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Emersya's award-winning 3D and AR technology empowers brands and retailers to easily create and share advanced interactive product experiences online and instore.

Since 2012, Emersya has been pioneering new ways for consumers to customize and interact with products using real-time 3D visualization.

Consumer engagement skyrockets as customers can explore products from every angle, zoom-in closely on the details, trigger animations and discover technical details through insightful annotations. Put together, these features provide consumers with the freedom to enjoy a life-like digital shopping experience.

Thanks to the Emersya platform, brands can create & manage unique product configurators and customization experiences to enable shoppers to switch among all available color, materials and products options on the fly, and even add custom text and images.

The latest innovation is a game-changing augmented reality concept that allows customers to project products in Interactive 3D into their surrounding space to try them out, animate and customize them, all within the e-commerce page (no app or installation required).