Churchill Systems, Inc.

Ann Arbor,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 1836

Churchill is a software and services organization that applies AI-based pattern recognition technologies to the understanding and forecasting of retail shopper buying behavior. Today, Churchill focuses on the real-world requirements of medium to large retailers.

A major breakthrough occurred when Churchill engineers, utilizing AI neural network technology, discovered how to significantly improve the efficiency of AI-based retail forecasting applications, while at the same time, drastically reducing the amount of historical data required to build the forecasting and analytic models.

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  • Predict customer response to your regular price change options 
  • Select the optimum promotional offer price discount 
  • Maximize the outcome of clearance markdown price decisions 
  • Forecast promotional lift for each individual promo offer 
  • Calculate inventory allocation on demand (sales + lost sales) 
  • Update seasonal profiles more efficiently and more effectively


  • Replenishment Demand Forecaster
    Forecasting consumer demand/ buying behavior for everyday, always in stock items....

  • Churchill’s Replenishment Demand Forecaster (RDF) is powerful software that enables retailers to accurately forecast these basic items. One of the hallmarks of RDF is its ability to handle either high volume or fractional velocity forecasting. Forecasts can be daily, weekly, monthly or periodic demand at the distribution center or store levels. Seasonal Profiling presents special challenges and RDF offers two solutions including an automatic profile generator (PCB). “Day of the week” and “week of the month” event-shifting algorithms are included. Additionally, retailers can also better manage their “in-stocks” by using RDF’s dynamic model stock algorithms. From forecasting for products that sell less than one unit a week, to the need to process millions of forecasts per hour, Churchill’s RDF software has the functionality, scalability and power to do it all.
  • Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster
    Forecasting the demand of “short life cycle” items (seasonal, event-driven, one-time, treasure hunt, clearance, etc.)

  • Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster is high volume, seasonal product forecasting software that provides the answers—when they are needed. With the SLC’s early season reporting, retailers can predict and manage expected “full-season” sell-through positions with time to take inventory, pricing and other corrective actions during the selling season. If necessary SLC (when combined with PDF) can support optimized clearance markdowns.

  • Promotional Demand Forecaster
    Churchill’s Promotional Demand Forecaster™ (PDF) software predicts the impact of promotional activities on consumer demand accurately and quickly....

  • Predicting the impact or “uplift” for any combination of wide ranging of promotional tactics— pricing, advertising, social media and/or in-store promotions—on consumer demand is critical to the success of every promotional event. Just as important is getting that information when and how you need it: from days, weeks, months, or on a “what if?” basis. Churchill’s Promotional Demand Forecaster™ (PDF) software predicts these impacts accurately and quickly. PDF, with its high performance capabilities, can generate millions of forecasts at the chain, region, market, advertising zone or store level based on any change in your promotional tactics. PDF is about profits. For the first time, retail organizations can predict and manage promotional events at very detailed levels. Exclusive Churchill technology, including our pre-trained neural networks and neural model auto-tuners, combine with your existing databases to provide causal-based forecasting models months ahead of our competition.
  • Seasonal Profile Generator
    Seasonal Profile Generator (SPG), built from Churchill's Profile Cluster Builder (PCB), has revolutionized the seasonal profile building and updating process....

    • Fast, Automated & Detailed
    • Handles Massive Quantities Of Sales History
    • Extreme Processing Speed Encourages "What-If's"
    • Produces Constrained or Unconstrained Results
    • Accommodates Product Attribute-based Seasonal Profiling
    • Accommodates Event Shifting (e.g. Christmas, Easter)
    • Accommodates Multilevel Profiling
    • Accommodates Outliers (Unique SKUs Outside Profile)
    • Output Conforms To Your Current Planning Applications
  • Markdown Optimization
    Churchill's Markdown Optimization application identifies product in need of early markdown attention and provides recommendations for action, including the best time period and level of action....

  • Churchill's Clearance Markdown Recommendations Solution has three modules.  Module #1 identifies markdown candidates, (b) Module #2 identifies the practical markdown price options, while Module #3 recommends the optimum combination of price discounts and time periods that are most likely to accomplish the objectives that you have established for the markdowns.