CyberData Corporation

Monterey,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1211

Founded in 1974, and based in Monterey, CA, CyberData Corporation is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm with over 45 years of experience. We make SIP-based paging, notification and two-way communication devices such as speakers and intercoms for retailers, schools, SMB & more, as well as POS (Point of Sale) connectivity solutions. 

We have three areas of development focus within CyberData:

- SIP Endpoints

- POS/Retail connectivity products & PoweredUSB Cables


We are here to share our decades of experience with you! CyberData offers FREE Design Services, so if you are needing assistance with a project, you can contact our Design Services team at or call us at 831-373-2601, ext 334.  


  • 011458 Multicast Ceiling Speaker
    CyberData's Multicast Ceiling Speaker is an economical Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address product, enabling paging & mass notification to your customers and employees....

  • CyberData's new Multicast Ceiling Speaker is designed to be a cost-efficient option to enable paging and mass notification to customers and employees. The speaker is capable of playing messages from any multicast source like the CyberData SIP Paging Server w/Bell Scheduler (PN#011146). The Multicast Ceiling Speaker’s small footprint allows the speaker to be discreetly mounted in your ceilings. No additional mounting hardware is required. Perfect for Retailers, SMB, Schools/Universities and more, the Speaker can support 10 multicast paging groups and easily connected to your PoE network with a single Ethernet cable connection. TLS 1.2 security for autoprovisioning is also supported.

  • 011049 SIP Call Button
    The SIP Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement. It can be discreetly mounted anywhere. If an event takes place, or a customer needs assistance, the user depresses the button....

  • The SIP Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement.  It can be mounted under a desk, on a wall, or in a discrete location.  If an event takes place, the user depresses the button.  The Call Button automatically makes a call to a pre-set phone or extension number. The Call Button can simultaneously play a stored audio file over Speakers, while placing an outside call to law enforcement. When the called number answers, the Call Button plays and repeats a stored audio file.  This stored audio file is uploaded by the administrator to meet the needs of the installed location.