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At Intelleon we are building innovative products centered around Data Science and high-load web services and mobile applications. Broad technology stack and 8-years' retail expertise make Intelleon a reliable software solutions provider.

PowerPrice is Intelleon's flagship product for physical retail stores. It's an intelligent price management system, which allows to monitor competitors’ prices, analyse internal data and reprice in own chain in a matter of seconds. The system makes offline price intelligence possible thanks to the breakthrough mobile application built on advanced computer vision algorithms, which extract price and product data from images of the store shelves. An accurate mobile report is sent to PowerPrice, where smart algorithms process internal and external data to recommend optimal price for each outlet of the chain and reprice automatically. PowerPrice localizes price competition and allows to maximize sales by offering the best price to customers every day.


  • PowerPrice
    an intelligent price management system for brick-and-mortar retailers for collecting local competitors’ prices for similar assortment, further data processing and analytics and automated repricing in own network....

  • The major task is to optimize prices in order to increase traffic, sales margin and average purchase amount.

    The technology consists of three synchronized modules: mobile application, web service, computer vision service for shelf images recognition, dynamic pricing module.

    PowerPrice kills six major pains of retail chains, connected with pricing for KVIs:
    - allows to quickly collect quality data on competitors’ prices;
    - allows to make instant decisions based on this data;
    - allows to localize competitors up to 100 meters;
    - allow to give price recommendations for every store of the network based on competitive environment
    - unifies, automates and makes easier the work of category managers;
    - optimizes the time and effort spent on price analytics and decision making.

    Offline competitors’ prices can be a real challenge: assigning monitoring staff, managing schedules and routes, collecting and quickly delivering prices into the system, minimizing errors when inputting data, monitoring speed, etc.

    The approach to price intelligence that PowerPrice provides enables to set optimal monitoring schedule, set the route and quickly get competitors’ prices using computer vision.

    Monitoring staff enters the competitors’ store and authorizes in the mobile application, makes 10-20 photos of shelves and sends them for recognition. All shelf images are recognized by a neural network and the information about products and prices is uploaded to the database with the competitors’ network tag, store location and the date and time of report creation.

    The information about prices is used to give price recommendations in own network. If based on adjustments and rules the price for an SKU should be changed (raised or dropped), then it will change in real time.


    PowerPrice - price intelligence, price optimization and price management that allows to get real, long-term strategic advantages.