Echosec Systems

Victoria,  BC 
  • Booth: 1058

Echosec Systems is a leader in online information discovery. Gathering millions of posts from dark web marketplaces, social media sites, and discussion forums, Echosec delivers an unparalleled level of digital and physical security to their global retail clients. Echosec's web-based threat and risk intelligence solutions allow retailers to rapidly detect critical online content, so they can respond faster.

Echosec ingests data from hundreds of sources ranging from well known social media sites like Twitter and YouTube--to niche discussion forums like Discord, Telegram, and Gab. Advanced keyword and image detection filters allow Echosec users to monitor threats and get high priority alerts when specific content is detected.


Retail security teams worldwide trust Echosec to provide a critical layer of information about unfolding events. Whether the event is a natural disaster, an active threat, or a planned attack against a high-risk individual, Echosec provides situational awareness and real time information that mitigates risk, minimizes damage, and keeps people and organizations safe.