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United States
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Logile, Inc. is the premier retail store operations solution provider, forging industry-leading technology innovation and best-practice expertise for in-store planning, execution and workforce management. We live WFM and store ops, but we exist for our customers’ success. Our proven AI, machine-learning technology and retail industrial engineering help you accelerate ROI and achieve operational excellence with improved performance and empowered employees.

Retailers worldwide rely on Logile’s intelligent, fully mobile solutions to boost profitability and competitive edge by delivering the best service at the optimal cost. From labor standards development and modeling, to forecasting, storewide scheduling, and time and attendance, to task management, food safety and employee self-service—we transform retail operations.


  • Store Planning Solutions
    Enterprise Standards Manager & Labor Model; Forecasting & Staff Planning; Sales & Labor Planning...

  • Enterprise Standards Manager & Labor Model. We help you build and maintain engineered labor standards, and our labor modeling and analytics deliver visibility into your true work requirements and costs. Profitably drive comprehensive labor planning and execution management with confidence. 
    Forecasting & Staff Planning. Our AI-driven, machine-learning forecasting solution boasts 95% accuracy, the best in industry. Benefit from continuous reforecasting, forecast granularity at the 15-minute, task level. Staff planning has never been as easy or accurate.

    Sales & Labor Planning. Our solution leverages the data from Logile’s enterprise labor model to produce an objective and accurate bottom-up weekly labor budget, weekly and daily sales and volume forecast, and staffing for service departments at 15-minute increments.

  • Store Execution Solutions
    Task Execution & Communication Management; Food Safety; Performance Dashboards...

  • Task Execution & Communication Management. Without consistent structure, methodology and process, simply sending out more communications distracts and confuses employees. Execute strategic initiatives with solutions that ensure your associates know what is expected while giving your managers an easy-to-use tool to monitor task compliance.

    Food Safety. Our solution helps retailers with food safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program automation, training, utilization, measurement, reporting and compliance. Improve efficiency and eliminate paper-based checklists and temperature recording logs.

    Performance Dashboards. Our performance dashboards deliver the visual, real-time operational insight store managers need on their mobile devices to keep them out on the store floor while proactively protecting performance.

  • Workforce Management Solutions
    Employee Scheduling; Time & Attendance; Employee Self-Service...

  • Employee Scheduling. Deliver the best service at lowest cost by scheduling every employee in every department storewide at the right time, place and role—automatically. Get task-based, compliant “wall to wall” 15-minute-level schedules with metrics-backed performance. No edits required.

    Time & Attendance. Accurately configure and manage complex pay, attendance, benefit and time-keeping rules, governmental regulations, and your business-defined policies. Dynamically process all time entries and edits in real time across your organization to control costs and ensure compliance.

    Employee Self-Service. Motivate today’s digitally driven workforce with mobile 24/7 self-service via Logile Connect for iOS and Android. Associates can swap and bid on shifts, change availability and more. Managers get real-time visibility and also benefit from Lychee, the world’s only WFM virtual assistant.

  • Retail Services
    Retail Services...

  • Retail Services. We set you up for success to achieve organizational change and transformation. From industrial engineering, implementation, integration, training and labor support, we jumpstart your workforce management journey and accelerate your evolution from Day One—and for the long haul.