start into the digital store....

  • Detego Store is a cloud-hosted RFID solution which digitises stock management processes, making them more efficient and more accurate. Implemented within hours, our multi-user app can provide intelligent stock takes and a smart in-store replenishment process. Later, you can scale the solution to offer omnichannel services and effectively manage your entire store operations with real-time, item-level inventory visibility and analytics. 
    The software is based on RFID technology and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT landscape such as ERP, POS and retail management systems. An electronic anti-theft solution complements the comprehensive offer for the retailer.
  • Detego Warehouse
    Detego's RFID-based software enables retailers to automate and dramatically improve their receiving, picking/packing and shipping processes in factories and distribution centres with easy integration to all RFID hardware and warehouse management systems....

  • To gain complete transparency across the supply chain, retailers need to integrate RFID into their factories and distribution centres. Detego’s RFID-based software for the warehouse has all the features you need to establish efficient goods-out and goods-in processes, keep track of returns, reduce mispicks and other warehouse errors. Additionally, Detego integrates with all forms of RFID hardware (tunnels, readers, handhelds, printers) and existing Warehouse Management Systems to make for a quick and easy implementation.

    Detego takes care of item transparency in the warehouse and ensures a massive increase in transport speeds in logistics. Our software is capable of moving millions of items faster and without errors. Retailers can also track the performance of all warehouse processes whilst receiving actionable recommendations and insights for each individual DC.

  • Detego Display
    Detego provides the software for consumer-centric experiences from within a fitting room, interactive display or a smartphone. These smart solutions combine the advantages of classical POS with those of the world of e-commerce to engage customers....

  • Detego brings retailers powerful sales tools to create innovative, consumer-centric experiences from within a fitting room, interactive display or a smartphone. Using real-time stock information and automatic article detection, these smart solutions combine the advantages of classical POS with those of the world of e-commerce to satisfy all styles of shopping. 

    With the Smart Fitting Room, customers can experience the same features and functionalities that they know well from online shopping, whilst retailers can benefit from larger shopping baskets, new insights to customer preferences and increased brand loyalty. Detego goes one step further to bridge the gap between online and offline. Our new AI recommendation engine enables retailers to provide personalised product suggestions utilizing data unique to store locations and point of sale information, without the need for identifying customer profiles.

  • Detego Reports
    Detego Reports helps you take real-time information from complex algorithms transformed into attractive dashboards that provide decision-makers with easy-to-use tools which help make practical use of your data....

  • An omni-channel strategy in fashion retailing makes transparency and efficiency in the flow of merchandise more crucial and the increases the necessity for better coordination among the various channels and the stores. Textile retailers are facing the need to react quickly in terms of merchandise and product range management in order to be able to more rapidly fulfil customer wishes.

    With Detego you get real-time information from complex algorithms transformed into attractive dashboards that provide decision-makers with easy-to-use tools which help make practical use of your data, such as:

    • Automate replenishment
    • AI-optimised planograms
    • Optimise individual store performance
    • KPI-based performance tracking
    • Compliance tracking
    • AI-powered predictive capabilities