ITL Group

Markham,  ON 
  • Booth: 3180

With over 40 years’ experience, we are a global provider of apparel label solutions, supporting brands, retailers and manufacturers all around the world.

With our comprehensive range of products and services, we can optimise your brand identity and supply chain performance. In addition, our integrated RFID solutions can support you by improving your inventory accuracy, managing price, reducing time at till point, reducing shrinkage and improving customer experience

With experience comes great partnerships. We have a track record of partnering with many of the best known names in our industry such as M&S, Victoria Secret, TFG, Next...

Our wholly owned and widespread weaving and printing operations across a number of key needlepoint locations, all of which are connected by ITL’s proprietary supply chain application platform, LabelVantageTM, means we are here for you wherever you need us.


  • RFID Tags & Labels
    Our verticality means we can customise, convert and offer an extensive range of best-in-class consumables tailored to meet the demands of your retail environment....

  • Extensive Range

    • Label Types: Stickers, Tags, Sew-ins and Hard Tags

    • Applications & Products: Apparel, Footwear, Jewellery, Cosmetics

    • Sustainable Labels: We can improve your environmental impact through our more sustainable RFID tags

    Quality Assured

    All of our tags are ARKS approved, conform to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocols and are available in ETSI and FCC frequencies.


    We have the expertise, machines and capabilities in-house to offer tailored tags & labels. From customisation to conversion we can meet the demands of your retail environment.

    Test Before You Buy

    Our in-house state of the art inlay testing material allows us to accurately test and compare different inlays in a real-life in-store environment to ensure the labels meet your application and performance.

  • Global Printing & Encoding Bureaus
    Located globally for fast and seamless fulfilment to your product suppliers....

  • We're here wherever you need us

      With all our operations fully owned and RFID enabled, we can activate your RFID requirements at needlepoint and provide you with a source-tagging solution that allows a seamless integration within your supply chain and continuity of existing processes. We can also deliver your RFID labels alongside your other labelling & packaging components. 
  • ReflectRFID - Inventory Management Application
    To empower you with access to real-time, shareable and accurate item-level inventory....

  • Our scalable cloud-based software empowers fashion retailers and omnichannel with access to real-time, shareable and accurate item-level inventory.

    Scalable and Easy to Deploy

    Designed to help retail store managers raise the level of inventory accuracy. Reflect is extremely scalable and can be deployed in weeks as an out of the box proof of concept in a single store.

    Instant Visibility and Improved Accuracy

    Reflect provides significant benefits throughout the supply chain and can be adopted in your DC as well as your stores. It validates your goods in and allows accurate booking in procedures once goods are received in the back office.

    Seamlessly Integrates

    Reflect lies in its cloud structure; therefore doesn’t require heavy investment in IT infrastructure to integrate with your ERP systems.

    Rapid Cycle Counts

    Deploying Reflect enables daily/weekly stock counting as well as making the process more staff friendly and less time, skill and cost-intensive. Counting RFID-enabled stock is proven to be 25 times faster than conventional barcode scanning.

  • LabelVantage - Data Management Platform
    Our LabelVantageTM online platform is designed and developed to deliver label programs quickly, reliably and on a global scale...

  • Our online platform, LabelVantageTM, is designed to integrate with our inventory management software ReflectRFID to allow a seamless addition of RFID tagging with the more regular label production process and the variable data for each item.

    Managing complex global labeling programs requires a reliable supply chain platform.

  • RFID Hardware
    We offer an extensive range of RFID hardware designed to support stock counting, anti-theft and enhance customer experience....

  • RFID hardware systems come in all different shapes and sizes and is certainly not one type fits all.

    Inventory Accuracy Hardware:

    • Robots: Intuitive Robots are mobile and autonomous RFID systems that automatically read inventory at any given time of day (even overnight!).
    • Overhead Readers: Fixed positioned readers that provide real-time inventory of all tagged items located in a given space. They also offer perpetual counting and and tracking of product movement throughout the store.
    • Handheld Readers: Mobile inventory and encoding devices that can be deployed throughout the store to provide rapid and accurate counting.
    • Smart Shielding: Universal electro-conductive base coating shields RFID UHF frequency electromagnetic fields to separate shop-floor and stock room inventory.

    Customer Experience Hardware:

    • Interactive Screens/Mirrors: A product recommendation and cross-selling system. The screens use RFID technology and an integrated touch screen to improve your customer’s shopping experience.
    • Frictionless Checkout: RFID reader for POS increases checkout speed and reduces queues at checkout.
    • SmartLift: A product recommendation and cross-selling system. By simply picking up a product from the shelf, customers have access to more information about the product to increase conversion rate.

    Loss-Prevention Hardware:

    • Security Gates: Gates located at store exit detect the tagged items as they pass between the pedestals, verify if those items have been paid for and trigger an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid for. They are also a good theft deterrent.
    • Security Mats: Our security mats integrate four high-performance UHF RFID antennas inside a floor mat, for tracking people or objects.
    • Overhead Security Gates: An alternative to Security Gates, Overhead Security Gates detect the tagged items passing below the antenna, verify if those items have been paid for, and trigger an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid for. In addition, they improve store aesthetics, by having a store entrance free from obstacles.