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About HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot® helps businesses improve their customer experience and employee engagement through the globally recognized Smiley feedback management system. The company, founded in 2009, has 4,000 clients in 135 countries and has collected and reported on over 1.3 billion feedback responses. Clients include Amazon, McDonald’s, London Heathrow Airport, as well as many Fortune 500 businesses in the transportation, retail, healthcare, entertainment/venue, and service industries. Headquartered in Finland, HappyOrNot has offices in the U.S. and around the globe, including a reseller network of over 110 organizations. HappyOrNot provides companies real-time, actionable analytics and insights to advance customer satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency and increase revenue.

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  • Smiley Terminal
    Totally wireless “press of a button” feedback collecting solution helps you collect maximum customer feedback with its exceptional ease of use and approachability....

  • Completely wireless

    • Allows you to place the terminal at the exact point of interaction and move when needed

    Zero energy consumption

    • Runs on D-cell batteries with 3+ year life. Provides an “always on” mode ready to collect feedback.
  • Smiley Touch
    Stylish, touch screen feedback collecting solution offers the easiest and most efficient way to discover the cause of your customers’ dissatisfaction with its follow-up selection and open feedback options....

  • 3-tier insights

    • First question, follow up selection, and open text feedback help you find out exactly what elements of your service provide a great experience and which are causing dissatisfaction

    Engaging user experience

    • Sleek, seamless interface with animated Smileys guides the user through the feedback experience smoothly, effortlessly, and quickly

    Multilingual surveys 

    • 35 languages supported
  • Web Smileys
    Cover your online channel with the perfect addition for collecting customer feedback online. Place a Web Smiley panel on each webpage to capture user experiences....

  • Open feedback

    • Deeper insights into service performance

    Full compatibility

    • Seamless functionality with the Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch

    No IT support needed

    • Placed on your webpage via a simple script, and updates are free and automatic
  • Additional Features & Add-ons
    Top features to view, integrate and display your performance results...

  • Reporting App

    • Follow results on-the-go via your mobile device. 

    Real Time Alerts

    • Instant push notifications of service-level drops. Sent both via email and in-app.

    Performance Reports

    • A selection of report types targeted for specific roles, locations, and time-based summaries, are sent automatically via email daily/weekly/monthly.

    Live Sharing

    • An easy way to share results live on info screens or web sites for the customers or employees to see, and show them that their feedback matters.

    Social Sharing

    • Increase transparency, engage customers, and boost public image by sharing results in your social channels with an auto-created template.

    Interaction Report

    • Communicate the results, in a printable format, with the entire staff or with customers easily when no info screens are available. 

    Application Program Interface (API)

    • Customize experience reporting and insights solutions to your needs. Perfect for when the data needs to be extracted and transformed often and repetitively for a large number of measurement points.

  • Reporting, Insights & Analytics
    Our service eliminates the confusion of experience management analytics and delivers real-time insights that you can immediately put into action, not weeks or months after the experience has ended....

  • Leverage Data Into Actionable Insights

    The reason most data analytics solutions fail is because they’re simply too complex to extract insights from and at the time of the service experience – not months later. Our service eliminates the confusion of CX data analytics and delivers real-time insights that you can immediately put into action!

    See Your Performance At A Glance

    Quick View offers an instant overview of your key performance results, summarized in clear informative widgets, to help you quickly focus on the most important insights. The following is an example of the insights available in Quick View:

    Take Full Control Over Your Metrics

    Analytics enables you to research long term trends, identify exact times and places of service level fluctuations, and more.  Learn where improvements or actions for the future are needed, test initiatives, and follow the impacts. Some examples of the insights offered via Analytics are as follows:

    Total Results: Visualizes the percentage and total amount of responses, giving an immediate overview of participation and performance.HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Total Results widget

    Comparison: Ranks the results of all locations, from top to bottom performers, based on the Happy Index, showing locations needing most support.

    HappyOrNot Berichtsservice – Vergleich-Widget

    Hourly Distribution: Displays the amount of feedback and Happy Index trend line for every hour of operation, helping to pinpoint best and worst times.

    HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Hourly Distribution widget