Foko Retail

Gatineau,  QC 
  • Booth: 1644

Foko Retail is a task management and communication tool for retail teams. Simply put, we help retailers deliver their brand vision in-store.


Succeeding as a modern brick-and-mortar retailer is all about being able to translate your brand promise into a unique shopping experience for customers.


The most powerful tool you have to bring that vision to life is your frontline team.


Store teams are the embodiment of your brand. They need to be engaged in their work, playing an active role in delivering your vision day-to-day, whether setting up displays according to directives, following standard operating procedures or making sure that the latest campaign is rolled out on time.


Foko Retail is an easy, intuitive app they can hold in the palm of their hand, that helps them focus on completing their tasks, and allows them to communicate as instantaneously as Whatsapp or Instagram.


We’re the most widely used mobile retail app globally, with an engagement rate that rivals Facebook, and a customer roster that includes some of the biggest, most innovative brands in the world.