Paris,  Malesherbes 
  • Booth: 1145

Datakalab is a startup specialized in image analysis and in measuring audiences' facial expressions using edge devices.

With the acceleration of digital and robotization, it is important to give a human face to the data. Transactional data, digital or relationships do not allow enough to understand the motivations and the actions of customers and individuals.

We develop our image analysis algorithms to detect, in any configuration, what our behavior expresses. Thanks to its research team, Datakalab's proprietary technology improves the performance of algorithms, while optimizing the cost of hardware purchases needed to deploy these algorithms.
R&D is at the heart of our DNA, our skills in image analysis evolve over time.

Ethics and RGPDs are at the heart of our commitments. As a result, we are transparent about how its algorithms work and how they are used.


  • Datakalab OB2A
    "Datakalab OB2A" is an advertising audience measurement device, that uses a camera integrated in DOOH to determine the number of people, but also their age, sex and emotion in the face of advertisements....

  •     Datakalab OB2A is an audience measurement device that uses a integrated in DOOH camera to measure from the video stream analyzed in real time, the audience of the billboard by determining not only the number of passersby, but also their age, sex and their emotion in the face of advertisements. This device makes it possible to improve the targeting and the quality of the advertisements diffused on these panels.     Our algorithms translate faces into lines of data that do not identify a person. We delete all images and personal data in less than 100 ms. In order to do more than what is required by the GDPR.

    • Easy installation in less than 5 minutes
    • Automatic restart of devices
    • Access to real-time monitoring on all your
      (smartphones, computer, tablet), for your operators  
    • Analysis minute by minute of the state of the machines
      (CPU usage, temperature, memory ...)
    • Update our algorithm autonomously
      (regardless of your responsibility)

  • Datakalab Content
    To measure attention, emotional emergence and adherence to advertising and branding through neuroscience and artificial intelligence....

  • To measure attention, emotional emergence and adherence to advertising and branding through neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

    Advantages :

    • In 5 business days we collect statistical results based on hundreds of customers.
    • More than 1000 content of all types (commercials, press ads, branded content, TV shows, E-learning ...) already tested around the world to establish standards.
    • RGPD by design. The consent of the panelists is mandatory. The data is anonymized and aggregated.
    • Data Telling and recommendations to maximize return on investment and brand preference.