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CHERRY, headquartered in Auerbach/OPf., Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on Office, Gaming, Industry, Security and switches for mechanical keyboards. CHERRY employs approximately 400 people in production plants and corporate branches in Germany, France, UK, China, (Mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan) and the USA. Founded in 1953, CHERRY stands for German quality products that are designed and developed specifically for the needs of its customers. In 2019, the company opens a new headquarters in Auerbach, reflecting the new image of CHERRY as the workplace of the future, with an emphasis on the concept of New Work. CHERRY brings high quality, passion as well as design in working environments and thus addresses end-customers and companies alike who have high demands on performance, service life and functionality.


  • SPOS G86-61411EUADAA
    A fully programmable keyboard with extended alphanumeric layout and replaceable keys is designed first and foremost for commercial use at the POS....

    • Full QWERTY key layout in compact 14“ form factor combines maximum space efficiency with uncompromised alphanumeric data entry
    • Enhanced US 123 position key layout
    • Robust product design with IP 54 spill and dust resistant key field for harsh environments
    • High-performance 3-track magnetic stripe terminal with freely programmable headers and terminators for each track
    • Plug & Play configuration for all common POS features
    • Unique function enhancement with CHERRY Tools virtual programming
    • Fully programmable keyboard with 60 relegendable keys for easy layout configuration and quick function callst
  • SPOS G86-71411EUADAA
    Full-Sized Multifunctional Keyboard with Enhanced 127 Position Key Layout and Magnetic Card reader and Touchpad....

    • Full size keyboard with QWERTY layout
    • Enhanced US 127 position key layout
    • IP 54 spill and dust resistant key field
    • Plug & Play configuration for all common POS features
    • Unique function enhancement with "CHERRY Tools" virtual programming
    • Fully programmable keyboard with 42 relegendable keys for easy layout configuration and quick function calls
    • Option for programming of all keys up to 3 layers provides convenient data access
    • "Moving of Key" allows for easy key position exchange including modifier functions
    • High performance 3-track magnetic stripe reader with freely programmable headers and terminators for each track
    • Dual insertion for bi-directional swipe of magnetic stripe card
    • 127 programmable keys
    • Audible and visual indication of MSR good reads
    • Flexible parsing and configuration of magnetic stripe data including start/stop sentinels
    • Powerful "CHERRY Tools" configuration software allows for quick product set up and configuration
    • Easy configuration file transfer with Windows Explorer
    • Comprehensive UPOS support for Windows and Linux client-server architectures
    • Remote network installation with CHERRY Tools Activator
    • Reducing desktop footprint while ensuring easy cursor navigation
    • Yellow status LEDs
    • Accessory kit available to reconfigure key layout
  • MX 1.0 TKL
    The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 TKL – for more space on your desk. The compact high-performance keyboard in proven MX quality and numerous illumination options (depending on model). With laser-etched key caps and extra sturdy, non-slip mounting feet....

    • Mechanical cabled keyboard with TKL layout in a comfortable size for more space on your desk
    • Additional feet for non-slip grip and custom height adjustment in 3 stages
    • CHERRY MX technology – Gold Crosspoint precision switch for all keys »Made in Germany«
    • Illumination options for different versions range from unlit to monochrome to RGB with color routines in over 16 million colors
    • Full n-key rollover – all keys are read simultaneously
    • Anti-ghosting – no input errors
    • WIN key lockout
    • Illuminated USB plug
    • Abrasion-resistant, laser-etched key caps
    • Elegant logo application
    CHERRY STREAM 3.0 never stops working. Specially developed for continuous use: Abrasion-proof inscription of key caps, whisper keystroke, splash water-protected and ultra-flat, ergonomic design....

    • Durable key lettering
    • Designed for continuous usage - over 20 mill. confirmations  per key
    • Spill resistant
    • Plug & Play for easy commissioning with no software  installation
    • Ultra-flat ergonomic top-design for fatigue-free work
    • Ultra silent. Whisper keystroke for low-noise typing
    • 6 HotKeys for comfortable volume control and the most  important Mediaplayer functions
    • Standard keyboard layout (including cursor and number  block)
    • Blue status LEDs
  • EZCLEAN KC 1000
    CHERRY’s EZCLEAN™ KC 1000 keyboard features a smooth silicone cover that’s easy to wipe clean withdisinfectant wipes, while providing an exceptional tactile feel. Just wipe, and type!...

    • Whisper quiet keys
    • Designed for continuous usage - over 10 million confirmations per key
    • High level of reliability and precise tactile feedback
    • Easy to clean surface that stands up to common cleaning solutions [see cleaning material listing below]
    • Complete functions of a standard keyboard
    • Can be used with the standard drivers of the operating system