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PAPINEE was created to give all children the world.

It began with a mother whose ill health restricted her ability to travel, and so through storytelling she transformed their living room into the Pyramids of Giza, the Savanna’s of Kenya, Mount Fuji, the Taj Mahal and beyond.

Her imagination opened up fantastical worlds, and through her interactive storytelling she cultivated an appreciation and curiosity for culture, language, geography and history.

Each Sunday she would take her son to visit the local children’s homes and orphanages where the mother would story-tell to the children who needed hope and love the most. Her warmth and creativity made each child feel loved and special, as she empowered and inspired them with ideas. She created a magical word, ‘Papinee’ which meant, ‘the world is yours’ and whispered this to each child as she bid them farewell.

We believe storytelling can change the world. Make your story count, with PAPINEE.