Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

  • Booth: 7030

As a company, we took our first breath at the start of the smartphone revolution. We saw then what we see now at Retail– the opportunity to use advanced technology to improve the way people work, shop, play and interact with the world.

We create a competitive advantage for our Retail clients by helping them own their technology stack, rather than simply deploying on the same technology platforms as their competitors. 

As Advanced Technology suggests, our team of 200+ omni-stack professionals – a group that includes designers, developers, engineers, and project managers – becomes our clients’ internal advanced technology group. 

In-house expertise in AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Robotics, and IoT, enables us to create impactful and elegant cloud, web, mobile, machine and advanced-interface solutions built on top of emerging technologies.  


  • MEC Retail AR App
    We developed a solution that solves the problem of how to showcase MEC’s vast range of tents without taking up valuable real estate....

  • Using its proprietary Photogrammetry rig and Azure-powered data processing pipeline, Finger Food created an Augmented Reality app that works on mobile devices and is adapted for the Hololens. The result is an app that showcases highly realistic, life-size ‘virtual’ tent models that communicates key product information such as size, capacity, and aesthetics. This is all viewed through an augmented reality viewer or Hololens, allowing customers to quickly make tent buying decisions, without necessarily setting foot in the store.
  • lululemon custom apparel
    Delivering an evolution in the fit and feel of sports bras by capturing a woman’s unique movement profile....

  • The Challenge
    lululemon wants each of their guests to have the best-feeling bra possible and years of research has shown that supporting a woman’s unique breast movement can do this. But despite their knowledge and selection of sports bras, lululemon didn’t have a way to bring this extensive research to retail stores to help the guest find her perfect bra.

    The Solution
    In close partnership with lululemon, we delivered a personalized, in-store experience that captures the unique breast movement profiles of women during exercise, while also documenting their unique feel preferences and physical makeups.

    The Result
    This experience lets lululemon educators recommend the perfect sports bra to give each woman her ideal fit and feel. By capturing a woman’s unique movement signature, we’re defining the future of technical sports bras.

  • Softbank Robotics
    A groundbreaking programming platform that introduces students to coding with robots....

  • The Challenge
    SoftBank Robotics America, a worldwide-leader in robotics solutions, partnered with Finger Food to create Tethys, a platform designed to teach students how to code. The platform needs to bridge the gap between visual programming and full script development in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The solution needs to ensure that students are able to receive immediate feedback to facilitate learning, problem-solving, and iteration.

    The Solution
    Finger Food built a visual flow-programming platform which introduces non-programmers to scripting with robots. With this platform, students create programs using high-level functions in the form of boxes they wire together and run. When running their program, they receive immediate feedback on a virtual Pepper robot straight from their browser window.

    The Result
    In the short-term, Finger Food and SoftBank Robotics America are exposing students to the world of coding robotics. In the long-term, both groups are seeking to prepare a new generation for the challenges of a rapidly changing automated workforce.

  • Lowe's AR & VR Solution
    Revolutionizing the retail experience through app-based augmented reality....

    Tackle ever-evolving AR technology to build an easy-to-use 3D space planning app for Lowe’s Innovation Labs.

    We crafted two sleek, powerful applications for devices enabled with Google's Tango platform that guarantee ease of use and functionality for both customers and Lowe’s alike.

    We helped launch two first-to-market products for Lowe’s, forever changing how customers can shop for, design, and improve their homes – defining the future of the retail experience.